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  1. I only wish the "boy band" part would be dropped from this article.
  2. It also has a pretty darn good song named after it: (from one of my favorite concerts)
  3. Rhonda, yes there a couple clips. I know Bernie posted one not all that long ago in the Ecstasy section.
  4. Not only is this one of my favorites, it was also one of the highlights of his Evening at the Rock Hall Of Fame. One day, I hope that entire show becomes available.
  5. To me, it seemed very obvious it was a marriage whose members had grown apart. They were essentially staying together for the children at this point, but not happy. I think it's easiest to see that with George. He wasn't the same guy that he was in the beginning years of the group. While Paul was still writing for the Beatles, and John seemed halfhearted about writing at all....George was writing a lot of songs and keeping most of them for himself. Think about it for a second. They were under pressure to come up with 14 new songs and Paul seemed very stressed about it, but at no point do you ever hear him ask George what he had stockpiled. He asks John to come up with a few, but not George. I think George was tired of feeling very secondary to Paul & John by this point. All it takes is for one person to be unhappy, and it usually becomes contagious. The unhappiness was spreading and it wasn't fun for them anymore. They were losing interest in the Beatles, and Paul was getting frustrated that this was happening.
  6. You hear a transistor radio playing.
  7. I was periodically checking to see if the board was up and running again, probably on average every other day. On the day that you called, I wasn't at my desk and had left my cell phone lying there. When I returned, I saw that I had missed a call and heard your message. I immediately logged on to see that the site was active again.
  8. That was a pretty good read, except there were some inaccuracies....especially referencing their last album as "Party's Over" instead of 'Starting Over".
  9. I saw the Moodies at the Spectrum in Philadephia in 1981 during their Long Distance Voyager tour. One of the best concerts of my life.
  10. I'm partial to "Hi Infidelity". Love that album. So many of my top songs come from it. Once again, there really isn't a whole lot separating #1 from #20 on my list. These are all A+ or A songs to me. (and many more A's not on the list) 1. Time For Me To Fly 2. Keep On Loving You 3. Someone Tonight 4. Ridin' The Storm Out (Live) 5. I'll Follow You 6. Don't Let Him Go 7. Can't Fight This Feeling 8. Sing To me 9. Someone Tonight 10. In My Dreams 11. Follow My Heart 12. Roll With The Changes 13. Keep Pushin' 14. Out Of Season 15. Take It On The Run 16. Every Now And Then 17. Live Every Moment 18. Keep The Fire Burning 19. Girl With The Heart Of Gold 20. 157 Riverside Avenue (Live)
  11. When I created my REO playlist, I included the first six songs on my list. I remembered that "Meet me On The Mountain" was close to making it, and after giving the album another listen, I might add it. I really don't care for the last two songs. Here are my rankings: 1. Back On the Road Again A 2. Only The Strong Survive A- 3. Drop It B+ 4. Heavy On Your Love B- 5. Easy Money B- 6. Rock & Roll Music B- 7. Meet Me On The Mountain C+ 8. I Need You Tonight D 9. Take Me D
  12. Sorry to hear. It really is a tough situation when we have to watch our parents go through this.
  13. Kirk...it's probably going to make my Top 10 too. I saw ELO in Pittsburgh in 2019. Great great show! Ranks as one of my favorites concerts I've ever been to. His 2017 "Wembley or Bust" album is one of my favorites. Like Mike Haag said above, it intensifies the listening enjoyment if you've experienced it in person. It allows you to ascertain how well the album captures the real thing. I think the Guess Who's "Running Back Through Canada" does the same thing for me. I saw that tour when they expanded it to the U.S. Great show and I'm thinking it might make my Top 10.
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