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  1. Tony-- GREAT ear. This version of "Cindy" was recorded for copyright purposes in 1993. Bernie
  2. Eric will need a little bit more prodding than that. From what I can gather he seems to feel that songs written in another time and abandoned still retain all of the baggage that they had when they were left either: a) unfinished, or unreleased Even after being relentlessly begged to do it :-) it seems that Eric doesn't need to have any of his unreleased songs officially released. The fan base here on the web site is pretty solidly in his corner and also fairly small in number. Hence, not really minding whether his biggest supporters get to hear a demo or live song here and there is not the same as having something on an official release to the masses. Eric also feels that anything new that he releases will need to have a chance with casual listeners which means it needs to be more contemporary. Songs written 35 years ago (no matter how much we love 'em) seem to figure less prominently in his plans. I, for one, would LOVE a remastered release of Eric's entire catalog (Berries and solo) in the U.S. on CD, which amazingly has never been done! Something along the lines of the Bowie or Grand Funk rereleases. There'd be plenty of space on the CDs for bonus tracks which is usually where artists place their unreleased tunes and demos. When I bought the "Ziggy Stardust" remastered CD I was telling Eric about how amazing the demo of "Star Man" was with just Bowie accompanying himself on an acoustic guitar. Ironically, Eric was very excited by it and thought it would be cool to hear. The bad news is that neither Arista, nor Capitol, nor a company like Rhino seems to be interested in doing anything with Eric's back catalog right now. If I believed a letter writing campaign would work I'd start one right now. I just don't know how to influence the decision makers. The biggest crying shame is that one of the GREATEST albums of all time, "Boats Against the Current" has never been on CD in it's entirety in the U.S. Never. Ever. If it wasn't for the great country of Japan we wouldn't even have the ability to listen to "Boats" on CD! Anyway, I've said more than I was gonna say. The fact of the matter is that we should SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY, be able to convince SOMEONE to release a remastered "Boats Against The Current" with bonus tracks TOMORROW! Anyone have any ideas? Bernie
  3. Can you say, "TrÈs bien ensemble?" Bernie :-)
  4. Present #1: "She Remembered" piano demo Present #2: "Cindy In The Wind" Present #3: "As Long As We've Got Each Other" duet with Louise Mandrell
  5. Marvin-- "Cindy In The Wind" was one of Eric's earliest compositions. It was written for Cyrus Erie waaaay back in 1967. Of course, Cyrus Erie played a mean version of "Walk Away Renee" and the similarities are certainly evident. Bernie
  6. Boy, that Santa sure was sneaky this year :-) Hope everyone got what they wanted. Bernie
  7. Marvin, No sweat. Sometimes even I have to figure out how all of this works <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" /> Bernie
  8. Marvin, Hit counters record every new access by an individual IP address. What that means is that each hit may represent a new person checking out the site or a returning regular who checks back every day. It gets a little complicated after that. If you check the site every day and have your web browser preferences set for "REFRESH EACH DAY," you would record one new hit each day. If it's set for "REFRESH WHEN PAGE CONTENTS CHANGE," it may only record a new hit when the INDEX PAGE changes. These are the same peole who often complain that they can't see the new MP3 file or don't see the new page content. If you poke around the web site, going back and forth between the pages, it should just count as ONE HIT. Even if you revisit the page with the HIT COUNTER. BUT...if you refresh the page with the HIT COUNTER, it would register a NEW hit. That's the way some folks have managed to win the contests in previous years linked to the HIT COUNTER (and why I decided not to do it this time.) HIT COUNTERS, I might add, work like that on EVERY web site everywhere. That's how they record what they record. All of that aside, I think you'll agree that a half million hits is pretty darned impressive! Next time you're on another web site, check out their HIT COUNTER (if they have one), and marvel at the number of visitors who share your passion for Eric's music and have come here in such numbers and so often to allow us to hit this great visitor milestone! Bernie
  9. Billy K., There was no contest this time around (I was too busy with the book), so I have no idea who hit that magic number. Bernie
  10. Tony, The counter for individual posts is a grand total. It's not incremental. Every post then shows the total :-) Bernie
  11. A few years ago, David Letterman did a Top Ten List titled, "Ways in which Saddam Hussein can improve his image." One of them was: "Appear in one of those milk mustache ads." They then showed a photo of Saddam sporting his. Pretty funny! Bernie
  12. IMHO this counter's gonna blow sometime tomorrow! All the preparations have been made...now, we just sit back and wait. Bernie
  13. "That's one small step for powerpop...one giant leap for rock and roll." Bernie :-)
  14. "Rock'n Roll Mama, Get It Moving, Everyway I Can..." I certainly hope you picked up Dave Smalley's NEW CD ! Bernie
  15. I asked Eric whether he had any contact from anyone on this project when it was first mentioned (probably about a year ago now) and he said he hadn't. My understanding is that the movie would have a decidedly Latin soundtrack. Not sure about the artists or the songs but I imagine it'll be more contemporary while the original film was more nostalgic. My guess would be that Jimmy Ienner is also not involved in the new flick. Bernie
  16. Everyone is asking me questions, but I have nothing to do with it. Remember, it's Santa who brings gifts for all of the good girls and boys on Christmas Day. :-) Bernie
  17. Just screened the Eric segments of the new DVD and I have good news to report. The music video as well as the concert footage seem to have been remastered from the original source material. Very nice to watch, and great sound as well. Much better than the previously released DVD which appeared to have been struck from degraded VHS copies. Two thumbs up to Artisan for doing it right this time. Bernie
  18. Along with all of the "scripted" pot shots I noticed alot of unscripted hugs and compliments. Bernie
  19. "We've Only Just Begun" would be a worthy song for anyone's catalog, and Paul Williams has had dozens of 'em. Wonder what he's been up to the past couple of decades? Bernie
  20. Hey, guys. Just a housekeeping chore. There's no need to QUOTE when you're responding directly to a post previous to yours. The quoting can get pretty unsightly and should be left to instances where you're referring back to an earlier post. Bernie (The Moderator Man) :-)
  21. I agree, Kirk. I always thought they treated that tune as a novelty song. I'm not sure it would stand up without the horns, but I could be wrong. Nevertheless, it is definitely not one of my favorites. Bernie
  22. Stu, I think it's cool. You've got kind of like a dissonant ELO/Marilyn Manson thing going on there in the verse/chorus. Not sure about the electrocution bridge, though :-) Did you take a look at shortening that part or maybe just relegating it to the drum break. The rest of it is rather catchy. I dig it. Definitely worth a listen. Bernie
  23. It's a bit of a risky song to play live, eh? Harmonies, fancy guitar parts, that bridge outta nowhere. I guess that's why I like it. It's flying by the seat of your pants performing. At any given moment one of the four guys could drop the ball and the whole thing would collapse, but they do a remarkable job of playing it. Even overcoming the crude studio situation of having "two knobs, both volume." Bernie
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