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  1. I like this. It's interesting when people come up with a different take on a song.
  2. Hello Larisa, I can help you log into your old account. Or I can merge your old account into the new one so you have all of your past posts attached to your new account. Just let me know. And welcome back! Bernie
  3. GREAT article! Check it out: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/eric-carmen-boats-against-the-current/?fbclid=IwAR2dYeZAR6ywtrqu7WJj_a55VhKNgP8MfizoMeE9cSL0HjV2Fn_h3jPZUC8
  4. There's an idea here, but the guy needs to edit the verses with one guy singing at a time. The chorus is pretty spot on with both voices, but their timing on the verses and bridge is not working.
  5. I don't hear a scintilla of Eric Carmen. But it is very much Jellyfish-esque.
  6. What did you use for my voice...mine or Neil Diamond's?
  7. Ummm. Maybe I jumped the gun by tagging that post "Humor." 😗
  8. I saw some old posts getting bumped today that were mostly humorous takes on current events, bandmembers, EC.com Members, celebrities, etc. and thought that I should have more tags available for posters so that we can search more efficiently for content. So, starting today, I've added "Humor" to the rather short list of tags. I'll add more in the future. Suggestions for new tags are welcome. Anyone posting content of a humorous, satirical, or otherwise knee-slapping nature should include the "Humor" tag, so that if anyone is looking for a laugh they can search for it that way instead of needing to scour through 62 million pages of posts. Moderators feel free to tag posts (past and present) with the "Humor" tag as they see fit. Including any post by Lew where he asks to be Moderator. 😄
  9. Kirk, I've been to Los Angeles hundreds of times. Hundreds! And I love it! But as the saying goes, "I wouldn't want to live there." 😚
  10. Soooo...apparently in California when you're diagnosed as "brain dead," you are officially dead. But in the rest of the world, you're not dead until you actually die. So, with Anne Heche, even though she was "declared" dead on Friday, she actually died yesterday—when she was taken off of life support and actually passed. Weird. But hey...L.A.
  11. I have no idea but can look into it. With that said I’ve won 635 days! Woohoo! 🤪
  12. While I can certainly buy Brian Wilson picking "Pet Sounds" as one of the albums he can't live without, there is no way I can accept Debbie Gibson picking her own new album as one of hers. What a lame marketing ploy. Sheesh. With that said, I like the photo of her on the highway in the green dress. Nice shot.
  13. Can't really vouch for her acting skills but thankful that the selfish way she chose to go out didn't take any innocent souls with her.
  14. Wow! I would love to be there for one of these concerts! Thanks for the update, Aventurine.
  15. Happy Birthday, Marlene! 🥳
  16. Not awesome enough for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They "didn't play their own instruments on their records" remember? The Beach Boys used the same Wrecking Crew musicians as the Monkees. And if you're going to disqualify performers who only sang on their records...what about Frank Sinatra, Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks, Lionel Richie, Darlene Love, Bobby Darin and Rod Stewart?
  17. Wow! Would have loved to have seen that. Sounds like a GREAT set from Rundgren! Something you can never be sure of.
  18. More on the mark than the other list. At least Mila Kunis didn't make the cut. 😙
  19. Stupid list if this is their Top 10: 01 Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) American Politician, 16th President of the United States 02 Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013) English politician 03 Antonio Brown (34) American footballer 04 Nicki Minaj (39) Trinidadian-American rapper and actress 05 Jennifer Lawrence (31) American actress 06 Harry Styles (28) English singer and songwriter 07 Dwayne Johnson (50) American wrestler and actor 08 Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) Polish mathematician and astronomer 09 Mila Kunis (38) Ukrainian-American actress 10 Daniel Day-Lewis (65) English-Irish actor Ha! At least Copernicus beats Mila Kunis! 🥳
  20. I'm open to suggestions. As for Eric, I called to wish him a Happy Birthday yesterday. He's doing great and has some interesting things in the works. Nothing to reveal right now, but you should be hearing some news soon. He's currently not on social media at all, and enjoying the break. 😎
  21. Rhonda, I took down the EricCarmen.com Message Board a while back due to lack of fan involvement and was lobbied to re-open it. The point of my post was to show how little engagement the website Forum seems to garner in a world of social media. People just aren't using Message Boards any more. Ergo, the above statistics. In other words, bad news. Let me enlarge that emoji for you.
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