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  1. Richrath plays some scorching lead guitar on "Roll With The Changes." Let me think on this and come up with a list of 10 favorites.
  2. This is news to me. Too bad the 1990 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction was not televised. There are some videos on YouTube from the night, but none of Spector's speech, perhaps to keep its distance from the convicted murderer.
  3. Beautiful song. Great rendition!
  4. I made an effort to get Eric inducted a couple of decades ago and found the group to be another political organization like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  5. IMHO, the definitive Spider-man artist. Thanks for so many great adventures! https://www.comicsbeat.com/john-romita-sr-obituary/
  6. Interesting that he says, "Raspberries." Guess they had a schedule change.
  7. Watched some of it on YouTube. Really interesting. I think at his age, Paul is no longer just repeating tired oft-repeated stories, but is genuinely being real. Wonderful to see (and hear).
  8. Sounds a little like Ken Sharp.
  9. That voice! Original. Unmistakeable.
  10. Based on a guess at their ages, my guess is everyone—except maybe the drummer—bought this record in 1972.
  11. It was such an incredible time here when Eric was posting up a storm, wasn't it?
  12. Interesting story. A number of years ago, I was out in Los Angeles scouting locations for a TV commercial, and one of the houses we stopped at was the home of Danny Bonaduce. His wife was there (Danny was not), and we scouted a few rooms and the outdoor patio for some locations we needed. I remember seeing a bunch of guitars and some other music memorabilia. I didn't take any photos (because that would be uncool). I saw Danny open for his TV brother David Cassidy when he did a mini tour to support his excellent Enigma Records CD. Danny did stand up comedy. And he was funny.
  13. IMHO, this episode has a rather lackluster guest list.
  14. That's actually a GREAT Todd setlist! Wow! Would definitely like to see that. Too bad they're in NJ tonight and then nowhere near me for the rest of the schedule.
  15. Was thinking about it, but had too many other shows on the calendar. Daryl Hall is still super talented but he's performing mostly his solo tunes, which I'm not that into. And depending on which Todd shows up, he could be incredible or he could suck. Maybe too much risk, not enough reward?
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