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  1. I'm pretty sure there's a happy ending :-) --Bernie
  2. Hi all-- I uploaded two new chapters of The Eric Carmen Story today with a twist...each chapter features a short MP3 file to illustrate the story. If you like how it works, let me know. If enough people agree I'll go back and add something to each of the earlier chapters, too. --Bernie
  3. I loved that song and even worked up a TAB on it. I can e-mail it you anyone who wants to play it on the guitar. The Parthenon Huxley part requires a bit of finger gymnastics, but there's an alternate Kyle fingering if you have a capo. --Bernie
  4. Heh! I wrote 90% of both of those books. For the first one, my boss took top billing. I got even on book #2. --Bernie
  5. ...not to mention the cool prizes coming up when we hit 400,000! --Bernie
  6. I created the celebrity milk mustache print ads and have done every single one of them and have also done television commercials for the campaign (although there are a number of other people who work on that part of the business as well). --Bernie
  7. Well, I managed to pound out two more chapters! It should take me to just before the release of Winter Dreams, so I'm in the homestretch now. Look for it sometime this weekend. You can also look for my Super Bowl milk ad in USAToday this Friday as well as a bunch of magazines next week. --Bernie
  8. Ummm....I'm flying out to San Diego today and will attempt to put the finishing touches on the last few chapters of The Eric Carmen Story --Bernie
  9. Eric's speaking voice is a whole lot lower than his singing voice. I think I'll try and find a cool interview with Eric to put up for the next MP3 file. --Bernie
  10. Check out "Boys and Girls" by Good Charlotte. It's getting a pretty decent amount of airplay here at home :-) Pretty catchy in a sort of powerpop meets punk 2003 sort of vein. The band is currently being promoted on "spankin' new bands week" over on MTV. --Bernie
  11. That question is already on the list...Eric has the next batch of questions, so an ASK ERIC update should be coming soon! --Bernie
  12. I'm just not buying Bill Clinton playing his sax as the top music moment in television history. I'm also not buying Michael Jackson's Moonwalk at #2 or the Beatles on Ed Sullivan at #3. My picks would be: 1. Beatles on Sullivan; 2. Jackson's Moonwalk -- evertything after that is up for grabs, but those two events in that order seem to fit for me. I don't think Clinton's Arsenio appearance would be in my Top 20. --Bernie
  13. Mike-- Congratulations! And nice choice on the Eric pic! --Bernie PS: Don't forget, I work in advertising, so spelling brand names comes second nature
  14. Even *I*..."Mr. Softspot for Eric's ballads" admit to having plunked down some change for a couple Alice Cooper albums back in the day. --Bernie
  15. I love hearing that ELO gem on the Volkswagen commercial! --Bernie
  16. TONIGHT YOU'RE MINE is a great album! "All For Love" is one of my top 5 Eric tunes! Not to mention "Foolin' Myself," "It Hurts Too Much" and "Tonight You're Mine! --Bernie
  17. DanG! I can't get my phone to download anything. All it does is offer up a simple ring when a call comes through. Oh...there are a few built-in ring tones but I'm not too keen on hearing "Hava Nagila" ten times a day. --Bernie
  18. Yeah...I agree with you. I lost a little bit of enthusiasm for the band when they dropped the "NO SYNTHESIZERS" disclaimer from the back of their album covers, but "Made in Heaven" was GREAT! --Bernie
  19. I saw Brian Wilson perform "Good Vibrations"live on his PET SOUNDS tour a year ago with a full orchestra recreating the entire LP. It was SPECTACULAR... note for note perfection! I even got to meet the man backstage after the show. Quite a memorable evening! --Bernie
  20. By the way-- Everyone reading this series of posts should definitely check out the new Queen double DVD set that came out last month. It's great! Of special note is a bonus video where Brian May listens to the original master tape for "Bohemian Rhapsody" in the recording studio. He isolates every track, playing large portions of each (almost entirely in some cases) and talking about the recording. I wish someone would do this with the Raspberries masters (if they can find them!) --Bernie
  21. Sounds like a great trip. I hope you got a chance to walk across the infamous Abbey Road crosswalk while you were there. (I did...although I *did* keep my shoes on! <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" /> ) --Bernie
  22. Steve-o, I've met all of the former Raspberries...Wally, Jim, Dave, Scott and Michael. They're all good guys who are genuinely thankful for all of the support their fans have given them through the years. I never saw them perform live as I discovered the band retroactively after buying Eric's first solo LP. A lot of the regular (and extraordinarily lucky!) posters on this Message Board have vivid Raspberries concert memories. I see Eric whenever I find a good enough excuse and talk to him as often as I can. --Bernie
  23. Unfortunately Hoople sucked (and I'm a big Ian Hunter fan!). Mott had just lost lead guitarist Mick Ralphs who went on to form Bad Company and were using hack musician Ariel Bender whose great claim to fame seemed to be playing off key and barely managing to stand up in the high-heeled boots he was sporting. Mott was so off that night that they refused to do an encore. This was possibly due to the fact that the entire audience started chanting, "Queen! Queen! Queen! Queen!" after Mott's set. They clearly blew the elder statesmen of British rock off the stage that night. As for Queen in the early years, they were magnificent! I'm certainly a big fan of the hits which would come from "A Night At The Opera" and beyond, but there was something even more thrilling to see them perform songs like "Liar", "White Queen," "Ogre Battle" and "Keep Yourself Alive". An added bonus was seeing Brian strut his stuff in that white silk shirt with the winged sleeves. NIIICE! For the record, I also saw Ian when he toured with Mick Ronson. Both were great! I also saw Ian just last year when he stopped to play a small club at the Jersey shore. Once again, he was great! As was his last studio album, RANT. --Bernie
  24. Everybody has their favorite Rubinoos album. (You almost can't go wrong!) Mine would have to be "Back To The Drawing Board" for the sheer power-pop perfection of "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend." --Bernie
  25. Hey, you got good taste, Gary. I've been a HUGE Brian May fan since I first learned to tune my six-string. I saw Queen live at least a dozen times including their first American appearance backing up Mott the Hoople on Broadway (seems like only yesterday...) --Bernie
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