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  1. Sacrifice was my friend Dave's favorite Elton John song. He'd be turning over in his grave if he heard this dance crap version.
  2. I prefer the Guess Who version of Guns Guns Guns. When I saw them in concert back in 2002, they really did it great. "Come On By" definitely Gary Puckett - ish lyrically and would be frowned upon if done today. I remember considering "In Your Backyard" (probably based more on the fact that it appeared on one of my Burton Cummings Best Of albums), but I just didn't like it enough. Also considered "Never Had A Lady Before". I think it was very close to being included. There is something about the song "Dreams Of A Child" that bothers me. Not quite sure what it is. I do believe that some of the lyrics don't quite sound right to my ear. I really don't like "My Own Way To Rock".
  3. As I've stated before, I create playlists of my favorite artists and these playlists are usually pretty comprehensive. As for Burton, my playlist of him is much smaller than most of the artists that make them for. So, it didn't take much typing to post it here. I did just add "Niki Hokey" to it after seeing that James included it in his Top 10. After another listen, I agree it deserves to make my list. Unfortunately, I don't feel the same way about "We Just Came From The USA". Here is my Burton Cummings Playlist: Burton Cummings: I'm Scared Nothing Rhymed Stand Tall That's Enough Niki Hokey My Own Way To Rock: Come On By Got To Find Another Way Charlemagne Timeless Love A Song For Him Dream Of A Child: Break It To Them Gently I Will Play A Rhapsody When A Man Loves A Woman Takes A Fool To Love A Fool Meanin' So Much Sweet Nothins' Woman Love: One And Only Had To Be You Sweet Sweet: You Saved My Soul Something Old, Something New Bad News Heart: Heart Plus Signs: Take One Away One Day Soon Above The Ground: Crazy If You Mess With The Gods Look Out Charlie Dream Revelation Above The Ground
  4. I felt the same way, Lew. I dug deep into Rundgren and came away unimpressed. I did the same with Burton. I own all of his albums and am disappointed. I'm interested to hear what you think if you decide to look into his material further. James, what do you think are his best albums?
  5. 1. I Will Play A Rhapsody 2. Stand Tall 3. I'm Scared 4. Nothing Rhymed 5. One And Only 6. Break It To Them Gently 7. Timless Love 8. You Saved My Soul 9. Charlemagne 10. Heart I'm a big Guess Who fan, but much of Burton's solo stuff doesn't do much for me. These Top 10 are very good. I could could probably find 10 to 15 other songs spread throughout his albums that I like. Outside of that, I'm not crazy about the rest.
  6. I took my time on this. Here is my ranking of UFO studio albums including grade. If you tend to like the raw sound versus the more polished recordings, you will most likely not like the albums such as Mechanix, Making Contact or No Place To Run as much as I do. As you can see, there are really none of their albums that I dislike other than their fist two. I didn't include UFO's most recent album "The Salentino Cuts" which is an album of covers. I actually like this one too, I just decided not to include it.
  7. STARTING OVER (1974) Released Songs: Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) #18, Cruisin' Music * Starting Over (5 stars) Lots to pick from on this album. "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine" "Play On" & "Party's Over" all deserve high honorable mention, but I had to select "Starting Over". It's just another one of Eric's master crafted ballads.
  8. RUSH is the Canadian group that released the album entitled 2112 #3: 1. Glen Campbell had a #1 Hit with what song in 1977? 2. From the 1984 LP entitled No Offense, who wore his "sunglasses at night"? 3. Bill Fries Jr, had a #1 novelty hit in 1975 recorded under another name. What name was it? 4. According to the Beatles, who "was so good looking" but "looked like a man"? 5. Donald Fagen's hit IGY (What A Beautiful World) was #26 in 1982, What does I.G.Y. stand for? 6. The Original Caste had their only Top 40 hit with what song from the film Billy Jack?
  9. Standings After Game 2:
  10. As I was watching this video, I couldn't help thinking how lucky I have been to have lived in the era of this man's great song writing. An unequaled genius.
  11. Tuna is a very very good album.
  12. The transistor radio is playing.
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