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  1. The story so farÖ About six months ago, I received an unsolicited e-mail from someone who said that they had purchased the contents of an abandoned storage locker in Los Angeles containing a tape with Eric Carmen's name on it. I was told that I could have it and a few days later a very large and HEAVY box arrived. Inside was a 2" MASTER TAPE with Eric's name on it and the title: "NEVER SAY DIE." I called Tommy Allen, a friend of mine who has connections in the music biz. Tommy is also a long-time friend of Eric's and plays drums for the Flashcubes. When told about my "find," Tommy said that he was in the studio when Eric cut the demo. From what he remembered, it was a "pretty good song." Tommy enlisted Dennis Ferrante, who was assistant engineer on the first three Raspberries LPs. Dennis (who later won a Grammy Award because he's so darned good) scheduled a session at a New York recording studio that had equipment capable of transferring the old analog tape to digital. The tape was loaded onto the machine as Tommy, Dennis and I looked on with excitement. It played for about two seconds and then ground to a rather unceremonious halt. Dennis said, "Looks like we have to bake this tape." Everything was put on hold for another week as the old tape was put through a process that would allow it to be played and we gathered once again at the New York studio. This time the tape played, and Tommy was right. The song was GOOD! Eric's vocals were right on the money, but because it was a demo, it lacked the dynamics of a finished song. That's when I said, "Wouldn't it be great if we could get Jim, Dave and Wally to play on it?" After kicking that thought around for three seconds and realizing it would NEVER happen, Tommy said, "Why don't we finish it?" Intoxicated with the excitement of having the multi-track MASTER of an UNRELEASED Eric Carmen demo in our possession we decided that we could add the other instruments, including real drums to Eric's vocal and keyboards (what a concept!) Earlier this week, we got a copy to Eric who called it "absolutely GREAT!!!" To be continuedÖ Bernie
  2. Maybe someone in Japan can help with a LINK to buy it online. I was told that the CD is a mystery when you buy the candy. You don't know which of the dozen or so CD singles are in your package. Bernie
  3. By the way, the educated visitors among you might have noticed that I am distributing files that span Eric's lifetime of making musicÖa cover song here, a demo thereÖbut with a purpose to educate. I am hoping that along with the book, these video and audio files will help complete the picture. Bernie
  4. I'm thinking that would make a GREAT new MP3 for the non-book buyers. I'll see if I can upload something to replace the current MP3 later this week. Bernie
  5. An early tune from the new band's set list. They weren't writing any originals yet, so this one's a cover. It was said that they sounded just like them liveÖ and I have to admit, even with the crappy fidelity of this audience recording they do. They really do. Bernie
  6. I saw Graham parker live after "Squeezing Out Sparks" was released. He put on a GREAT show. Bernie
  7. The singers on this track would be John Aleksic, Eric and Wally. It was recorded in the first month that the band existed. Bernie
  8. A new file was uploaded this morning. Let me know if any book buyer didn't received the link. I'm thinking this has been a pretty successful way to pass the time while waiting for the book to arrive. In fact, I'd bet that some of you will be sad to actually receive the book because that will mean that the RARE file sharing will have come to an end :-( But fear not, I still have a couple of cool things up my sleeve. Wait and see. Until then, enjoy! Bernie
  9. Mr. Bushman, Very nice. Keep that EC filter fired up. Bernie
  10. Marvin, *VERY* nearby. About 15 minutes if the traffic cooperates. E-mail me when you're gonna be nearby. Bernie
  11. Eric's band did "On Broadway" live on their '75 tour and it really kicked ass. A real show-stopper with incredible dynamics. Bernie
  12. Marvin, VINTAGE VINYL is one of the best music stores in the country! The're so cool that they even stock WINTER DREAMS. I mean, even TOWER RECORDS on Sunset doesn't stock WINTER DREAMS :-) Bernie
  13. Öand no addresses or details, please. Thanks. Bernie
  14. Eric will be signing the books *on* July 31 :-) The following week they will be packed and shipped. I saw the body of the book being printed on Wednesday and it looks GREAT! the extra $ for the better paper was an expense I am glad I accepted because the photos look terrific (and that's good since there are over 150 of 'em!) I opted to go with a more expensive white opaque paper that will give the book a premium quality compared to the average book with thinner, cream colored pages. I also saw the case for the hardcover books and it is VERY COOL! Black linen with metallic gold hot-stamping on the front and spine. Too bad it'll be covered up with the full-color cover wrap, but I'm sure you'll all peek behind the paper cover to see what I'm raving about. Bernie
  15. Happy birthday, Eric. Thanks for the songs. Keep them coming :-) Bernie
  16. The annual VIRTUAL BIRTHDAY CARD will be online this weekend. I hope everyone signs it :-) Bernie
  17. Getting the chance to have us all hear some new music from Eric is a dream of mineÖand something that I am actively pursuing. Keep your fingers crossed. Bernie
  18. One of the names Eric recalls submitting to the group before they decided on RASPBERRIES was THE ---- ----. Fill in the blanks by reading Chapter 4 of ERIC CARMEN: MARATHON MAN, coming soon to a mailbox near you :-) Bernie
  19. I promised you guys that I was gonna repay you for helping me finance the book by pre-paying. I hope you're having fun while waiting for the book to arrive! We may be going on press next week. I'll be there (to continue my INSANE level of quality control)! Ken suggested that I take some pictures of the book's pages being printed. I'll file a little report here so that you can see it all coming together. Eric has already scheduled the marathon autograph session saying, "I'll make sure that my signing hand is well-rested." I intend on giving everyone a blow-by-blow on the events as they unfold. Until then, enjoy the new file and thanks for your continued support! Bernie
  20. Who says you can't go back? Does Jim simply KICK ASS or what? Bernie
  21. "There are only two families in the world, the Haves and Have-Nots." -- Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616), Spanish writer
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