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    Bernie, I am totally used to the new board now. It really is great, and you really know what you are doing -- have done a wonderful job! Thanks, everyone, for encouraging us all about the new format for the board. It is terrific. --Darlene
  2. Dear aggiesjc, Oh, please stay! It's not very difficult to post. It's different because everything is divided into topics, which isn't as much fun, but I'm hanging in there, and perhaps after awhile we'll find it very routinely easy. I do hope all the friends will stay on board with the new format. The rest of the site is a huge improvement, and I know this will go well also. We love your comments---don't go away... --Darlene
  3. How true, and very well said. The executives want everyone to THINK that they know more about what the art should be, but they know in their own mind that all they really care about is marketing. It is sad that in action movies with dangerous stunts, the focus is on not losing the star to an accident but for the wrong reason -- because then it would be a disaster for the movie project. Show business is a very cold and calculated business where the only bottom line is $$$. Thank God we have artists like Eric who will not settle for "being peddled" and put their foot down and produce their own artistic work if need be. That ensures that beautiful work will always be out there, in music, painting, film, etc. Once again, bravo for our artist, because not only has his music stood the true test of time, but he has kept it "true," and it stands alone (every song) and speaks for itself! --Darlene
  4. Hi, Bernie. I'm getting used to this format and now that I see that everyone is able to post, I am relaxing with it. What a beautiful home page! You are TRULY doing a labor of love (or as Julia Heard would say, a "labour of love") now! Thanks again. Sorry for my uncertainty. I should have known that any change you would make would be for the better. GREAT pix of Eric as well! Love, Darlene
  5. darlene


    Being inexperienced with this format, it took ages for me to get registered and logged in and I'm not sure if no one else has posted except me (a strange occurrence for our message board!) or if for some reason I can't see other posts. HELP!!! I'm confused in Cranbury (NJ)! --Darlene PS Why did we go to this format? And will we be able to see everyone's posts like we used to? I'm not sure I like having separate "topics!" The guestbook format was so great because everyone could just start "talking" with a minimum of fuss and it was so easy to answer each other's questions... I'm not even sure how to submit this now...
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