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  1. AM/FM Trivia

    I'm with Susie, in that the only two I knew the answer to (#1 & #3) were answered by Batman. I think I've heard the "It's Raining Men" trivia question before, but for the life of me. I can't remember the answer.
  2. Deep Tracks - Eric Carmen

    TONIGHT YOU'RE MINE (1980) Released Songs: It Hurts Too Much (#75), All For Love, Foolin' Myself * Deep Track Favorite: Foolin' Myself (5 stars) Even though it was released as a single, try finding a non-EC diehard that ever heard of it. For that reason, I am qualifying it as a Deep Track and my easy pick from the album. It seems Eric himself was never infatuated with this song but it pushes all the right buttons for me. Eric's vocals still make a tear or two form in my eyes, even after all these years. Great tune. "All For Love" would also qualify as a deep track, and is also darn good.
  3. Deep Tracks - Eric Carmen

    CHANGE OF HEART (1978) Released Songs: Change Of Heart (#19), Baby I Need Your Lovin' (#62), Haven't We Come A Long Way * Deep Track Favorite: Desperate Fools (5 stars) The album that many fans rate as his worst while with Arista, but I've always loved it. Even though songs like "Hey Deanie", "Someday", and "Heaven Can Wait" are solid tracks, this was an easy pick for me. I rank "Desperate Fools" as one Eric's best.
  4. AM/FM Trivia

    Quiz #8: 1. Rubber ________ was a #6 hit for Bobby Vee in 1961? 2. Mississippi Queen was a #21 hit for what band in 1970? 3. We're All Alone was 1977 #7 hit for whom? 4. FM (No Static At All) was a 1978 hit by what band? 5. Love __________ (Part 1) was a Miracles #1 hit in 1976? 6. Close Your Eyes by Edward Bear was a sequel to what #3 1972 hit?
  5. AM/FM Trivia

    After Quiz #7: Batman 7 susie b 7 Matthew C. Clark 6 Lew Bundles 5 Kirk 2 Doreen 1 James 1 The only unanswered one was Question #6. Player I liked Baby Come Back, and This Time I'm In It For Love even more. I knew nothing about the group. My mother watched a soap opera called The Bold And The Beautiful. There was a character on the show named Ridge Forrester. A few years later, I bought the Player album, and saw Ridge Forrester (Ron Moss) on the cover. I was shocked. I never realized that he was in Player.
  6. Nice comments on Side Three…

    When I went to see the reunion show in Cleveland, I came away thinking how much more I liked the way "I'm A Rocker" was done that night.
  7. Deep Tracks - Eric Carmen

    BOATS AGAINST THE CURRENT (1977) Released Songs: She Did It (#23), Boats Against The Current (#88), Marathon Man * Deep Track Favorite: Love Is All That Matters From Eric's artistic masterpiece, I choose this song simply because of the beautiful melody and enchanting lyrics. A lyrically great album that had some close challengers. A narrow choice for me over "Nowhere To Hide".
  8. Deep Tracks - Eric Carmen

    I do like My Girl, Last Night and Everything. I actually like all three more than I like Sunrise. Not that I dislike Sunrise, it just ranks in the bottom half of tracks on this album for me.
  9. Deep Tracks - Eric Carmen

    I thought it would be fun to pick my favorite artists, explore each studio album released and then choosing one (or two at the most if I just can't decide) Deep Cut track that I like the best from that album. I am declaring a deep track as any track that was unreleased as a single, or a track that only cracked the Top 100. Obviously, I will begin with Eric Carmen, and then Raspberries, before moving on to other artists. So....... ERIC CARMEN (Arista) Released Songs: All By Myself (#2), Never Gonna Fall In Love Again (#11), Sunrise (#34) * Deep Track Favorite: That's Rock 'N' Roll Maybe too safe of a pick, but it's definitely my favorite DT from this album. There are a couple others that I do like a lot, and they rightfully were included on 'Essential". This still remains as the one solo song I wish had been a Raspberries release. The live version that appears on "Essential" hints at just how much more grit it would have received with Wally, Dave, and Jim on the instruments.
  10. 70’s Teenpop article…

    I've been thinking about this video the last few days and I'm pretty bummed that I didn't correct the lyric and reupload it back then.
  11. 70’s Teenpop article…

    That was the video that I made and uploaded. It was the first video that I ever made for youtube. I kept listening to the song over and over again trying to get all the lyrics right, but I just misinterpreted the "leave" part. At the time, I thought an official video would soon be released so I didn't bother making the change. Little did I know that that video would be the only one for quite a while.
  12. AM/FM Trivia

    I think that this was probably his last appearance in the Top 40. There a few others that I like more but I liked it a lot when it was on the radio.
  13. AM/FM Trivia

    Quiz #7: 1. Rock'n Me was a #1 hit for what San Francisco band in 1976? 2. Midnight Special was a top 20 hit by whom in 1965? 3. The Cat In The Window (The Bird In The Sky) was a 1967 top 40 hit by whom? 4. Love To Love You Baby was a #2 hit in 1976 by whom? 5. You Won't See Me, a Beatles song, became a top 10 hit in 1974 for which Canadian singer? 6. This Time I'm In It For Love, a top 10 hit in 1978, was recorded by what group?
  14. AM/FM Trivia

    Batman, Susie, Lew and Matthew each get a point. The answer to #1 is Mike Nesmith, and #4 is Release Me. After Quiz #6: Batman 6 susie b 6 Matthew C. Clark 5 Lew Bundles 4 Doreen 1 James 1 Kirk 1
  15. B-Sides