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  1. Matt-- All of the old posts to the original Message Board are still out there in cyberspace. Just don't post on it...'cause nobody's there --Bernie
  2. Julia-- I didn't know the ball was in my court...go ahead, post away! --Bernie
  3. Thought you'd all like to see these birthday greetings to Eric from some of his biggest fans in Japan! --Bernie ---- Dear Eric: Happy Birthday!! I wish I could say to you, "I've been your loyal fan for over 30 years." In reality, I've been your big fan for just a year. It was my favorite Japanese musician that gave me a chance to know about you and your music. He loves your music very much and a picture taken with you in 1998 is something special to him. I've got a strong impact (good one) to listento your music for the first time. In spite of the years passed by since release of the songs, your music still has the special power to fascinate the people who listen to it. I feel lucky to know your music in my life. Please continue to make many Japanese fans feel happy through your music and activities. Wishing you a happy birthday. --Keiko Shiratani Happy Birthday. I hope I could hear your voice again on your new album in the near future. --Kyoko Happy Birthday, Eric. Your music came into my life through a Japanese musician who respects you so much. And it also gave me a chance to see a lot of loyal and wonderful fans of yours. Some of your songs make me feel happy and some others touches me deep inside, making me cry into tears. Thank you for the music. I wish you a a happy birthday. --Tomoko Happy Birthday, Eric. "Let's Pretend" is my most favoraite song in this world. And it's you, Eric, that I love most among all the musicians of the world. I cannot explain the reason for those very well. But, I know for sure that your music was always there to support and encourage me whenever I felt blue or lonely. The only thing I regret about you is that I've never seen you in concert. Please, please come to Japan on tour and sing "Let's Pretend" for me. --Yuko Happy birthday to you, Eric. More than twenty years have passed since I first listen to your music. Among other things, I still clearly remember your live in Japan in 1980. Your fantastic singing of "All By Myself" on the piano was so impressive. Your music gives us excitement and joy to the fans. In addition, many musicians and artists have been influenced by it. I wish you a good luck on your continuing activities as an artist. We will be always with you, forever. --Miki Happy Birthday, Eric. Your songs occupy the very special part of my heart. I know it will never change. --Isato Happy Birtrhday. It's been 30 years since I first listened to your music. I grew up with your music and am now a father of three children. I'm giving my children a chance to listen to your great songs. I look forward to your new album. Again, have a nice and happy birthday! --Yoshi Happy Birthday, Eric! You have been something special to me since I first listened to your voice. Thanks for the fantastic songs which are always by my side. Please, please continue to write the songs that touch everyone's heart. I look forward to listening to your new songs. --Mikiko To Eric: Your music made my life very special. The man, through whom I became aware of your music, did the same. I look forward to your creation and release of the great songs as you did in the past. Happy birthday. --Namiko Happy Birthday, Eric. Taking this opportunity, I'd like you to know how grateful I feel that I could come across to your wonderful music in my life. Your music will be always by my side for the rest of my life. Thank you for the great and fantastic music. Wishing you a happy, happy birthday. --Masaki
  4. I have a few more...of course, the most well-known pic is the one on the first solo LP's liner notes. --Bernie
  5. Craig-- I'm looking into it as we speak. Sure would be nice if it were a remastered Anniversary release. A guy can dream, can't he? --Bernie
  6. Jeff-- Solid first post...Welcome to the Board! --Bernie
  7. Not around here, Stu. Not around here. --Bernie
  8. To make a long story short, this album changed my life. And now, 25 years later, I'm really moved by the thought that this web site has not only brought Eric's fans closer together, but it's brought me even closer to his music. When Eric sat in front of his piano night after night, struggling to find the right lyric, or looking for the perfect bridge he had no idea how big an impact it would make on the world. And on me. Thank you, Eric. --Bernie
  9. Eric-- It was 30 years ago that "Go All The Way" was first released, and over those 30 years you've been showered with riches. Good health...a beautiful family...success. To quote F. Scott Fitzgerald, "Whatíll we do with ourselves this afternoon? And the day after that, and the next thirty years?" A toast then...to the next thirty years. Happy Birthday Eric! --Bernie
  10. Cool! Looking forward to seeing you, Julia...and everyone else, too. And for those procrastinators who still haven't decided (did I mention food...swimming pool...fun?!?) -- here are the directions to the house. We'll talk about Eric, listen to Eric...even watch some rare videos, but most of all, we'll get a chance to meet. Who knows? This might even be the start of an annual event! --Bernie
  11. LONDON (AP) - Gus Dudgeon, a respected music producer who worked on many of Elton John's hit recordings, died Sunday in a car crash in western England. He was 59. Dudgeon was killed when his car veered off a major highway and overturned near Reading, west of London. He and a woman traveling in the car, believed to be his wife, were pronounced dead at the scene. The woman's identity could not immediately be confirmed. Dudgeon produced "Rocket Man," "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," "Your Song," "Daniel" and "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me." "He was an incredibly talented producer and a very dear friend for many years. I will miss him terribly," John said. Dudgeon also produced David Bowie's "Space Oddity" and worked with other stars, including Chris Rea and Joan Armatrading. But it was his partnership with Sir Elton in the 1970s for which he will be best remembered. Dudgeon began his career in the early 1960s as a tea boy, running errands at Olympic Studios in London before joining Decca Records. He engineered the Zombies' classic "She's Not There" and the groundbreaking "Blues Breakers" album by John Mayall with Eric Clapton, before moving into producing. ---- Gus was also the producer Eric originally tapped for BOATS AGAINST THE CURRENT. They parted ways mid-project and Eric ended up producing the album all by himself. --Bernie
  12. Julia-- Did you take any pictures? --Bernie
  13. Bob Allen-- Great list! I actually saw the Pezband play at a mall in New Jersey back in the day! The lead singer (forgot his name, but remember it was a woman's name?!?) did an even better Lennon than Scott McCarl. "Baby It's Cold Outside," "Stop Wait A Minute"... did any Indie label ever release this great powerpop on CD? --Bernie
  14. Hey Betsey-- You nailed my story... hmmm, maybe you guys are starting to know waaay too much about me --Bernie PS: I agree with Kazumi -- keep the cigarette butt!
  15. Same story here...of course, they won't immediately agree to giving you a refund...but PRESS ON and ask to speak to someone else, eventually they will refund your money as the show did specically list Eric as a performer. Good luck! --Bernie
  16. Actually, Eric does still write lyrics here and there in all of his songs, he just doesn't write 'em all by himself anymore. Still, I find that none of Eric's collaborators have even come close to matching the poetry, emotion, wit and style of his self-penned words. "In the spring the sun will shine and make the ice surrender But it will not warm my heart as long as I remember" "I know it's over, you know it's over We're just goin' through the motions But we're sailin' separate oceans world's apart And you know it's breakin' my heart" "Can the future be foretold in a faded photograph Can a dream be bought and sold, well, I guess I have to laugh Sippin' on a scotch and soda, a shadow in the corner booth So philosophic and drunk on grown-up truth" "Take it or leave it You've been sleepin' on it much too long And in the bank of my love Your account's already overdrawn" "Love is all that matters, faithful and forever Keepin' us together, love is all we need Prisoner of illusion, sentence is suspended Loneliness is ended, love has set me free" "Oh, the sun beats down on the L.A. scene But you can't feel the cold when the grass looks so green And the games that I've played were not worth what I paid In a town full of desperate fools" "Was it somethin' we forgot to say that took romance away" "I put away your photograph and turn out all the lights But I can't seem to make myself forget 'Cause every time I close my eyes and see your face again I realize that's all that I have left" "Dreams are forever and some things you never forget" I could do this all day --Bernie
  17. Matt-- You have to reread Eric's comments on "Wild Wild Heart." Apparently the Disney powers-that-be decided that they didn't want a song "with lyrics," so the tune was dropped. --Bernie
  18. bahoodore-- Very funny post...unfortunately you start erring at your first point. Eric told me he had a GREAT time with Todd in Hawaii and told me that Todd was very "cool" and that one of the things Eric most enjoyed was looking over while on stage and seeing Todd standing next to him. Gregkevinw-- I, too, really liked WINTER DREAMS, but my listening suffered a bit when I heard the final CD. I spent a couple of months listening to the demos beforehand and was a tad underwhelmed with the final production. I think the album would have benefited from some additional players (most notable a real drummer!) Think Jim Bonfanti on "Top Down Summer" and you'll start seeing what I mean! --Bernie
  19. Stevie-- I can't say that I completely agree with all of your comments but my hat goes off to you for one INCREDIBLE freshman post! Bravo for giving it so much thought! --Bernie
  20. Actually, I have nothing new to add...I just wanted to use one of the new graemlins since it pretty accurately pictures what I'd probably look like if I ever got the chance to give the producers of the "Walk Down Abbey Road" tour a piece of my mind! --Bernie
  21. Well, folks. It was fun while it lasted. I can't tell you how excited I was when Eric first announced that he would be touring again this summer. But Eric's "Walk Down Abbey Road" was ultimately filled with potholes and detours. After you read his latest message , I'm sure you'll agree with me that Eric could not have continued with this tour. Let's all hope that this experience hasn't soured his taste for touring and that we *will* see him out on the road with again...and SOON! --Bernie
  22. Man, these shows are dropping like flies. I've never seen so many cancellations! --Bernie
  23. And Gina...let's put into persepective. You actually got to see one of the original Raspberries play on a Raspberries tune (assuming that Incogneato did a couple of 'em) -- and that's certainly priceless! --Bernie
  24. Gina-- Too bad you missed seeing Eric's guitar, but you did get to see Jim...one of the nicest guys in the world, and one of the greatest drummers of all time! --Bernie
  25. And if he wanted to, Eric could do a few gigs with very low overhead. I mean...how much can it cost to push a piano on stage? --Bernie
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