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  1. Space.com used "All By Myself" a couple of years ago as well. --Bernie
  2. Kirk-- Although Raspberries performed the "Let's Pretend"/"Starting Over" combo on Don Kirshner, this recording is from a live radio show feed, hence the similar mumble on the naughty part. It's in stereo and is flawless! Hope you all enjoy. --Bernie
  3. I remember reading that McCartney did a similar thing while recording Abbey Road...it might have been for "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window." --Bernie
  4. If many of you haven't heard the slow ballad version of "Let's Pretend" (that's what I've taken to calling it over the years), I can make it the next MP3 selection. It's totally A-MA-ZING! --Bernie
  5. When I went to Cleveland to see Eric perform at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, "If You Change Your Mind" was playing on the outdoor sound system. As I bounded up the steps in front of the Museum I could hear Eric shouting, "Baby don't leave me. I need you so bad now!" I still get shivers up and down my spine every time I hear it. --Bernie
  6. Umm...I once left a Baby's concert just as they were playing their first song...opening act was Angel...I was only interested in seeing them! --Bernie
  7. "If You Change You're Mind" is definitely one of my all-time favorites! --Bernie
  8. Easy. "I Saw The Light." --Bernie
  9. I've reposted this poll for Kirk-- Since we're celebrating the 30th year of "Go All The Way" I thought I'd conduct a poll to see how many of you have albums credited with Carmen/Bryson or just Eric for the writing credits. I have two of the Carmen/Bryson albums, both bought as soon as they came out. As an added bonus, check out the 'scratch and sniff' sticker and see how it's holding up. My sticker isn't nearly as strong as it was just a few years ago. Kirk.
  10. For a recap of the aforementioned events read Chapter 9 of "The Eric Carmen Story." --Bernie
  11. Three more updated chapters in "The Eric Carmen Story." --Bernie
  12. Gregkevinw-- (Ahem!) Five times. --Bernie
  13. Craig-- I remember doing some cool Uriah Heep and UFO songs in one of my old high school band. Didn't Uriah Heep also have a song also titled "Sunrise"? I gotta pick some of those up on CD --Bernie ("Doctor, doctor, please...")
  14. 1. Crusin' Music 2. Top Down Summer 3. Drivin' Around --Bernie
  15. Least favorite... Raspberries -- "Money Down" Eric Carmen -- "Lost In The Shuffle" --Bernie
  16. There *was* a music video for "I'm Through With Love." --Bernie
  17. All of my Ticketmaster refunds have been credited as well! --Bernie
  18. No need to wait for an official result, just click on the RESULTS button in the first post. Tonight ñ 55% Ecstasy ñ 45% Anyone can start the next Showdown...just start a new POLL! --Bernie
  19. Hey everybody! I'm working on some new updates to the web site including a few more photo-embellished chapters in "The Eric Carmen Story", some new Press articles and a brand-spankin' new MP3 file. So if you haven't grabbed "Wild Wild Heart" yet...consider this fair warning! All the new stuff should be online later this week. --Bernie
  20. You can now check out the updated first three chapters ! --Bernie
  21. Nothing much to crow about yet, but I am making some improvements over at The Eric Carmen Story . I only have the first chapter finished, but as you can see I'm embellishing it with various illustrations and photos. When I get to the end of the already written chapters I'll try and bring it up to date! --Bernie
  22. Phil-- No swipe intended. I happen to love "Should I Wait", it's just pretty obvious that Dave's musical influences were stretching further from Eric's by the time Side 3 hit the shelves. --Bernie
  23. Okay...so this is a tough one. "Tonight" has the rip-roaringest Wally Bryson guitar wizardry of any Raspberries tunes bar none while "Ecstasy" features Jim "Banshee" Bonfanti simply demolishing his drumset in an unabashed demonstration of why he's one of the greatest rock drummers of all time! So, how did I pick "Tonight" you might ask? Simple. I flipped a coin. A true 50/50 on this Showdown. Impossible for me to choose. How did you vote? --Bernie
  24. The secret to Saturday Showsown is...well...someone has to do it ñ this week's showdown is on me. Vote from 12:00 PM Friday to 12:00 PM Sunday. Maybe someone else can start another one next week. --Bernie
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