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  1. Ted, I'm with you regarding the album version of "On Broadway." In fact, I'll wager that 9 times out of 10 I'll skip to the next cut. BUT (and this is a big BUT), the live version of "On Broadway" is a completely different story. It's electric! In fact, as soon as everyone's had their fill of "Never Say Die" I intend making it the next MP3 file available for download. Bernie
  2. Michael, My PodXT has a neat little "Brian May" setting that does a pretty good job of mimicking his guitar tone. Brian was one of my heroes growing up. I must have seen Queen 15 times starting with their first live show in the States opening up for Mott The Hoople on Broadway. We *do* need to get together. Bernie
  3. Sorry for the short notice everyone. I had to wait until Eric cleared his calendar for the book signing. No doubt there'll be lots to celebrate at WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S 2-1/2. Bernie
  4. It still bugs me that Cindy Bullens didn't become a superstar. I recommend her DESIRE WIRE LP for any power pop fan. It's simply tremendous. She wrote all of the songs, plays GREAT guitar and sings and harmonizes up a storm. Bernie
  5. Queen II is a most excellent LP! My old high school band actually did a cover of "Father To Son." Our setlists were a bit eclectic. I'm not sure anyone knew what in the heck we were playing, but we LOVED it! Bernie
  6. Right now I'm pretty absorbed with finishing the book and arranging to ship 'em all out in a timely fashion, but it looks like WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S 2-1/2 ('cause the second official get together was cancelled last year) is on! When: Sunday, August 8, 1:00 p.m. 'til ? Where: EricCarmen.com Headquarters, New Jersey :-) RSVP at: raspbernie@ericcarmen.com for directions Also, I can hang onto any books that have been ordered and hand 'em to you personally if you're coming. My best guess is that books won't be arriving in mailboxes until the following week, so this way you can get your copy before everyone else! There might even be a little extra "parting gift" for all attendees!! Not to mention a big-screen TV airing of RARE Eric Carmen/Raspberries videos :-) So let me know if you're coming and I'll put your book in a safe place. That way you can be among the first to read "ERIC CARMEN: Marathon Man" as well as avoid the problems associated with your mailman accidentally sitting on the box while driving that little mail truck :-) Bernie
  7. Hey Paul-- I'll see if I can convince Eric to make good on that tour he promised you when I see him next weekend. Thanks for the kind words! Bernie (who'll be Paul's roadie any day! Talk about guitar players? Puh-lease! I am not worthy :-)
  8. Marvin, Next month when you're in town I'll fire up Pro Tools and load the "Never Say Die" sessions. Then you, Tony and Darlene can lay down those harmonies :-) Bernie
  9. I get criticized every day on my job. I'm used to it. I'm fine with it. And can actually find myself agreeing with an awful lot of it. Helping bring this song to all of you was just a fun little project for everyone involved. As Tommy Allen put it, it's "what we did this summer." :-) As for the upcoming book, well, I've been bleeding steadily on that baby for OVER two years. Read it. Caress it. Enjoy it. Look at the purty pictures. Imagine life without EricCarmen.com -- no Message Board, no news, no "Never Say Die" and no 432-page hardcover book. In other words, hug the book, be happy and play nice, or I might find myself joining Mary-Kate Olsen in re-hab. Maybe she'll let me eat her Jell-o. Bernie
  10. Here's what I have planned. We all pile into a bunch of cars and start our day by visiting Vintage Vinyl to check out their cool CD selection. Then, outside in the parking lot, we hold Marvin down and take turns beating him senseless with our newly bought copies of WINTER DREAMS. :-) Bernie
  11. With all of the excitement over "Never Say Die" I certainly plan on turning the heat waaaay back up on the book next week. I received a finished hardcover book with the gold ERIC CARMEN logo stamped on the book's cover yesterday and was so giddy over how GREAT it looked that I carried around with me all day :-) Bernie
  12. Marvin-- No doubt some of your questions are being asked with good intentions and I would probably be hard-pressed to not agree with much of your criticism but sometimes you gotta just sit back, relax and be a 'glass half-full' guy instead of a 'glass half-empty' guy if you know what I mean. I just flew from New York to Los Angeles and back and on the return trip set my iPod to REPEAT: ONE and then played "Never Say Die." So by my quick calculations, (the 4-1/2 or so hour flight divided by the 4 minute tune) means I listened to "Never Say Die" about 67 times straight. And you know what? It sounded just as good the last time as the first time. Bernie (a 'glass half-full' guy)
  13. Eric on "Never Say Die": "I recall spending the day with Desmond Child who announced as I walked in the door that he was in his Burt Bacharach mode. It was his title and he just sort of launched into the verse, which I thought was good but a bit strange for me. He was so opinionated that I was a bit intimidated at first. By the time we reached the chorus I was loosening up and we pretty much traded lines. By the time we reached the bridge I'd been pushed around enough and decided to take over, hence, the bridge was me. It was great fun hearing it again and you guys did an incredible job with it." Bernie - - - - PS: For those of you who are into stats and such, "Never Say Die" was downloaded 908 times between 3:55 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. last night.
  14. WAIT! One more addition to the bookÖ oh yeah, it's already at the printer :-) Bernie
  15. There's definitely a story in this. If it came out of Hollywood nobody would believe it! This discarded tape somehow finds it's way from magnetic particles gumming up a reel of acetate tape to new life on the internet and its title is "Never Say Die!" Amazing. It's the song that wouldn't die. Just weeks before a major book on Eric's life is published which heralds him as a "Marathon Man" running the long race that is still far from over. "Never Say Die." Amazing. Bernie
  16. That super cool portrait was taken at his house four or five years ago by a Cleveland Magazine photographer. Bernie
  17. Needless to say, we ALL had a great time! But once again, kudos to Tommy Allen who from the beginning said he wasn't interested in just doing this as a lark. Tommy's a professional musician and his end game was to make something that, as he put it, sounded like a record. I think he succeeded. Bernie PS: I'll post some specific comments Eric made after he heard the final mix tomorrow. Until then, keep the comments coming. I'm less interested in getting my hands on more of Eric's songs and more interested in him finding the inspiration to dust some off himself :-)
  18. Let's also hear it for Paul Carbonara who's playing waaaay more than his share of those tasty licks! By the way, in case you haven't noticed, there's guitars all the heck over the placeÖand Eric's voice sounds MIGHTY GOOD surrounded by 'em if you ask me. Bernie PS: Paul is in Blondie. (Yep. That Blondie.)
  19. Every time you guys shout "Bernie!" I gotta shout "Tommy!" Because without Tommy Allen I'd be posting a picture of a tape in a box. All that magic power-pop pixie-dust was sprinkled liberally by Mr. Allen and he knew just where to put it! Bernie
  20. It's up! Go to the main page ericcarmen.com and RELOAD if you still see the old page. Bernie
  21. I just received the green light from Eric to post the song. Give me an hour or so... and get ready :-) Bernie
  22. FYI-- I'll answer any questions tossed at me but I 'm not fielding and more queries from "<login name> unregistered." If you want to debate, please sign in so that I can feel like there's constructive dialog going on instead of flaming, baiting, or otherwise causing a ruckus :-) Bernie
  23. yoyorex-- I knew that the song existed but hadn't heard it. It was written in 1990's, so you could really say it *is* a (relatively) new Eric Carmen song :-) Bernie
  24. Craig, Getting the song heard is our next priority. It was a labor of love and it really, truly shows. I think everyone is gonna love it. :-) Bernie
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