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  1. Craig-- I remember doing some cool Uriah Heep and UFO songs in one of my old high school band. Didn't Uriah Heep also have a song also titled "Sunrise"? I gotta pick some of those up on CD --Bernie ("Doctor, doctor, please...")
  2. 1. Crusin' Music 2. Top Down Summer 3. Drivin' Around --Bernie
  3. Least favorite... Raspberries -- "Money Down" Eric Carmen -- "Lost In The Shuffle" --Bernie
  4. There *was* a music video for "I'm Through With Love." --Bernie
  5. All of my Ticketmaster refunds have been credited as well! --Bernie
  6. No need to wait for an official result, just click on the RESULTS button in the first post. Tonight ñ 55% Ecstasy ñ 45% Anyone can start the next Showdown...just start a new POLL! --Bernie
  7. Hey everybody! I'm working on some new updates to the web site including a few more photo-embellished chapters in "The Eric Carmen Story", some new Press articles and a brand-spankin' new MP3 file. So if you haven't grabbed "Wild Wild Heart" yet...consider this fair warning! All the new stuff should be online later this week. --Bernie
  8. You can now check out the updated first three chapters ! --Bernie
  9. Nothing much to crow about yet, but I am making some improvements over at The Eric Carmen Story . I only have the first chapter finished, but as you can see I'm embellishing it with various illustrations and photos. When I get to the end of the already written chapters I'll try and bring it up to date! --Bernie
  10. Phil-- No swipe intended. I happen to love "Should I Wait", it's just pretty obvious that Dave's musical influences were stretching further from Eric's by the time Side 3 hit the shelves. --Bernie
  11. Okay...so this is a tough one. "Tonight" has the rip-roaringest Wally Bryson guitar wizardry of any Raspberries tunes bar none while "Ecstasy" features Jim "Banshee" Bonfanti simply demolishing his drumset in an unabashed demonstration of why he's one of the greatest rock drummers of all time! So, how did I pick "Tonight" you might ask? Simple. I flipped a coin. A true 50/50 on this Showdown. Impossible for me to choose. How did you vote? --Bernie
  12. The secret to Saturday Showsown is...well...someone has to do it ñ this week's showdown is on me. Vote from 12:00 PM Friday to 12:00 PM Sunday. Maybe someone else can start another one next week. --Bernie
  13. The original Raspberries (Eric, Wally, Jim and Dave) managed to piece together an uneven effort for their third (and final) album SIDE 3. The boys were all heading separate ways by now, and the disjointed mix of songs showed it. Eric was still tipping his hat to Brian Wilson ("On The Beach") while Wally was looking to be the next Joe Walsh ("Money Down") and Dave couldn't keep secret his desire to start an Eagles cover band ("Should I Wait.") Still, the LP did have some massively memorable tunes, including two of Raspberries most kick-ass rockers. One on Side 1, the other on Side 2. So, which tune makes it impossible for you to keep your hands on your wheel when driving..."Tonight" or "Ecstasy"?
  14. Hard-core Eric Carmen fans know that Leslie Gore was always one of Eric's favorites! --Bernie
  15. Julia-- I told 'ya you were one of the FIRST! --Bernie
  16. Hey! Wanna hear something funny? I just went over to the OLD Message Board and people were still posting there wondering where everybody was. Funny, huh? --Bernie
  17. Matt-- All of the old posts to the original Message Board are still out there in cyberspace. Just don't post on it...'cause nobody's there --Bernie
  18. Julia-- I didn't know the ball was in my court...go ahead, post away! --Bernie
  19. Thought you'd all like to see these birthday greetings to Eric from some of his biggest fans in Japan! --Bernie ---- Dear Eric: Happy Birthday!! I wish I could say to you, "I've been your loyal fan for over 30 years." In reality, I've been your big fan for just a year. It was my favorite Japanese musician that gave me a chance to know about you and your music. He loves your music very much and a picture taken with you in 1998 is something special to him. I've got a strong impact (good one) to listento your music for the first time. In spite of the years passed by since release of the songs, your music still has the special power to fascinate the people who listen to it. I feel lucky to know your music in my life. Please continue to make many Japanese fans feel happy through your music and activities. Wishing you a happy birthday. --Keiko Shiratani Happy Birthday. I hope I could hear your voice again on your new album in the near future. --Kyoko Happy Birthday, Eric. Your music came into my life through a Japanese musician who respects you so much. And it also gave me a chance to see a lot of loyal and wonderful fans of yours. Some of your songs make me feel happy and some others touches me deep inside, making me cry into tears. Thank you for the music. I wish you a a happy birthday. --Tomoko Happy Birthday, Eric. "Let's Pretend" is my most favoraite song in this world. And it's you, Eric, that I love most among all the musicians of the world. I cannot explain the reason for those very well. But, I know for sure that your music was always there to support and encourage me whenever I felt blue or lonely. The only thing I regret about you is that I've never seen you in concert. Please, please come to Japan on tour and sing "Let's Pretend" for me. --Yuko Happy birthday to you, Eric. More than twenty years have passed since I first listen to your music. Among other things, I still clearly remember your live in Japan in 1980. Your fantastic singing of "All By Myself" on the piano was so impressive. Your music gives us excitement and joy to the fans. In addition, many musicians and artists have been influenced by it. I wish you a good luck on your continuing activities as an artist. We will be always with you, forever. --Miki Happy Birthday, Eric. Your songs occupy the very special part of my heart. I know it will never change. --Isato Happy Birtrhday. It's been 30 years since I first listened to your music. I grew up with your music and am now a father of three children. I'm giving my children a chance to listen to your great songs. I look forward to your new album. Again, have a nice and happy birthday! --Yoshi Happy Birthday, Eric! You have been something special to me since I first listened to your voice. Thanks for the fantastic songs which are always by my side. Please, please continue to write the songs that touch everyone's heart. I look forward to listening to your new songs. --Mikiko To Eric: Your music made my life very special. The man, through whom I became aware of your music, did the same. I look forward to your creation and release of the great songs as you did in the past. Happy birthday. --Namiko Happy Birthday, Eric. Taking this opportunity, I'd like you to know how grateful I feel that I could come across to your wonderful music in my life. Your music will be always by my side for the rest of my life. Thank you for the great and fantastic music. Wishing you a happy, happy birthday. --Masaki
  20. I have a few more...of course, the most well-known pic is the one on the first solo LP's liner notes. --Bernie
  21. Craig-- I'm looking into it as we speak. Sure would be nice if it were a remastered Anniversary release. A guy can dream, can't he? --Bernie
  22. Jeff-- Solid first post...Welcome to the Board! --Bernie
  23. Not around here, Stu. Not around here. --Bernie
  24. To make a long story short, this album changed my life. And now, 25 years later, I'm really moved by the thought that this web site has not only brought Eric's fans closer together, but it's brought me even closer to his music. When Eric sat in front of his piano night after night, struggling to find the right lyric, or looking for the perfect bridge he had no idea how big an impact it would make on the world. And on me. Thank you, Eric. --Bernie
  25. Eric-- It was 30 years ago that "Go All The Way" was first released, and over those 30 years you've been showered with riches. Good health...a beautiful family...success. To quote F. Scott Fitzgerald, "Whatíll we do with ourselves this afternoon? And the day after that, and the next thirty years?" A toast then...to the next thirty years. Happy Birthday Eric! --Bernie
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