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  1. I know Eric must be incredibly busy, with recording "The Essential" and his family and the holidays, but I hope he eventually finds time to check in here and talk about his time in Los Angeles. I love his "inside stories" and his take on what transpires on his musical adventures, and this is definitely a musical adventure!
  2. Oh Kirk, I hope you have ESP. Whatever the new song is, it's gonna be cool. Eric is the "essence" of "cool," and he says "the new song is cool," so I know it's going to knock our socks off when we hear it. Oh how I would have LOVED to have been in LA when he was recording. My heart was there anyway. I've been sending positive vibes every day, and I hope they're being received. This is the most exciting news in a long time, so I'm thrilled and just savoring the anticipation. --Dar
  3. What fantastic news! Absolutely LOVE the ballads that are going on "The Essential Eric Carmen," not to mention the NEW MUSIC! Have fun in LA, Eric! Patiently awaiting this fabulous release and really enjoying the anticipation! --Dar
  4. One of the things I love about Eric is that the depth of his talent and intellect give him unerring instincts--he's always spot on with everything, so he'll know exactly what to write and how to present it to whatever audience he needs to target. He's a musician's musician and his music and his instincts are absolutely timeless. His music is all at once classic and contemporary because he has a perfect sense of "appropriate." That's what makes his music universal and universally appealing. He'll know what to write and exactly how to package and deliver it.
  5. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARVIN! !!! The icons aren't working for me right now so please imagine the "birthday" icon up there with your name! Left birthday wishes on facebook but missed it here, so I'm wishing you love, joy, peace, happiness, good health, prosperity and the blessings of beautiful music throughout the whole year. You're a dear friend and I wish you all the best! Love, Dar
  6. WOW, Eric! All the planets are aligning for you! I didn't realize Mary Rogers (composer of Once Upon A Mattress) had been head of Juilliard. It's sad they didn't realize what they had. She was actually in competition with her famous father for at least one award. Her son is the very talented composer of The Light in the Piazza. The only school I ever heard of having a degree in songwriting/the music business is NYU. I know because I met the man who conceived of and developed the course of study many years ago--Richard (his last name escapes me at the moment). It's now the Steinhardt School at NYU and I'm not sure if the course of study is still as terrific as it was. Their drama department is legendary, having launched the careers of many famous actors. "Professor Carmen" would be a wonderful asset to CIM! For a long time, people have been saying that the Cleveland Institute has eclipsed Juilliard as "the place to be." It sounds like your new friendship with Joel was "made in Heaven." How perfect for CIM to be the first major American music school to offer contemporary songwriting, taught by you! Congratulations on your new ventures and opportunites! SO happy for you! --Dar
  7. HAPPY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TUNESY!!! I just saw this. Wishing you oodles of love and happiness throughout the year and always. You're a dear friend. --Love, Dar
  8. Hi Kiwi and Muzza. I kept up with you on facebook but didn't get a chance to reply here. Praying for good health and strength for you both. Love is the best medicine, and I know you share so much that you'll both be recovering quickly and completely. Love Dar I just found the hearts!
  9. Eric, You BET you were in the zone on that first and second album, and on a lot more than that! I've had 55 years of experience hearing and playing the most divine music ever written, and your music has always moved my heart and absolutely touched my soul. Your inner psyche RESIDES "in the zone," so don't worry about a thing. Self-imposed standards set impossibly high are your only barriers, and they are just that, self-imposed. (I know because I do it too.) My most inspired performances were given after I looked into the mirror and said, "FORGET your HEAD! Play what's in your heart." You seem to be immersed in the joy of this wonderful new release, so just live the JOY, and your God-given talent will produce the music that's always been truly yours.. You've always written with your heart, and your music was the most beautiful backdrop for my life. I am SOOOO happy for you! And so thrilled about this new release! --Love, Dar
  11. THANKS A MILLION, VAL! YOU ARE SO SWEET! iI haven't figured out where the birthday icon is yet--can anyone help me find it? Or the King. Any of them! When I click on "smiley" nothing happens! Anyway, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY!!!! You are my darling twin younger brother and I love you madly! Wishing you a perfect and musical day, today and always. --Love, Dar
  12. Hello SnS-- A HUNDRED WELCOMES TO YOU!!!! If you love Eric and Raspberries, you're gonna just love being here! Have fun! --Dar
  13. I was at that 1976 Bottom Line show and am SO excited that you chose "Starting Over" from that show to put on the album instead! Can't wait for this one! And SOOOO happy for you! --Dar
  14. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC !!! Sending BIG wishes for all of your birthday dreams to come true on August 11th and throughout the year. Wishing you love, good luck, happiness, success and prosperity because you deserve them all so very much. Thanking you for sharing your magnificent gifts with the world and making my life and the lives of those I love so much more beautiful for knowing your music. And proposing a toast: "The best for you is yet to come!" --Love, Dar
  15. Hi Eric! I've been wishing and praying for something like this and am absolutely THRILLED for you! It sounds the advent of this new technology will finally present your music in all of it's infinite glory!!! Congratulations and have fun and relish your new adventure! Wishing you perfect success! --Love, Dar
  16. HAPPY HAPPY BEALTED BIRTHDAY JEAN !!! I AM SOOOO SORRY I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY. Wishing you every one of your birthday dreams come true the whole year through! You are one beautiful, sweet savvy lady whom I consider a dear and precious friend and you deserve every blessing! I am not used to the new format and can't find the birthday icon, or ANY icon!!! So just please imagine birthday cake icon, hearts and all kinds of sweet icons till I figure out how to do them! --Love, Dar
  17. WOW! You've been very busy! Congratulations on the new format! You really worked hard! LOVE IT! Still finding my way though...you know me. The only reason I got the internet was to go on EC.com.
  18. Hey Bahoo! What a revelatory question! LOVE it! And what a fabulous answer from Eric! Lack of self-confidence at the tender age of 22 is understandable, especially when one has no experience in the business, but Eric has always been such a powerhouse of talent that I, too, was surprised. Eric and George Martin would have made history together. Obviously George recognized Eric's bountiful musical gifts. Just knowing that knocks me out! Thanks for replying to this one, Eric. Another jewel in your sparkling crown! --Dar
  19. What a tragedy. The same disease killed my luthier, Rene Morel. If only they could find a cure. He was a magnificent musician. Thank you, Eric, for the post. I am always so sad when such a world class artist passes away. I'm sure one of my musical heroes, who lives in Youngstown, Bruno Mikos, knew him. A talent of that magnitude with still so much to give... RIP Hugh. Your music will indeed live on--forever. --Darlene
  20. I so agree, Tony. Eric should have his own radio show in Cleveland. As for the "acting," I think you have to feel it to really be spectacular. Or connect whatever emotion you're performing to something you really experienced, felt or gone through. Method acting relives a similar experience/emotion REAL in your life and connects it to the role or situation you're playing. It's more recalling real emotion than acting. Actors "dig deep" into their psyches to pull out every emotion, even demons, some they'd rather forget. That's why some roles are so mentally and emotionally exhausting. My toughest part of teaching advanced students who had to play concertos and very mature pieces was to "connect" the emotion in the piece to something they knew. Some "appassionata" or "con amore" piece was difficult to explain to a nine year old little virtuoso violinist. They don't know romantic love. So I would equate it to a tender moment with their little baby puppy or a tender moment with a little baby. Anger was even more difficult. "Con fuoco" or "Allegro Agitato" was "You worked 8 weeks on a science fair project and report and your little brother tore it up and threw it away." THAT they could understand. Suddenly the fiery accents were there and I would make up little phrases to match the musical rhythms like, "You're gonna be punished, so THERE!" Yielded a spicy performance every time. Ecstatic happiness? "You're going to DISNEY WORLD!" It was always about changing characters. For teenagers, the Beethoven Quartet Op 18 #6 had a change of character to a serene, stately feeling but had dramatic accents. So I told them to picture Grandma in a ruffled blouse in the drawing room, but she had a machete. The stately theme gave way to "stabbing" accents when Grandma, whom you couldn't trust, pulled out her machete. It worked. They won the competition and judges were asking "How did you get them to UNDERSTAND that quartet so well? They communicated it so beautifully to the audience." Answer: emotions they could feel and understand. --D
  21. Posted by Eric Carmen: Quote:You can sing the same line in the studio, once with no facial expression, and the second time with a smile on your face and they sound completely different. And that is exactly why Eric's performances are world class. He puts every fiber of his being into his performances and every nuance is shaded to perfection. The result is a virtual orchestra of timbres that give colors to his voice no other singer I ever heard has. My best friend in college had the most amazing female classical voice I ever heard--she could switch instantly from coloratura to Wagnerian opera. She understood that singing involved her entire being. So does Eric. And the attraction in the listener is visceral. That's how I play the violin--from INSIDE, not from outside. You have to LIVE the music. You can't learn it and you can't fake it. It's true artistry. Thanks for the AMAZING insight and post, Eric! --Dar
  22. Hi Paul! You are extremely savvy in your musical knowledge and I wouldn't try to change your point of view. ICR is what I've always called "Eric's Opus." It's magnificent and grand, a veritable symphony in its own right. I was so taken with it upon hearing it for the first time, I was starstruck. It's beyond beautiful and my point of view is that it's absolutely perfect (and brilliant) as it is. For me, every part of it is necessary. It paints a picture in my mind from beginning to end, so I'm not examining its structure from an analytical point of view. Usually, and usually for me also as a violinist and musician, function follows form as content follows structure. But in this case for me, the content is everything. I feel the structure followed as a result of what needed to be said/sung/played. You put forth your points clearly and well. As for me, I could never imagine changing a thing about this beautiful masterpiece. And it's one of my 3 favorites too. --Dar
  23. Hi Brian! What a fabulous look at the story from your perspective! LOVE it! It's unbelievable how a couple of bad decisions can sabatoge a great album and a great artist. Your story is the perfect complement to Eric's. Fantastic post and what a great point of view! --Dar
  24. Elle, great post! I'm sure Eric and Kelly could exchange quite a few stories about good old Clive. As usual, he wanted to "dampen" her song. Sound familiar? Clive seems to think he knows best. And it seems he was often wrong. --D
  25. Absolutely! Signed, sealed and delivered! Darlene Brandt
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