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  1. I happen to like Springsteen, but it's my opinion that he is THE most overrated music artist ever. This guys opinion is a bit more harsh. Bruce Springsteen Totally Stinks Warning!: Every time someone clicks on this link, Marvin will get a jolt of chest pain.
  2. Hey Eric....Welcome to the Club of Alive Deceased People.
  3. I always enjoy reading that.
  4. A catchy tune from 1991 Album "Serious Fun"
  5. In a time when I thought Country Music had lost it's way, acts like the Judds went a long way to restore the sound of the glory days. https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/celebrity/country-music-legend-naomi-judd-of-the-grammy-winning-duo-the-judds-has-died-age-76/ar-AAWN25B?ocid=uxbndlbing
  6. Today, we had to euthanize our pet cat, Oreo. Almost 18 years ago, my daughter brought home an abandoned kitten that she found freezing in a kiddie ride at Wal Mart. She hid him in her room for about a week until my wife discovered him. She pleaded a begged me to allow her to keep him, making all the expected promises. I caved. A few months later, my daughter moved out leaving Oreo behind. He did not show any signs of aging at all. Was just as spunky as always. A week ago he stopped eating, and then started stumbling around, seeming to be disoriented. Bloodwork revealed that his kidney's were failing. We explored treatment but he was too far gone, so we made the tough decision. It was quite honestly one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. For almost 18 years I've been greeted at the door. For almost 18 years, I've watched TV with him sleeping on my chest. For almost 18 years, I wake up in the mornings to hear his "feed me" mews. It's tough. It's amazing how much pets can steal your heart and how they become a family member.
  7. My guess is about 200-250 people in attendance. My favorite tune of the night..."Midnight Rendezvous". He definitely still has the chops. Some of the songs suffered because of only being a 4 piece band. He's going out on tour with Rick Springfield and Men At Work at some point. That might be a heck of a show too.
  8. Saw him last night in Philly.
  9. I remember about 30 years ago I won a ham for Easter.
  10. Very cool to see all the recognizable names that were finding Eric on the internet for the first time, thanks to Bernie. In 1982, I purchased my first computer (a Timex Sinclair 1000) and by the end of the 80's was using a Commodore Amiga 500. By that time you could connect to online BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) which had forums and menus of interest. Just like I did when I walked into records stores, the first thing I would do when connecting to a new Bulletin Board was check if there was a Raspberries or Eric Carmen section. Never found one. Bulletin Boards were the only things available until the mid 90's when the internet sprung up. Just like the BBS's, I surfed the net for Raspberries / Eric stuff but found very little. I finally found Bernie's site ( I can't really remember what year that was) and it's been a blast ever since.
  11. It's a shame that this song isn't as popular as All By Myself.
  12. Even though "Alone Again" might suffer a bit (a very tiny bit) from hearing it too much in my lifetime, I agree it's his best. But like James said, he's pretty consistent with his song writing. He doesn't write too many stinkers.
  13. The 20 are: Nothing Rhymed No Matter How I Try Alone Again (Naturally) Ooh-Wakka-Doo-Wakka-Day Clair Who Was It Out Of The Question Get Down A Very Extraordinary Sort Of Girl Ooh Baby Why,Oh Why, Oh Why Happiness Is Me And You You Got Me Going What's In A Kiss A Friend Of Mine For What It's Worth Stick In The Mud I Wish I Could Cry Dear Dream All They Wanted To Say I still might decide to give Ooh Baby the boot in favor of "We Will"
  14. Another project I like to do is make "My Favorite 20" playlists of artists. Most of the time, this can be very very challenging to trim a larger playlist down to 20. This video inspired me to make Gilbert O'Sullivan my next target. So, as usual, I difficult time cutting several songs from the final list. With Gilbert, I had it all the way down to 21, but kept going back and forth with which song to give the axe to. This was the song that didn't make the cut.
  15. What a great video!! Put me in the mood to listen to the albums. So the Live clips are from the LA show? Doesn't video exist of the original HOB show in Cleveland?
  16. Geddy isn't going to win any singing contests, but I agree with James that it's the perfect fit for Rush's music. But I can definitely understand how his voice could be like nails on a chalkboard for some.
  17. I like Springsteen, I just never understood the overwhelming awe and esteem to which he has risen. The music pedestal he is placed on is WAY too high. I've known quite a few Springsteen fans who have told me that I have to see him in concert. I had a co-worker say "It's like a religious experience". I've been told that about Rush too.
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