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  1. In my (seemingly) never ending quest to get everything on EricCarmen.com updated to the new format, I've revamped the Pictures page. Now each photo opens in a separate window (like on the Rarities page). I also added a dozen or so new shots. Enjoy! --Bernie
  2. Since Eric sees himself as first and foremost a songwriter, I know that he doesn't think "Hungry Eyes" is anywhere near as good as his own compositions. But still I am thankful for it. "Hungry Eyes" brought Eric back to the Top Ten, gave him a chance to release "Make Me Lose Control" (which also skyrocketed to the top of the charts) and put him back on stage with the Dirty Dancing tour. I met Frank Previte backstage at one of the Ringo shows and told him that his song made great things happen for Eric. He replied, "It made great things happen for me, too!" --Bernie
  3. A short DVD documentary comes with the "Limited" BRAINWASHED CD. On it George is sitting in the studio and says something like, "This album won't have any rap or techno. It's basically just the way we used to do it. A bunch of real people playing acoustic guitars in front of microphones recorded on tape." --Bernie
  4. Hey Jo! You now can have more fun than all of us put together... you get to hear NEW Eric Carmen music every day for the next couple of weeks. Just head on over to your favorite CD store and stock up. There's plenty of amazing tunes just itching to be heard :-) --Bernie
  5. I'm currently enjoying George Harrison's new (and most unfortunately, last) CD. It seems he recorded it with complete disregard for current music styles or conventions. And that's exactly why it's so enjoyable. --Bernie
  6. Every couple of months I see the CD single show up on eBay. If you look hard enough you should be able to find one. --Bernie
  7. Marvin-- I *did* think that the Wondermints backed Brian up with polish and finesse, but I haven't managed to find a groove that I could love in their own work. What I have heard is just a bit too quirky for me. Perhaps I haven't listened to the right albums? --Bernie
  8. Man, get busy at work for a couple of months and things start piling up around the old web site! I just e-mailed Eric the next batch of ASK ERIC questions (Yay!), so that column should finally get an update very, very soon. There were some interesting questions in the new pile. Keep 'em coming! --Bernie
  9. "The Eric Carmen Story" has been updated (finally!) through the TONIGHT YOU'RE MINE album and Japanese tour. I've added a pile of cool new photos (some never before published) along with memorabilia and the like. Check it out! I promise to put my fingers to the keyboard and finish this thing off very soon! I'm getting very, very close to having the entire web site changed over to the new format (how many of you remember the old format? <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" /> ) Looks like I just need to update some of the PRESS ARCHIVE and the DISCOGRAPHY and then we'll be done. And ready for some cool NEW sections. Yeah! --Bernie
  10. Dang! And I was hopin' to become Mayor :-) --Bernie
  11. Matt-- Are you saying something is *wrong* with the re-mastering? I think Capitol has done a terrific job with past reissues from the Lennon catalog and I was looking forward to the MIND GAMES release. --Bernie
  12. Just saw the results...Eric's guitar titled "Return To Fender" sold for $11,500, placing a respectable 13th among the field of 79 guitars. The top price was $105,000 for a guitar painted by Yoko Ono. Thankfully, it did not come with an accompanying CD of her music <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" /> --Bernie
  13. Tonight is the big auction at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. If any of our local Ohio members attend, please post. --Bernie
  14. Tony-- I know what you mean. With great power comes great responsibility. --Bernie (who literally just watched Spider-Man again on DVD...I love that webhead!)
  15. Hey...you caught me! I was in the process of updating "The Eric Carmen Story" with photographs and left off just where you indicated. Hopefully, my heavy workload will return to normal in the next couple of weeks and I can finish it off. Here's a good rule of thumb, if you find yourself on a page with the old design, it's still awaiting an update :-) --Bernie
  16. Shy actually sent his CD to me to forward to Eric. I never followed up on whether he listened to it, or what he thought. --Bernie
  17. Trust me, the "Barry Manilow" thing is more of a descriptive counterpunch to his jangly guitar laden power-pop Raspberries days. The article is certainly pro-Eric and most definitely pro-Raspberries. Many, many great things are said about Eric, his songwriting and the band. Pick it up! My unwritten Press Archive policy is that I won't include articles online until they're no longer available on the newstand, so I recommend buying MOJO now instead of waiting amonth to read it here. --Bernie
  18. Actually, Shy is a BIG Eric fan and even penned a song for him on the CD. He also gives Eric a big shout out in the credits. It's actually a pretty good CD, if I do say so myself :-) --Bernie
  19. Hey! I just picked this issue up and the Raspberries article is FANTASTIC! It's a real treat to have a decidely pro-Raspberries article in one of the most respected British music mags. (The Berries didn't exactly set England's charts on fire in the '70s.) Besides featuring a great color photo of the band (which I haven't seen before) and a great plug for this website, the article mentions our favorite fab foursome in the same breath with The Strokes, the Posies, Teenage Fanclub, Big Star, the Shoes, Beatles, Beach Boys, Kinks, Who, Zombies, Left Banke and Badfinger among others. This is exactly the kind of article we need more of. Something that sets the Berries into their rightful place in music history. A few more of them and we might be able to muster a groundswell for their rightful inclusion in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Kudos to MOJO! If I were you, I'd rush out to your newstand to buy this today. The issue features a great black and white Beatles cover photo and feature article (as if the Berries piece wasn't enough!) --Bernie
  20. Thanks for the "heads up" Aztec! Welcome to EC.com --Bernie
  21. Speaking of Neil Diamond-- has everyone seen "Saving Silverman?" --Bernie
  22. Hey, the heck with all of this controversy...what was that about a "brilliant website?" --Bernie
  23. I've seen Paul four times and IMHO the current tour is much more about the music than the experience. He's simply unbelievable! The best concert I've ever been to. --Bernie
  24. Lots of songs co-exist with the same title. George has cut a cover of the old standard written by Harold Arlen (who also wrote the music for the Wizard of Oz among others)...not to be confused with Irving Berlin's "All By Myself." --Bernie
  25. Billy-- "Go All The Way" *was* on Capitol's 50th anniversary box set, but couldn't be included on the new one due to the same legal problems that prevented the release of their new Raspberries Greatest Hits compilation. We may never see another Capitol Raspberries release until things get worked out between the record label and the band. --Bernie
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