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    Hey Gary! I took a quick listen to the "I Can't Walk Away" clip from your web site and was digging it. Reminds me of early Tom Petty. --Bernie
  2. New MP3 file, new Press Archive articles, new pictures, new rarities... look for it sometime tomorrow :-) --Bernie
  3. John Travolta recorded "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" on his first (and only?) LP. Even his brother Joey got into the act with covers of "Let's Pretend" and "Haven't We Come A Long Way." --Bernie
  4. To everyone who has made this web site *THE* place to be since it started...here's to an even bigger and better 2003! --Bernie
  5. Here's a few of them: Sheryl Crow, Hank Williams Jr., Celine Dion, Stanley Turrentine, Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, Henri Mancini, Luis Miguel, Eartha Kitt, Jewel, The King's Singers, Linda Imperial, Micahel Ball, David Osbourne, John Davidson, Marty Webb, Carmen McRae, Frank Sinatra, Robert Wells, Clubhouse, Jamie O'Neal, Don Irwin, Ass Pony's, Asato Shizuki, Maggie McKinney, Richard Clayderman, Babes In Toyland, So Emotional, Jeremy... --Bernie
  6. Yep. Tom Jones is one of the hundreds of singers who covered Eric's signature track. --Bernie
  7. Paul McCartney. Madison Square Garden. One of the best...ever. --Bernie
  8. I *did* consider posting a hint of the special download but wanted to discourage infrequent visitors (who might have ulterior motives, from getting their hands on the goods...figuring that all the regulars would naturally check every day, weddings notwithstanding <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" /> --Bernie
  9. Well, unless it's a promo, the band did make money from the original sale of the CD, even if listed on eBay. The same cannot be said for CDRs and bootlegs. --Bernie
  10. Julie-- Santa tells me that all you had to do was wait for the download to complete before logging off. Everyone saw the same ? ? ? to keep it a surprise. --Bernie
  11. As John Lennon once said, "Happy Christmas and a merry goo-year. Krimble maybe." Hope everyone gets what they want. --Bernie
  12. Gina-- I believe they broadcast that video on a large jumbotron in Public Square when they had their large christmas tree lighting ceremony. I don't know if they did it again this year. As for the book, it's a great souvenir. No pictures of Eric, but each artist gets a spread in the book with a bio and LARGE photo of the guitar. I'm pretty sure it's for sale at the Rock Hall. Have fun! --Bernie
  13. Where did you see him play? --Bernie
  14. "So You Are A Star" is as close to a Lennon track as you can get. --Bernie
  15. Linzer co-produced Cyrus Erie's "Sparrow" and "Get The Message." --Bernie
  16. Hmmm. Pretty unlikely since they're all owned by different entities, namely their respective labels. But a GREAT idea, nonetheless! --Bernie
  17. Let's see...there were music videos for "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips", "I'm Through With Love", "The Rock Stops Here", "Hungry Eyes", "Make Me Lose Control" and "Almost Paradise" from the Dirty Dancing Live set. I think that's all of 'em. --Bernie
  18. Looks like there's room on the bench for one or two more :-) --Bernie
  19. My personal favorite songwriting book is "How To Write A Hit Song and Sell It" by Tommy Boyce (of Boyce and Hart fame). This book is probably long out of print but a very good read for anyone looking to write a catchy pop tune. Boyce wrote hit after hit song in the late '60's including Last Train To Clarksville, Come A Little Bit Closer, I Wanna Be Free, Valleri, I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight, Pretty Little Angel Eyes, I'm Not Your Stepping Stone, Peaches 'n' Cream, Words, She and the Theme from The Monkees television show. Boyce also did something purveyors of happy little pop songs usually don't...he committed suicide. Bummer! --Bernie
  20. Well, funny you should mention it...but I *do* have plans for THE ERIC CARMEN STORY. If everything goes according to plan there might be something extra-special in everyone's stocking come Christmas 2003! --Bernie
  21. Cherry Red is a British label. Here's the track list for their upcoming Raspberries CD: Don't Wanna Say Goodbye / Go All The Way / Let's Pretend / I Wanna Be With You / Drivin' Around / Tonight / On The Beach / Money Down / I'm A Rocker / Overnight Sensation / Crusin' Music / I Don't Know What I Want / Party's Over / Ecstasy / Starting Over / I Reach For The Light / All Through The Night / Should I Wait? / Rose Coloured Glasses / Waiting. --Bernie
  22. Raspbernie


    I think Wally had more impact on the second LP. If I remember correctly, all of the first LPs tracks were already recorded when Wally came into the studio to cut the lead guitar parts. --Bernie
  23. I got the bulk of the Raspberries catalog online in the Music section of the web site. It's mostly there, with just a scan or two left to do. When you click on a small picture, a pop-up window opens with a larger image. Neat, huh? The Carmen solo Discography is still not updated, but will be very soon. Send me scans of any other rare picture sleeves or records/CDs not listed in the Discography. NOTE: I've only listed PROMO items where they are rare and special, most 45s and LPs were distributed to radio stations, etc., but are simply too numerous to list. --Bernie
  24. Raspbernie


    I actually saw Fotomaker live. "Where have You Been All My Life" is certainly their standout track! Rhino put out a Fotomaker Collection on CD a few years ago. --Bernie
  25. In my (seemingly) never ending quest to get everything on EricCarmen.com updated to the new format, I've revamped the Pictures page. Now each photo opens in a separate window (like on the Rarities page). I also added a dozen or so new shots. Enjoy! --Bernie
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