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  1. "I'm Through With Love" ... slam dunk! --Bernie
  2. Every kid with a guitar (myself included) rushed out to buy a Fuzz Face just to be able to play that "Iron Man" riff! --Bernie
  3. Speaking about GuitarMania, are you guys all voting for Eric's guitar, "Return To Fender?" It's currently tied for 5th place in the voting. I think we can do better than that! A few of the voters have obviously been stuffing the ballot box. I discovered that you can vote as many times as you like as long as you quit and restart your web browser. Or perhaps, each time you log on for instance. There's a handy LINK right on the EricCarmen.com Home Page...but if you want to vote right now just click HERE . Maybe the top vote getters will make a special appearance at the rock hall when the guitars are auctioned off in a couple of months. Let's make Eric look good! --Bernie
  4. Darlene-- You're right on the money! Eric wrote "Boats Against The Current" about his breakup with long-time producer Jimmy Ienner. --Bernie
  5. Actually the museum has nothing to do with the election process. Nominees are chosen by a very select (and biased) group of people who form the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation. Once nominated, they are voted on by other musicians and music professionals. --Bernie
  6. Hey deblei-- We've been here waiting for you! What took you so long to find us? --Bernie
  7. Matt-- Why don't you submit that for an ASK ERIC question. I should be getting a new batch to him soon. --Bernie
  8. Marvin-- My understanding is that Clapton originally brought "Layla" into the studio sounding much like his unplugged version and that Duane Allman suggested that they speed it up and came up with the opening guitar riff. Here's a quote from Clapton that I found online regarding "Layla" and Duane Allman: "He wrote the riff,î Clapton said -- the blazing 12-note intro and riff that runs throughout the song. ìI just had the main body of the song and it wasnít enough. It needed an intro, a motifî. By the way, I have a copy of the sheet music for "Go All The Way" published in 1972. It starts with the verse. Words and music. No opening guitar riff. My point being that songwriting (at least during and prior to 1972) was all about words and music and not about the position of your hands on the fretboard. Guitar tablature wouldn't make it's debut for at least 20 more years! --Bernie
  9. Hmmm. I never actually heard the Manilow tune before, but I downloaded a bit of it today and there is a hint of a similarity in the chorus melody, and even a little more than a hint of a similarity in the chorus lyrics: "If I should love again if I find someone new it would be make-believe for in my heart it would be you" I'll bet it wasn't intentional, probably a subconscious lift. --Bernie
  10. Tony-- This is the argument of all arguments but stepping back from it a second you can see how Wally wouldn't automatically get credit for the riff if Eric already had the chords and Wally just happened to play them in a particularly AMAZING way! So technically Wally DID NOT write any of "Go All The Way." But did he contribute to the song's success? ABSOLUTELY. And in a BIG WAY. So, I guess the argument should be more in line with should Eric have given a credit to Wally for his contribution out of the goodness of his heart? Without the Wally riff would the song have scaled the charts? We'll never know... Actually there have been many, many cases of lead guitar players writing integral riffs but not getting credit. Consider every memorable lick that George Harrison contributed to Lennon/McCartney tunes, or Duane Allman's lead intro riff to "Layla." That one might be one of the most identifiable riffs (next to the Stones' "Satisfaction, pergaps) in rock history. Yet Clapton gets ALL of the songwriting credit. Why? Because the song itself exists without the lead riff. In fact, Clapton had a pretty big hit with "Layla" unplugged, and WITHOUT Duane's famous lead riff. One more thing...Eric sued CAM which contractually controlled all of the Raspberries royalties. He got his money, owns all of his songs and continues to get paid. To this date, Wally, Jim, Dave, Scott and Michael have not received any of their long overdue royalties. This fact (while hard to believe) is the reason the long-delayed Raspberries Greatest Hits package unveiled by Capitol a couple of years ago has never come out. Many bands made bad deals in those good old golden days, but it's a CRIME of unbelievable proportions that this money is still tied up in a RAW deal! So the sad truth is that even if Wally had been given a songwritring credit, he still wouldn't have seen a dime. I wish there was something fans could do about it, but my understanding is that it's next to impossible to undo a deal in the music business. And this one, after all of these years, has certainly proven to be BAD! --Bernie
  11. Tony-- I'm sorry you missed it, but it was there from well over a month. I uploaded it as a consolation prize to everyone after Eric pulled out of the Abbey Road tour. The reason I can't keep more than one MP3 up at one time is that my server doesn't offer enough space. The reason I keep the descriptions for the old ones up is because I think the stories behind the tracks are interesting enough to archive. --Bernie
  12. Space.com used "All By Myself" a couple of years ago as well. --Bernie
  13. Kirk-- Although Raspberries performed the "Let's Pretend"/"Starting Over" combo on Don Kirshner, this recording is from a live radio show feed, hence the similar mumble on the naughty part. It's in stereo and is flawless! Hope you all enjoy. --Bernie
  14. I remember reading that McCartney did a similar thing while recording Abbey Road...it might have been for "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window." --Bernie
  15. If many of you haven't heard the slow ballad version of "Let's Pretend" (that's what I've taken to calling it over the years), I can make it the next MP3 selection. It's totally A-MA-ZING! --Bernie
  16. When I went to Cleveland to see Eric perform at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, "If You Change Your Mind" was playing on the outdoor sound system. As I bounded up the steps in front of the Museum I could hear Eric shouting, "Baby don't leave me. I need you so bad now!" I still get shivers up and down my spine every time I hear it. --Bernie
  17. Umm...I once left a Baby's concert just as they were playing their first song...opening act was Angel...I was only interested in seeing them! --Bernie
  18. "If You Change You're Mind" is definitely one of my all-time favorites! --Bernie
  19. Easy. "I Saw The Light." --Bernie
  20. I've reposted this poll for Kirk-- Since we're celebrating the 30th year of "Go All The Way" I thought I'd conduct a poll to see how many of you have albums credited with Carmen/Bryson or just Eric for the writing credits. I have two of the Carmen/Bryson albums, both bought as soon as they came out. As an added bonus, check out the 'scratch and sniff' sticker and see how it's holding up. My sticker isn't nearly as strong as it was just a few years ago. Kirk.
  21. For a recap of the aforementioned events read Chapter 9 of "The Eric Carmen Story." --Bernie
  22. Three more updated chapters in "The Eric Carmen Story." --Bernie
  23. Gregkevinw-- (Ahem!) Five times. --Bernie
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