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  1. It seems longer than a year...like you're already an old family member.
  2. A faithful poster from the old days. Sorry to hear this news.
  3. I don't mean to hijack this thread, but Rhonda's reference to Jeopardy reminded me of this classic Family Feud clip in which Richard Dawson asks the question, during the Fast Money Round "In what month of pregnancy does a woman start to look pregnant?" The contestants obvious response..."SEPTEMBER!"
  4. Too much of the "Raspberries / Eric aren't COOL enough" crap. And on top of that, the guys that are too macho to possibly like a ballad or a song with too good of a melody.
  5. Bernie is right. These are both GREAT songs. But "The Way We Used To Be" is also a GREAT song. I would have been pulling my hair out if I was responsible for choosing which songs I had to leave out of the Essential.
  6. I've liked this since the first time I've heard it. Very very well done. Another great treat born of this site.
  7. Printed this out at the time and it's still in a jewel case that has a CR-R with the song burned to it.
  8. Treat to watch. When I finished watching this, I was reminded (and this happens occasionally on this site) of how things were for me in the Pre-Geffen album days of how little information there was out there about Raspberries or Eric. I didn't even know if he was alive. Since then, I've gotten to enjoy the fruits of this site, an Eric appearance at the HOF, an Eric biography book, Raspberries reunion shows, and CD's/DVD's and clips like this one. The trouble is, I'm greedy and can't stop wanting more.
  9. Never saw him live, but I'm a big fan of his music. He's another artist that has had musical stages throughout his career. "Love It To Death" & "Killer" are still among my favorite albums.
  10. The fact that Linda Ronstadt isn't on the list, nullifies the viability of this list. She was spectacular no matter what style of music she was singing.
  11. I agree about the font for Boats. The Geffen album gives off more of that "rock" vibe. A similar cover would have been better used on Tonight You're Mine.
  12. My ranking of Eric's solo album covers: 1. Change Of Heart 2. Eric Carmen (Geffen) 3. Eric Carmen (Arista) 4. Boats Against The Current 5. Winter Dreams 6. Tonight You're Mine
  13. Just a blank cover with no name. Let the people give it's own name like Led Zeppelin IV. Or maybe a white wall with raspberries stains all over it. I always thought it would have made a cool album cover for Eric's first solo album to show the white suit discarded on a heap, and also the basket of raspberries from Side 3 overturned and lying beside it.
  15. It appears that they fired Al Ross around the time of Side 3 and hired Stan Poses.
  16. Also from Marathon Man, Eric says "In the movie version, I wish Wally were there and that he had this epiphany during that last show and decided to change so that we could go on and realize our dreams. But that didn't happen." Like I said, Eric still had hope until the very end.
  17. From Marathon Man, this from Wally "We had decided that the band was going to break up after we got rid of Jeff Hutton. We were just gonna end it. I couldn't make it through the last few gigs. Towards the very end of the band, I was burnt, fried and depressed. My marriage was gone and it dawned on me that the band was gonna be over too. I didn't know what I was going to do. It got to the point where I couldn't sleep. I went without sleep for a couple of months." Jeff Hutton was the side man they brought in for the Starting Over album. I'm not sure what led to them getting rid of him unless it was for financial reasons or something else. I'm also not sure exactly when they got rid of him. So by Wally's account, it seemed like it had already been decided at some point during their tour of the album that they were breaking up. Eric make's it sound more like he was holding on to the hope that they (Wally) could work things out, but finally he pulled the plug by making the announcement at the last show.
  18. Well, my take on it from the book is that everyone was miserable towards the end....nobody more than Wally. Eric and Wally had the fight in the parking lot and Wally's attitude deteriorated. He was playing all kinds of crazy stuff on stage which was making the other band members angry. Then he didn't show up for a few gigs and Eric got up on stage one night and announced that this was the Raspberries last show. Who knows if Wally would have ever returned if the they had gone on. That is my summary and take of it.
  19. Happy Birthday Darlene!! Wishing you the best.
  20. Happy Birthday Pam! . Hope you have a great day.
  21. There are a few of us from Central PA on here Deb.
  22. A good overall review of Raspberries....BUT it always drives me crazy when critics allude to the fact that Eric was a middle of the road or simplistic light weight rock/pop writer. "And while Eric Carmen may have lacked Alex Chilton's snazz as a freak-genius guitarist or songwriter...". Any one, that can't at least recognize the immense writing talent of Eric, knows little about music in my opinion. He also seems to imply that John Alleksic was a prominent member of the band that you hearing on record which points to the fact that he didn't research the band very well.
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