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  1. Glorious One-Offs?? Cmon Man! That's just ridiculous. BUT, I will say that his praise for Chris DeBurgh has pushed me to finally check him out in depth. I have quite a few things by him that are great and I've always had him on my list of artists to do a deep dive on.
  2. I've reconsidered...I'm swapping 1955 - 1959 with 1970 - 1974
  3. Mine: 1975 - 1979 1965 - 1969 1960 - 1964 1980 - 1984 1955 - 1959 1970 - 1974 1985 - 1989 1990 - 1994 1995 - 1999 When I made this list, I kinda surprised myself in that 1970-1974 ranks as low as it does. I think the 70's started out rough, trying to find a place to go without the Beatles. There was a ton of experimentation, but a lot of it was terrible. It was starting to come together by the end of 1972, and picked up steam through 1974. I had to rank the 50's higher, based on the Everly Brothers and Ricky Nelson and some of the great dance ballads (Since I Don't Have You is one of my favorite songs of all time) Presley has to obviously be given a lot of credit for putting rock n roll on the map, but he was never a great favorite of mine.
  4. After talking to a friend recently, I'd thought it would be interesting to see how members would rank the following 5-year spans of rock/pop music history: 1955-1959 1960-1964 1965-1969 1970-1974 1975-1979 1980-1984 1985-1989 1990-1994 1995-1999
  5. Sometimes I think I watched the show JUST to hear that theme song.
  6. Do you know what a testament it is to how good Elton is? You moved Don't Shoot Me... into your Top 5 albums, yet only have one song from it among your Top 30 songs.
  7. Having praised Elton for his consistency, if I were to grade all Eric involved albums, (4 Raspberries & 6 solo) none of them would be below a B-. Even an album with Singles, Demo's and unreleased material would grade in that range.
  8. Like I mentioned several times before, I really had to do a reset on the way I thought about his music. I can guarantee that if I had made this list in the late 80's, a lot of the grades would have been much worse. I remember hating Leather Jackets & Reg Strikes Back when they were originally released. But then I purged my mind of that process of comparing everything to his 70's material. I kept waiting for a return to the 70's and was disappointed. When I started judging them on their own merit, I started enjoying them more. I think it's amazing that he has 30 studio albums and I gave only TWO a grade below C-.
  9. I never heard the Wednesday version before. I just did a check and don't see that it made the U.S. Top 100. The only charted U.S. songs I can find by them is "Last Kiss" and "Teen Angel". Both versions are solid but I give the nod to Elton.
  10. "I've Been Loving You Baby" is a pretty darn good song.
  11. Yes I did see it. Hmmm, I don't remember hearing that in the movie.
  12. Rhonda, thanks for putting a time period on "Thank You For All Your Loving" and "Angel Tree". I have an excel sheet of all of Eltons songs, but when he released the Jewel Box set, there were a few songs that I didn't know about, and these were two of them. I knew they were early but wasn't sure exactly when.
  13. When he was with a group called Bluesology, I think he wrote the lyrics also. There is a song titled "Come Back Baby" on one of his box sets that was a Bluesology song, so I'm pretty sure he wrote music and lyrics on that one. For trivia sake, Reginald Dwight changed his name to Elton John named from two other members of Bluesology, Elton Dean & John Baldry.
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