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  1. Darlene-- Send me a copy of that Bottom Line photo. I've been thinking about offering "On Broadway" from that night's show as an MP3 file. It was pretty electric. Wish I was there! --Bernie
  2. "The Songs Of Eric Carmen" is still coming out. It's taking a little longer than expected because Eric has been working with the publisher to get it just right! --Bernie
  3. I actually have a lot of respect for Todd ... as a musician, singer and songwriter. I've seen him live a couple of times and he really delivers. I just wish he never wrote that vapid, "Bang The Drum" song --Bernie
  4. Billy-- I saw the Rubinoos do their version of "Tonight," too. At Maxwell's in New Jersey. It was actually the first time I had ever heard the song live and it proved beyong a shadow of a doubt what a great song it was. Pure unabashed power! Rubinoos bass player Al Chan did a good job on that tough Eric lead vocal part. As far as I know, their cover of this immortal Raspberries tune has never appeared on any album --Bernie
  5. Jim-- As the regular visitors around here already may have guessed, my favorite album (of all time, mind you) is BOATS AGAINST THE CURRENT. For me, it tops everything: PET SOUNDS, SGT. PEPPER, ABBEY ROAD ... you name it. If I was to be stranded on a deserted island and could only choose one collection of songs to accompany me until I breathed my last breath, it would be BOATS. --Bernie PS: "All For Love" is certainly one of Eric's most underrated compositions. It simply soars! It's like that commercial where the kid with the peanut butter bumps into the kid with the chocolate bar. Is it a ballad? Or a rocker? It's both! And it's GREAT!
  6. Raspbernie

    Eric's Site

    Yeah ... like Steve said ... welcome back, Gary. --Bernie
  7. Steve-- I'm still waiting to find out if Eric will be at the Fourth of July gig before I include it in the concert dates list. Tickets for Westbury Music Hall went on sale today! --Bernie
  8. Once we get a little closer to the show dates I plan on starting a Message Board for each city so that everyone can make plans to get together as well as boast about how great it was to see and hear Eric on stage again! --Bernie
  9. Darlene-- Tour info is posted on a special TOUR PAGE that I set up. (Bookmark it!) You can also access it from the main INDEX page of the web site. I am currently adding dates as they are announced along with LINKS to buy tickets. --Bernie
  10. HB-- Todd will play the June gigs of the tour and goes on to open for Hall & Oates. Eric told me that if the stars align properly and Todd doesn't have another gig, he might sit in with the band. Hmmm... Todd, Eric and Mark Farner doing "Locomotion" would be pretty wild, eh? --Bernie
  11. Eric performed "Hungry Eyes" on the All-Starr tour because Ringo wanted each of the guys to play their "hits." "Make Me Lose Control" was certainly a big hit for Eric, as was "I Wanna Be With You," but Eric didn't have the necessary vocal talent in the All-Starrs to pull 'em off. On the Abbey Road tour, he certainly has a better range of talent. When Eric played the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show he did both of those vocal-rich songs along with "Tonight" and much, much more. If I was a betting man I wouldn't put any money on "Hungry Eyes." --Bernie
  12. Here's some more tour info (and the first that mentions Eric by name) that I picked up from Cleveland's Playhouse Square web site (where the tour is scheduled to stop on July 11): A Walk Down Abbey Road -- A superstar tribute to The Beatles starring Alan Parsons, Jack Bruce of Cream, Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, Christopher Cross and Eric Carmen tours this Summer. The first half of the show features hits from each star, such as "Eye in the Sky" (Alan Parsons), "White Room" (Cream), "Ride Like The Wind" & "Sailing" (Christopher Cross), "Some Kind of Wonderful" & "We're an American Band" (Mark Farner), and "Go All The Way" & "All By Myself" (Eric Carmen). The second half of the show features each artist's favorite Beatles songs. Bernie
  13. Steve-- Eric told me that he'll be joining the show in July. I assume that many more dates will be added over the next few weeks. Todd Rundgren will be playing all of the tour's June dates and will play some of the July dates along with Eric when he's available. Otherwise, he'll be opening for Hall & Oates. Unfortunately, the June Todd dates are all on the West Coast. In July the tour is playing the middle of the U.S. with the tour heading east through the end of July. Whether they'll swing back West or not, I don't know. Everything I do find out will get uploaded to the web site. --Bernie
  14. "EricCarmen.com t-shirt?" ... even I don't have one of those! --Bernie
  15. Tony-- I don't know the story behind that, but I did hear that they were big fans. In fact, in David Wild's liner notes to THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION he writes that the Gin Blossoms said, "the Raspberries wrote the book on how to write great pop songs." --Bernie
  16. Kristina-- I didn't even know it existed in it's heyday, but the two girls who ran it discovered this web site a couple of years ago and sent me all of the issues. If you poke around the PRESS ARCHIVE you can find a bunch of the more interesting stories there. They were the EricCarmen.com of the pre-computer age! --Bernie
  17. Sam-- Great seats! Eric will be playing ALL July dates, so you'll get to see him up close and personal! --Bernie
  18. Duane-- A pretty comprehensive list of Eric Carmen covers (songs he wrote, but someone else sang) is in the Discography here at the web site. Just click MUSIC in the header above. One of my favorite covers is Yvonne Elliman's "Nowhere to Hide." It's a completely different, more emotional and downright raw take on the BOATS tune. Eric plays piano and sings backing vocals on the track and it's GREAT! --Bernie
  19. Kirk-- Careful buying tickets to this thing until Eric's full itinerary is confirmed. "A Walk Down Abbey Road" will hit some cities in June with Todd Rundgren (not Eric). I should have more Eric dates next week. --Bernie
  20. Hey everybody! I'm right in the middle of updating the web site with my "Go All The Way" 30th Anniversary Tribute when Eric drops the bombshell on me that he'll be touring in July! Everything that I know is currently uploaded to the special TOUR page. Please forgive me if some of the LINKS are not working for the GATW Birthday Bash but it'll all be sorted out over the next couple of days. I just didn't want to sit on the BIG NEWS! Get ready for Summer! Bernie
  21. On May 22, 1972, "Go All The Way" was released as a single. I don't actually remember hearing it on the radio for the first time (although I'm fairly certain that I did). My first memory of hearing the tune was through the walls of my room at home when I was about 17 years old. I knocked on my brother Jim's door (or maybe I just barged in :-) and asked him what he was playing. He said, "You know that new album you just bought that you've been listening to over and over and over again? Eric Carmen? Well, this was the band he was in before he went solo!" And that's how it unfolded for me. I didn't fully realize the power of the Raspberries until well after falling in love with Eric's music with his first solo LP. When I listen to the song now, many years after hearing it for the first time, it sounds as fresh and as vibrant as ever. The combination of Wally's opening guitar riff, Jim's driving drums, Eric's bass and vocals and Dave's rhythm guitar is simply 3 minutes and 10 seconds of the shearest perfection that ever made it's way to a vinyl disc's carefully cut grooves. And it was just the beginning of a discovery that would lay the foundation of my life's soundtrack ... a score that more often than not finds itself immersed in the words and music of Mr. Eric Carmen. Bernie
  22. Oil painting?!? I can't believe you left that one on the wall of wherever you saw it without asking to buy it, Ron! --Bernie
  23. Hey everybody-- Last call on the current MP3 file ("That's Rock 'N Roll"). The new 300,000 hits update extravaganza will be posted this weekend. --Bernie
  24. Darlene-- When you first logged on you needed to create a User name and password. That info gets saved to your computer preferences. That's why you never had to relog in ... but somehow they were lost on your computer. I found this on the Bulletin Board FAQ: "Retrieving your login ID and password is simple. All of the pages that require you to identify yourself with your username and password carry a 'lost password' link that you can use to have your username and password emailed instantly to your email address of record. " --Bernie
  25. I've thought about that one, too. Hmmm. --Bernie
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