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  1. It's true. "My Heart Stops" was a previously written Diane Warren tune that Eric recorded (along with a few others as yet unreleased by the composer). This was at the request of Clive Davis who was trying to mold Eric into a singer rather than singer/songwriter after "Hungry Eyes" hit (which as you know Eric also didn't write.) It didn't dawn on Clive that Eric wouldn't be happy with that arrangement, nor did Eric's smash co-written follow-up single, "Make Me Lose Control" convince him otherwise. "My Heart Stops" was released, the album of cover songs was scrapped, and a number of years later Eric released WINTER DREAMS. Which coincidentally featured an Eric Carmen/Diane Warren composition. So I guess one thing led to another and Eric did decide to write something with Diane. But "My Heart Stops" wasn't one of them. Bernie
  2. Well, I have a *big* update planned for the next week or so in concert with the website's 500,000th hit. New ASK ERIC, new MP3 file, new Press articles... Hopefully I'll also be able to announce some other BIG news that will make everyone around here pretty happy. More on that later :-) Bernie
  3. Good ears C.S.! Eric has mentioned many times that he felt that the melody from "Let's Pretend" was so beautiful that he used part of it for the chorus on "All By Myself." Bernie
  4. Our new SONG OF THE WEEK is "I Reach For The Light" from FRESH. Am I the only one who thinks Raspberries were not only pioneers of powerpop but contemporaries of the great progressive rock bands as well? I mean, King Crimson? Genesis? Flash? Take a back seat boys, Eric was doing it, too. And making it look easy. "I Reach For The Light" (like its first LP counterpart "I Can Remember") is lushly layered with harmonies, instrumentation and singing prowess (Damn I love the way Eric sings that coda!) This is one massively complex tune, and the four young men from Cleveland pull it off with room to spare. It's hard to believe that they were doing this kind of writing and recording for their FRESHman effort. I can listen to this song over and over and over and over again and never get tired of it. It's perfect in every way. And lyrical? "I reach for the light It shines above my head Reveals the bed that you're not in I reach for the light It shines across the room And brings to mind what might have been" Sheer poetry. Is there anyone writing songs this good today? Bernie
  5. I'm waiting for an update, too! Bernie Hey, wait!... :-)
  6. I saw the reunion show yesterday and it was a tremendous performance. Paul Simon was super-spectacular on guitar and was in fine voice. (How come I can play the exact same notes he plays but my guitar doesn't sound like his?) Art Garfunkel did a rather admirable job of hitting all of his high-falsetto notes as well. A great show that I recommend if it swings into your area. On the car ride home we actually tuned to a radio station that played "Go All The Way." I thought how nice it must feel for Eric to see those radio station play logs so many years after the song charted. It's just cool that they're still playing his music on the radio. And it sounded GREAT coming from my car's speakers (as it was meant to be). By the way, a fantastic bonus to the Simon and Garfunkel show is a mini performance by the original Everly Brothers who looked like they were having a GREAT time on stage. Paul and Art joined them for their last song, a rousing version of "Bye Bye Love." The look on Paul's face as he was playing with the famed harmony-infused duo (they were the inspiration for most of his early songs) was similar to the look on Eric's face when he was sharing a stage with Ringo. Bernie
  7. Dave, Well...if it includes the chorus, then it would be both Eric and Sergei's estate. Eric only borrowed a bit of the melody for the song's verse. Without hearing it I can only surmise that the creative team licensensed "All By Myself" rather than "Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto #2 in C minor" :-) Bernie
  8. Someone needs to release a new cover of "Love Is All That Matters" to get more people logging in from the Philippines :-) Bernie
  9. No. New hits register when a unique internet address accesses the website. If you come here three times a day it would register as one hit that day. On average this web site sees about 1,000 new visitors each day. Subtracting the 50 or so that post here regularly that leaves quite a large number of one-stop visitors and lurkers.
  10. PS: 44 hits from Belize?!? Where in the heck is Belize? Bernie (Not to mention those 2 hits from Iran :-)
  11. Oh, and Gord...not to worry about the Message Board. They traditionally get a small number of regular visitors who post. Plenty other people read the board but do not post and many never make it here, arriving at the site through some internet search and leaving happy with an album title or song lyric in hand :-) Bernie
  12. About a year ago I shared some stats with Eric that really amazed him. It was a list of countries that registered hits at the web site. EricCarmen.com gets an average of 32,800 hits per month. Here's how it broke down by country for October 2003: 21,620: United States 558: Japan 348: Canada 208: Netherlands 162: Australia 154: United Kingdom 101: Brazil 79: Mexico 78: Singapore 69: Italy 62: Sweden 58: Germany 57: France 45: Belgium 44: Belize 30: Switzerland, Czech Republic 28: Denmark 25: Chile, Argentina 24: Poland, Estonia 22: Philippines, Saudi Arabia 19: New Zealand 16: United Arab Emirates, Finland, Austria 15: Spain 13: Norway 12: Israel, China 9: Croatia, Indonesia, Hungary 7: South Africa, Greece 6: Russian Federation, Uruguay 5: Romania, Slovak Republic, Peru, Costa Rica 4: Malaysia, Portugal, Taiwan 3: South Korea, Seychelles, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Dominican Republic, Pakistan 2: Nicaragua, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Yugoslavia, Egypt, Malta, Syria, Thailand, Latvia, Ireland, Iran, Venezuela, Colombia 1: El Salvador, Brunei Darussalam, Qatar, Cambodia, Iceland, Nigeria, Cyprus, Jamaica, Panama, India, Turkey, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, Tonga, Lithuania, Mauritius, Namibia, Bolivia 7,108: Unresolved Bernie
  13. Jeff, Ahhh, Tattoo. I have the LP, but I haven't fired up the turntable for quite a long time. As for REFRESHED, I really LOVE "When Is Your Dream" and think it's good enough to have been on FRESH. Bernie
  14. Some GREAT Wally songs: "Might As Well" from Raspberries Fresh, "Let's Just Say Goodbye" w/the Sittin' Ducks, "Come Back" from Fotomaker Vis-A-Vis, and "When Is Your Dream" from Raspberries Refreshed. If you want to talk co-written by Wally, there's certainly plenty more to choose from :-) Bernie
  15. As you all know, I'm a big Wally supporter (what guitar player isn't) and I hope we all place an order for his new CD. I plan on posting an item about its upcoming release on the main page ASAP. Bernie
  16. Gord, "This gun's for hire even if we're just dancing in the dark." Geez louise, that girl is possibly the most famous unknown to ever grace a music video. She was just a nobody then, but Courtney Cox went on to fame and fortune as Monica on "Friends." Bernie
  17. By the way, Iall this talk of Darlene's photo with Eric just gave me a cool idea for the web site's 500,000th hit party. Details are posted in a Message titled "DID YOU MEET ERIC?" Bernie
  18. If you did... e-mail me at raspbernie@ericcarmen.com. Write a few paragraphs documenting the when/where and how of your encounter and attach a photo if you have one. I'll use all of the stories I receive for the special 500,000th hit celebration at EricCarmen.com! Thanks. Bernie
  19. Darlene, That photo of you and Eric is a classic. That beautiful hair. Those bedroom eyes. That sexy chest. And you're real cute, too, Darlene! :-) Bernie
  20. Darlene, Don't be shy! I know you've got a GREAT photo standing next to a pretty cool guy. Why not post that one? Bernie
  21. I found this short clip from Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto #2 in C Minor at Amazon.com. You can hear the brief snippet of melody Eric used for the verse of "All By Myself" if you click on "Concerto No. 2, Op. 18 In C Minor: Adagio sostenuto" HERE . Bernie
  22. If Eric is anything, he's consistent. Check out this interview from 1973 . Bernie
  23. Hey! I'm all for it. Tom Jones joined the long list of performers who recorded a version of Eric's "All By Myself" back in the day. I used to love the intro to his TV show when they showed the close-up of his microphone stand and his hand reached in to grab it! Bernie
  24. Tony, The PRESS ARCHIVE contains the good, the bad and the ugly. The only criteria for inclusion in the archive is that I have a copy of the article (DUH!) If someone can find it, I'll include it. Bernie
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