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  1. Gina-- Yikes! Just to make sure you were looking in the right place, here's a map of the guitar locations. You can see Eric's right next to the Rock Hall. Most of the other guitars are scattered all around Cleveland. --Bernie
  2. For anyone that bought tickets to shows that originally listed Eric and now list Todd...I just called Ticketmaster regarding the Westbury Music Fair show. Ticketmaster's web page now states: "Eric Carmen will no longer be performing. He will be replaced by Todd Rundgren." I told them I only bought the tickets to see Eric and they DID offer me a refund. So give it a shot. I certainly would rather force the promoters to cancel a show due to lost ticket sales rather than let them have my money if Eric is not on the bill! I'm still holding onto my tickets for three shows: The Keswick and WolfTrap (both venues still list Eric's name) and Atlantic City (Alan Parson's site is still calling this an Eric show). No official word yet from Eric on his status. --Bernie
  3. Mike-- I believe the Carmen/Bryson credit line ONLY appears on the back cover of the first pressings of the Raspberries debut LP. It is not on the LP label or on any 45 release as far as I know. --Bernie
  4. By the way, I wanted to make sure that I acknowledged the great JOHN ENTWISTLE who tragically died yesterday! The Who has always been one of Eric's favorite bands and many of his songs have been influenced by the genius of Pete, Roger, John and Keith. --Bernie
  5. By the way, you can vote over and over again if you simply keep opening and closing your browser with each vote cast, or vote once everytime you log onto the internet...not that I'm condoning such behavior, mind you! --Bernie
  6. Oh...and Marvin-- the Geffen album? The GEFFEN album?!? Not only does it include "She Remembered" (one of my favorite Eric Carmen songs of all-time), but the Geffen album also includes a number of other absolute gems like "The Way We Used To Be" and "I'm Through With Love." By the way, blind allegiance has nothing to do with the fact that I'd be willing to sit through a hundred repeats of "You Took Me All The Way" to hear "She Remembered" just once! --Bernie
  7. Rest assured that if this tour *does* fall apart, I'll give you a play-by-play on what happened. There will be no disagreement on Eric's motives then. Right now, Eric wants his reasons to be vague so that he still might be able to work something out with the promoters. --Bernie
  8. Billy K.-- Here's another example...although his name doesn't appear on the songwriting credit's, Duane Allman actually wrote the memorable guitar riff in Eric Clapton's "Layla." --Bernie
  9. Hmmm...I just saw on Ticketmaster that the Brewster, NY show has just been cancelled, so I guess I only have tickets to four shows now --Bernie
  10. Hey everyone-- Nothing new on the tour (yet!), but Eric did give me a little more info on the guiitar he designed so I thought I'd pass it on: "You actually sort of have to be able to read the addresses and stuff. For Eleanor Rigby I actually found the church in Liverpool where Paul set up a fund in honor of Linda when she died. We addressed the envelope to Eleanor Rigby c/o Father Mackenzie and then the address of the real church. All the dates we used were release dates...we had some fun with it." --Bernie
  11. Gina-- Can you send me some pictures? I'd love to know what those photos scattered across the Stratocaster's fret board are! --Bernie
  12. I've never seen the "SouthPark" creators mention the genesis of Cartman's name...but I've thought about it for quite some time. --Bernie
  13. I blame Bernie, too! Wait, I mean...! Seriously, though...I am still hoping (praying) that the five pairs of tickets I bought get used! I have to admit, I'm having a really hard time understanding Ticketmaster's policies. If this thing turns out BAD, then why can't we get refunds for the shows which originally listed Eric and then switched to Todd? The thing that I hate most is that my money is already in the promoter's pockets! If Eric was never announced as part of the tour, it would surely still be in mine! --Bernie
  14. Billy K.-- Yeah, like Steve said...you just walked into the biggest minefield in Berriesdom. According to Eric, he wrote the entire song, including the intro on piano. Wally claims that even though Eric wrote the chords, he figured out their exact fingerings on the guitar which helped create the essence of the song's sound and therefore he should have been credited as a co-writer. My take on the whole thing is that there never was a more dynamic duo than Eric and Wally, and we should thank the musical gods that they found each other and gave us such an amazing catalog of music! Whew! Got through that without setting off a single landmine --Bernie PS: The song's original co-credit is said to have been a Capitol Records printer's error and was changed to just ERIC CARMEN for all subsequent releases of the song.
  15. Julie-- Great idea! You can vote here . --Bernie
  16. Have all of you checked out the giant Fender Stratocaster guitar that Eric designed for Cleveland's GuitarMania celebration? Very creative. I love the concept, and was wondering if any fans from Cleveland have had a chance to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum to check out Eric's creation? I just wish it was closer to New Jersey --Bernie
  17. JuliaD-- Tickets for four shows are in hand, one show is ordered and not yet received. But I have hope...so I'm hanging onto mine until I know for sure. Because only one thing would be worse than not seeing Eric perform live...and that would be knowing that someone else is sitting in your seats while you're sitting home if Eric decides to join the tour! Bernie
  18. Betsey-- In case you missed it, Eric did personally address the "Dirty Dancing" concert tour cancellations in ASK ERIC a few months ago. --Bernie
  19. Howard-- I've got my fingers AND my toes crossed...and my tickets to FIVE (5!?!) of the shows won't end up on eBay until we hear the final verdict. --Bernie
  20. Guys-- Don't read ANYTHING into that message from Todd Rundgren's web site, because there really isn't anything to find...my guess is that it's simply an example of Todd's wacky humor. Eric told me that he and Todd got along GREAT! In fact, they had a blast in Hawaii at rehearsals as well as during the show. I believe Todd's message was written a couple of weeks before the guys even arrived in Hawaii. --Bernie
  21. In order to ease some of the pain in this trying time as we wait for news on the Abbey Road tour, I've uploaded an inspirational treat for you all. Enjoy!
  22. I spoke at length with Eric on the phone regarding all of the questions concerning the tour. Be assured that Eric realizes that a number of you are already holding tickets to the shows (me included!), and is treating this matter very seriously. He only wants the very best for his fans and does not want anyone to be disappointed with any aspect of the tour, especially if he is involved. --Bernie
  23. Gemini-- The Cyrus Erie single is pretty cool! Superb power-pop! It was Eric's favorite band (even more than the Raspberries.) The Quick single is a bit different, but also worth searching for! --Bernie
  24. Gemini-- Okay, so I run the web site and should know everything about it, eh? But how did you get that cool little dancing guy in your signature? --Bernie
  25. June-- DON'T buy Mohegan yet...it might be a Todd show. I'm hoping to get the facts on all of this from Eric soon! --Bernie
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