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  1. Kazumi-- You are indeed very lucky! And so is Eric ... for having so many devoted fans in Japan! --Bernie
  2. Jennifer-- Alas, Eric's masterpiece is only available on CD from Japan (a country with GREAT TASTE in music!) --Bernie
  3. Kyle definitely walks in Eric's footsteps on his freshman CD but switches more heavily into a Barry Manilow groove on his other discs. Skip 'em if you don't love Manilow. --Bernie
  4. Whoa! I just checked the counter and we're less than 5,000 hits away from one big EricCarmen.com party. I should have all the plans sorted out by this weekend. The 300,000th hit should come at just about the exact same moment as the 30th anniversary of a landmark event in Eric Carmen history. But I've already said too much! Stay tuned... --Bernie
  5. Raspbernie


    Plenty more to come! --Bernie
  6. I've uploaded what I had in the MUSIC section of the web site. Raspberries fan (and guitar tab whiz) Andrew Rogers really nailed some of those classic tunes. While I was at it I also added a pile of MIDI files I had accumulated over the years. Most of them sound pretty awful! Download at your own risk --Bernie
  7. Cliff-- Check the web site this weekend. I'll upload a pile of GREAT guitar tab/chords for a variety of Eric Carmen tunes. --Bernie
  8. Kirk-- Yep. I inadvertently left them out. It was a loooong list to move over to the new format and what with the all the cutting and pasting, well ... at least I didn't leave the Raspberries out, right? --Bernie
  9. Too late for April, Donna ... but sometime in the future is a sure thing. Eric and the boys did an AMAZING version of "I Can Remember" live! --Bernie
  10. I'm still plugging away at it ... and as you wind your way through the hundreds of pages that make up EricCarmen.com you'll slowly see more and more pages migrating over to the new design. Slowly but surely. Everything should be up-to-date in time for the big 300,000 hits celebration! --Bernie
  11. Thanks Gina. And yes, Kirk, Eric told me he really liked all the new changes at the web site when I first put 'em online. He also said at the same time that he was busy getting used to the new Message Board format along with the rest of us. Bernie
  12. Randy, I don't believe that I've ever heard Chris Rea ... what kind of music is it? --Bernie
  13. The way that this works is that you vote in the first Message Box and still have the option of explaining your choices by posting like I am here. My choice is "Love Is All That Matters," but I'm starting to see how difficult it can be when forced to choose between two great songs! "Love Is All That Matters" is simply one of Eric's most powerful ballads. The melody line is so deceptively simple, picked out on his piano with a sparse beauty that eventually sweeps you away as the song takes form. I'm as moved by this song now as I was the first time I heard it almost 25 years ago. If that isn't amazing in itself, I don't know what is. Bernie
  14. Check out this new Message Board Feature. Everyone can now create custom polls with start and stop times. Let me be the first to innaugurate this feature where "Love Is All That Matters" squares off against "I'm Through With Love." Each song explores a different side of the eternal struggle. Which will you choose?
  15. Hope everyone has checked out the new ASK ERIC column where Eric continues to answer your questions. Now for my question: Thousands of people check this web site every week ... is there anyone here who was at Carnegie Hall when the Raspberries performed there on September 26, 1973? Does anyone know somebody who was there that night? We'd love to hear from you. --Bernie
  16. Glad you stuck with it, Darlene. I had no reservations whatsoever in switching to this format. It's the most widely used Bulletin Board in the world with literally tens of thousands of active web site using it. I anticipate it'll even get better over time as people start discovering all the other little bells and whistles... like adding your picture to your posts and other cool stuff like that. One of these days I'll figure it all out. Right now, I'm just glad that it's working :-) --Bernie
  17. Carlos-- Still haven't found anyone to play with? I used to be pretty good on lead guitar and can probably still crank out a few Wally Bryson intros ... but I'm afraid my active playing days are over Still, all-in-all, there's nothing like plugging in and cranking up the amplifier to get the adrenaline flowing! --Bernie
  18. It's time to choose April's MP3 file and this time I thought I'd open it up for discussion. What does everybody want to hear? Is there something special that's sure to make your day? Something rare? Speak now or forever (or at least until next month) hold your peace. --Bernie
  19. I guess they're pretty much gonna all be hard choices, huh? I love "My Girl," but my nod has to go to "It Hurts Too Much. I simply LOVE the production on this song, the way it rocks with those lush acoustic guitars blew me away the first time I heard it! I can still remember my brother and I crowding around the turntable as the needle landed on it for the first time. Ahhh, those were the days ... remember how cool it was to hold and study every inch of that large record jacket in your hands as the disk spun out it's magic on your record player? So, count my vote as one hearty Steve Marriott inspired "Hah!" for "Tonight You're Mine." Great song. Great album. --Bernie
  20. I agree, those were nice treats. The original DVD release of "Dirty Dancing" didn't feature the concert or the music videos. I was one of the lucky few to see "Dirty Dancing Live" at Radio City Music Hall where Eric did an extended set of tunes which included "Go All The Way." The concert footage on this DVD is the only authorized live video of Eric on stage ... and well worth getting for that reason alone! --Bernie
  21. Christine-- You can find a number of dealers selling Raspberries' first LP (with scratch 'n sniff sticker intact) over at Amazon.com's zshops. Just search "Raspberries LP." --Bernie
  22. The last time I mentioned these recordings to Eric he told me that he's never seen a copy (stock, promo or test pressing). It does exist in the Epic vaults on tape but as far as anyone can tell it was never pressed in any form. Bernie
  23. Ahhh ... my favorite part of my favorite song. How can I resist? But tomorrow We'll run a little bit faster Tomorrow We're gonna find what we're after at last Feelings that we left in the past There's romance in the sunset We're boats against the current to the end Bernie
  24. I'm flying to Los Angeles for a couple of days at the end of this week, so I'll take my trusty laptop and try and bang out another few chapters in the ongoing "Eric Carmen Story." For those of you following along, I should be able to get pretty close to finishing this thing if my battery holds up --Bernie
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