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  1. I never looked for Raspberries in a record store. Never owned an LP or 45 until well after their demise. Only learned of them after discovering Eric Carmen. And it was so hard to find specific old records that I don’t think I heard the entire “Fresh” album until the ‘80s!
  2. A VERY Happy Birthday to EC.com’s original Birthday Girl!
  3. Not a fan of “You Need Some Lovin’” myself. But massively love “Tonight You’re Mine.”
  4. Eric appeared on Upbeat with Cyrus Erie and The Quick. Those performances on the show were searched for, but never found.
  5. “Brandy” is most certainly not the top song of 1972.
  6. My tried and true method involved looking in the “C” section at Sam Goody’s every time I visited the mall. That’s how I first discovered the Geffen album — true story! What a find after so many years!!! A real thrilling day!
  7. Except for Sid, so I have no problems with this list.
  8. I was not savvy to industry publications like Billboard and Cashbox. As far as I know there was no way for a kid growing up in Sayreville, New Jersey to get their hands on them.
  9. Ahhhh, the good old days…when just about the only way to see if your favorite artist had a new record out was to visit a record store and look. Crazy, but true. Sure, there was Rolling Stone, Circus and Creem. Those magazines gave you some music news, but for the most part you were on your own.
  10. Well, Capitol did name the album “Fresh,” as in “Fresh Raspberries,” so there’s that. I’m guessing the band didn’t name it that themselves.
  11. Released this week in 1972!
  12. Yes. I get it. Paul was quite amiable. His goon wouldn't have it.
  13. That's why I created the "HUMOR" tag, LC.
  14. Taking much longer these days.
  15. Looks good. I love where Paul is talking about a particular piano the Beatles used, turns around and shouts, "There it is!"
  16. I did meet Paul once in New York City but his bodyguard kept me from getting anything more than a few words with him.
  17. Rhonda, I posted the Mark Hudson version on the Message Board a few months ago. Great from start to finish. I absolutely love everything about it! Apparently Julian added some lyrics here and there and gave himself a co-write on the tune. From the Steve Hoffman Music Forum: "Just wanted to make folks aware that this song is apparently a re-write of a song initially recorded & released by Swirl 360 on their 1998 album "Ask Anybody." The song at that time was titled "Forget You Too," credited to the Scott twins (Swirl 360), Mark Hudson, and Mark Spiro. Julian's version (Not One Night) is credited to Julian & Mark Spiro." Here's the Swirl 360 version, which I have never heard until now. Regardless, still a damn fine song!
  18. I only posted it a couple of months ago. Give it some time.
  19. Haha. I thought for a second that Chaz was transitioning to Eric. 🙄
  20. Ha! I have all of those, Lew!
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