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  1. For those of you who bypass the main index page on this web site, Jim Bonfanti just informed me that his band Boxer will be performing live at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland on May 31. He says, "We will be doing some tunes from the CD and a Raspberries treat." Dang! I'd love to see Jim pound on his drums again. Everyone in the Cleveland area should try and make it..and if you do, give Jim and the boys a big shout out from me! --Bernie
  2. I just updated my LINK. I hope Wally's family finds someone to do a good job at the Raspberries web site. Take it from me, it's a lot of work keeping this sort of thing worth revisiting. By the way, I'm hoping to get the new ASK ERIC online this week. --Bernie
  3. The word on the street is...body doubles. --Bernie
  4. That question has been asked so many times that I included it in the next ASK ERIC session which should be online sometime next week. --Bernie
  5. Tony-- Watch that video again and pay attention to Jim Bonfanti...He ROCKS! Mike McBride was certainly no tame snare pounder, but Jim exhibits some of the best drumming ever on "Tonight." --Bernie
  6. Betsey-- I hope you get close enough for a handshake. I've met a couple of presidents in my day. One I voted for, the other I didn't...and quite frankly it doesn't matter. For 'em or against 'em, its the president, and there's nothing like the buzz you'll get from thinking one of the most important men on the planet (next to Eric, of course) is spending a few moments with you. --Bernie
  7. Julia-- I really enjoyed talking to you and your husband after the show. Certainly everyone was aware of you after Eric singled you out from the stage. I remember telling you that I was sure that I was Eric's biggest fan in the United States but that you had "biggest fan" in Great Britain locked up! As for the concert, it was hands down the best...EVER! I still think back to that night with GREAT memories. --Bernie
  8. Raspbernie


    A little diversion from the music as our thoughts and prayers go out to the young men and women of the coalition who so bravely fought to free Iraq from a lifetime of tyranny and to the proud people of a country that hopefully will have it's best days ahead. --Bernie
  9. Absolutely, Don. Those guys were left out in the cold, too. --Bernie
  10. Tony-- None of the Raspberries made any money off of their records *except* for Eric who sued for back royalties and won legal ownership of all of his music back in the '80s. The reason that the Raspberries CD could not be released is that Wally, Dave and Jim wanted what was rightfully theirs and Capitol could not change the deal the remaining band members struck with their original publishing company. With legal issues unresolved, Capitol shelved the release. You hear music business horror stories like these every day. I'm thankful that Eric has gotten what was rightfully his but wish that the other guys would get theirs as well. Yet it's unlikely that they will front the money for their own lawsuit. It was only Eric's success as a solo artist that gave him the financial wherewithall to sue. Eric once told me, "You need at least two successful careers to make it in the music business. The first earns you fame and fortune and the second allows you to sue to get the fortune you earned during the first." --Bernie
  11. I don't need to go to a web site to see a singing cat...I got one of my own right here at home! --Bernie (Quiet!!!)
  12. Someone from the Philippines once called "Love Is All That Matters" the unofficial anthem of that country. You woudn't believe how much mail I get from the Philippines on that song! --Bernie
  13. Someone from the Philippines once called "Love Is All That Matters" the unofficial anthem of that country. You woudn't believe how much mail I get from the Philippines on that song! --Bernie
  14. Man! I watch Jeopardy all the time and can't believe I missed that one. Does anyone have a tape? --Bernie
  15. Julia-- It's the April 2003 issue. Page 66. --Bernie
  16. BLENDER is sort of a hip/alternative music magazine, so it was nice to see THE RASPBERRIES:CAPITOL COLLECTOR'S SERIES on their list of the 500 CDs "you must own before you die." The little review says, "Too-early for the power-pop revival, Ohio's retro-rockers in suits should have rivaled Elton John in the early '70's. The Beatles, the Who and the Beach Boys all inspired the Raspberries' sound. Why didn't the world listen?" It then goes on to list "Go All The Way" as the standout track. --Bernie
  17. Marvin-- Eric *has* answered it but I've scheduled it for a future ASK ERIC column. Eric goes through a pile of questions at each session so that he doesn't have to set aside time each month. I'll see if I can slide it in next month :-) --Bernie
  18. Marvin-- Eric told me he didn't think any of the live shows sounded good enough to release. Read his answer in this month's ASK ERIC on "I Can Remember" and you'll see just how much of a perfectionist he can be. My guess is that we won't see a live release anytime soon. I mean, Capitol still hasn't released their studio LPs on CD! I'm thinking something along the lines of Capitol's recently remastered Grand Funk catalog would suffice. Anyone know how we can get this done? --Bernie
  19. This so-called "secret gig" *is* a bit of a mystery. I asked Eric about it and he couldn't solve the mystery either, although my best guess is that it's an in-studio radio station gig. At one point during the show Eric asks for more volume in his headphones. I can't imagine any reason why he'd be wearing headphones on any stage. --Bernie
  20. Patience...patience...the weekend isn't over yet. --Bernie
  21. By the way...it looks like the counter is back. That means I can post info on the 400,000 hits prizes. --Bernie
  22. The counter was accidentally reset this past weekend by the company that houses the web site. I'm trying to get it set to the proper number. It went back to 0 around 390,000. I'm VERY anxious to get it set to the right number because I want to give away some prizes at 400,000! By the way, I'm looking at a big update for this weekend. New MP3 FILE. New ASK ERIC. New NEWS. --Bernie
  23. No need to guess on this one. I went right to the source and asked Jim Bonfanti himself. Here's his answer: "When that picture was taken I was desperately trying to write a tune for the band. I tried piano and could get through chords to lay down some melodies. At that same time I played around with the guitar but really didn't play much. Still a Drummer, JB"
  24. Steve-o, I stand corrected. In fact, I just corrected my original post. --Bernie
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