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  1. I deleted the offensive word. Let's not go there, even in parody.
  2. Some words of wisdom. • Private Message your close friends on the forums and try to maturely work things out. Sometimes all it takes is communication with a friend to help set one’s mind at ease. • Private Message our forum Moderators with any forum related issues you might have. We always want the most pleasant, fun, organized and safe experience for the community and will always try to work with you. • Take a short break from the forums. There's really no need for permanent self-expulsion. Sometimes everyone needs a break from the every day struggles of life. Luckily the forums are not a life requirement and can easily be ignored. • Remember why you came here in the first place: the love of Eric Carmen's music. In finding a place where others share that love, you also naturally found friends. If we remember to celebrate the good things we share, we should be able to work out the rest.
  3. Trust me, I was happy that he performed it! Elvis is one of those guys who will never play a "hits" show! His preference seems to be to sprinkle in a few numbers you recognize (to keep you in your seat) with a whole slew of newer stuff (so you have plenty of bathroom breaks and chances to refill your drink). WIth that said, he did play "Watching the Detectives," "Mystery Dance," "(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea," "Allison," "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding" and the aforementioned "Pump It Up."
  4. Elvis did "Pump It Up" last week when I saw him in concert. He made some comment to effect of, "I don't care who sings my songs as long as they sing them, including Sammy Hagar." Since Elvis wrote "Pump It Up," some money will trickle into his bank account, so with that in perspective, why not?
  5. Eric is (unmistakably) singing on this song. 😎
  6. Elvis mentioned this cover during his live set last week.
  7. Nick Lowe has been touring for the past several years with a group of musicians wearing Mexican wrestling masks that call themselves ‘Los Straitjackets.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Straitjackets
  8. Lew, You misinterpreted my post. What I was trying to say is that there aren’t enough regular posters here for Batman to worry about his cover getting blown. I care deeply about losing good contributing Members like Batman and sincerely hope he’ll reconsider.
  9. Truthfully, not enough posters here for it to matter. I mean, really.
  10. Hey Deb! Originally from New Jersey and now in Delaware. We're practically neighbors! Welcome!
  11. Here's a video I took, so you can be there, too. Yeah...I had pretty great seats. Special shoutout to Susie B and MJ, my fellow EC.com Nick Lowe lovers.
  12. It was an excellent show. They played many of their hits and sounded GREAT!
  13. In 1979, I saw Nick Lowe open for Elvis Costello. Last Friday, I saw it again. March 31, 1979: The Palladium in New York City / August 19, 2022: The Freeman Arts Pavilion, Selbyville, Delaware
  14. I never asked this question, but my best guess is that the money would have been split equally on tour.
  15. I’ve travelled farther for a show. 😗
  16. Well, she certainly doesn't look high on drugs or suicidal in that photo with her hairdresser.
  17. Album cover design by me. 😎
  18. Not sure what that is, but it’s not the songbook, which I designed.
  19. Nice. And one of my absolute favorites, too, Kirk.
  20. What in the hell is that? There is no sample of Eric's voice that I can hear on that track—nor is he singing on it. Weird.
  21. One of my least favorite Eric Carmen songs. Who knew someone liked it so much?
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