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  1. Never heard of her...but she has quite a resume on Wikipedia.
  2. Well, that's quite a random comparison!
  3. The undeniable fact is that most of the people who have visited EricCarmen.com over the past 25 years came primarily because they liked Eric Carmen's music. And I can say without reservation that some people originally came here for a fight because they hated Eric Carmen's music. But everyone doesn't have to agree on everything. And Lew's original post does use the term, "memolewbilia," which I actually laughed out loud when I read. So, there's that. 🤪
  4. It was published in Paul's "The Lyrics" book, identified as taken by Linda. Are we 100% sure it's Paul? Only Paul would know for sure.
  5. Yes. Never saw that photo before until yesterday.
  6. They're in very mixed company. I mean, is every single act enshrined in the "Goldmine Hall of Fame?" 😂
  7. Haha. Wish I could. Don't own them, but they were part of what was going to be the "Early Eric Carmen" release. Maybe one day... Sonicraft is a pretty cool outfit. They have working tape machines from all generations and after baking old tapes, put them back up on the exact machine used to record them. Then they perform a digital transfer—giving the most pristine and perfect sound possible. I did the transfer with legendary Raspberries engineer Dennis Ferrante, who had used Sonicraft before for some archival releases. We transferred several multi-track master tape reels. I suppose no harm can come from showing one of the tape boxes.
  8. Well, let’s just say *I* was a client of Sonicraft. I used them to bake and transfer some uber rare early Eric Carmen multi-track master tapes many years ago. 😗
  9. March 18, 1978 at the Palladium in New York City—wearing the same outfits and playing the same guitars was the first videoclip.
  10. Tommy Shaw kicked ass at Daryl’s House. A tornado of talent! Daryl Hall just didn’t have the vocal power to compete. Plus his lead guitar playing was out of this world!
  11. Huge Styx fan. Saw them back in the day. Tommy Shaw was a monster player. His voice was (and still is) stellar! Great band!!!
  12. Every day, thousands of photos are taken at Disneyland. Literally everyone had a camera (in the days before phones with cameras were invented). You would have thought someone might have taken a snapshot of the band on stage that week.
  13. Based on this article, Raspberries appeared on the Tomorrowland Stage—a much bigger venue than the Tomorrowland Terrace. Here's a vintage photo showing the stage. Maybe someone who was there can confirm. Was the crowd really this large?
  14. Raspberries contract with Capitol Records was not for a set number of albums, but for ONE YEAR with a set number of options. Three, to be exact. So, it appears that each year Capitol had the right to renew the contract—based on the previous year's sales. I suppose a new contract would have been drawn up and signed after changing members in 1974. And once the band broke up, the contract would no longer be valid—as it was for the four members and not for Eric himself.
  15. Anyone ever see these Japanese posters before? Would love to get my hands on them.
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