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  1. I'm scratching my head, too. I helped Eric with some designs for the cover of that songbook quite some time ago. Don't know what became of it. The good news is that I was able to reuse all of the work I had done recreating his Boats Against The Current logo for Eric Carmen: Marathon Man! Bernie
  2. Dave, Mobius, shmobius. If I had only framed a little higher you'd have seen the One Show pencil and Andy Award, too :-) Bernie PS: Tony-- Each book weighs approximately 2.5 pounds!
  3. I pretty much wrote off "Hot Child In The City." Maybe it was because it was inescapable on the radio for a time. It's not what I think of when I think Nick Gilder. What I dug about Nick's CITY LIGHTS LP were songs like "Got To Get Out" (the guitar riff is GREAT!) and "Watcher of the Night" from FREQUENCY, among others. Bernie
  4. Craig, "Baby, It's Cold Outside" goes pretty nicely :-) Pezband did a lot of power-pop flavored tunes but my favorite song of theirs (betraying my love for Eric's ballads) was a sweet little tune called, "Hold On." I think it was on their first LP. That was a keeper. Bernie PS: Around the same time I was also into a bunch of other acts that never caught on including Angel, Nick Gilder and Robert A. Johnson. Johnson (not the famous blues singer -- note the middle initial, "A") had one TREMENDOUSLY catchy album with UNBELIEVABLE guitars and tunes. He had some radio play in New York (because we had WNEW-FM that played obscure album tracks) but was unfortunately never heard from again. Anyone remember him?
  5. Steveh, I just noticed (thanks to your post) that the "Never Say Die" portrait of Eric uses virtually the same lighting as the first solo LP portrait that we used on the cover of the book. That's cool! Bernie
  6. Steve, All we kept from the original demo were Eric's vocals and the keyboards in that little break-down section after the guitar solo. Most of the original demo's music was comprised of a sterile drum machine and some electronic keyboard parts sequenced by a musician brought in by the track's original producer Susan Hamilton to provide a backing track for Eric's vocals. Tommy Allen, who by an amazing coincidence was also in the studio with Eric when he cut the original demo, says that Eric wasn't really into the sound of the track as laid down that night and the sessions were more mechanical than creative. That is indeed why the track was allowed to lay unfinished and virtually forgotten for years. It's important to note that without this FIRST HAND knowledge, I would never have embarked on the project in the first place. Bernie PS: There are indeed multiple acoustic guitars on the track strumming along with the electrics to give it that BIG oomph! All of which (including some very cool french horns on the bridge) are best heard through headphones :-)
  7. Hmmm. That is a tremendously cool idea. Not sure if I can swing it, but will look into it. I've got the ingredients, just all hard-wired in various rooms of the house :-( My laptop unfortunately needs updating, but I'll check out the options. Bernie
  8. I just checked and nobody has registered www.pezband.com -- but unfortunately, my hands are pretty tied up with this site :-) Bernie
  9. Larry, I got something I can burn for you. I'll see if I can get it done before the get-together so you'll have something to listen to on the way home. Bernie
  10. I saw the Pezband live. They had a couple of great albums. Mimi did a pretty good Lennon. Bernie
  11. I don't believe there is any problem whatsoever with radio stations playing the song. Both Eric and Desmond have their songwriting copyrights filed for the tune. It may be quite a surprise to see the title "Never Say Die" come up on their quarterly BMI reports, though :-) Anyway, anyone who is thinking about sending the song to radio stations should contact me or Tommy Allen for something HIGH-RES that would be better suited for airplay. I'm all in favor of "Never Say Die" growing via a grassroots movement and spreading virally from computer to computer and from local radio show to local radio show. Stranger things have happened. Bernie
  12. Michael, I can get you a HIGH-RES file (suitable for radio play :-) if you know somebody. Bernie
  13. Received this via e-mail today and wanted to share it with you all: - - - - Welcome back, my friends, to...well, just make up your own Emerson, Lake and Palmer joke (our favorite is "...to the song that never ends"). We're DANA & CARL, and THIS IS ROCK 'N' ROLL RADIO! Lotsa groovy new tunes this time out, beginning with an unreleased track by legendary pop guy ERIC CARMEN. Eric originally recorded "Never Say Die" in 1991, but in 2004 everybody's Fave Rave TOMMY ALLEN of The Flashcubes took Eric's vocal track, added all-new instrumental backing, and thus perfected the sort of pop gem that made us all into Raspberries fans way back when. Until somebody wises up and releases it, you can expect to keep hearing it right here on THIS IS ROCK 'N' ROLL RADIO! THIS IS ROCK 'N' ROLL RADIO, hosted by DANA BONN and CARL CAFARELLI, airs Sunday nights from 9 to midnight Eastern (with a repeat broadcast all day Wednesday), on The Double X in Syracuse, NY, WXXE-FM, and on the Web via Live365 at wxxe.org, SYRACUSE COMMUNITY RADIO. The weekend stops HERE! THIS IS ROCK 'N' ROLL RADIO # 270: 7/25/04 THE RAMONES: "Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?" (Rhino, End Of The Century) -- ERIC CARMEN (with TOMMY ALLEN): "Never Say Die" (unreleased) THE HIGH DIALS: "Fields In Glass [radio mix]" (Rainbow Quartz, Fields In Glass EP) SLADE: "Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me" (Polydor, Greatest Hits) THE WAXWINGS: "Steady As Starlight" (Rainbow Quartz, Let's Make Our Descent) THE JELLYBRICKS: "Can't Be Wrong" (Kool Kat Musik, Power This) THE WELL WISHERS: "See For The First Time" (Not Lame, Twenty-Four Seven) -- THE JELLYBRICKS: "She Can't" (JAM, VA: This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio, Volume 1) THE BEATLES: "It's Only Love" (Parlophone, Help!) PRINCE: "When You Were Mine" (Warner Brothers, The Hits/The B-Sides) ASTROPUPPEES: "Over Her Head" (Manatee, Little Chick Tsunami) JANA PERI: "The La La Song" (Hot Jupiter, Jana Peri) THE MONKEES: "Sunny Girlfriend" (Rhino, Headquarters) -- JEREMY: "You Told Me" (JAM, Lost And Found) THE BENT BACKED TULIPS: "Sweet Young Thing" (eggBERT, Looking Through...) THE JELLYBRICKS: "Take It Away" (Oglio, VA: Coming Up) WINGS: "Listen To What The Man Said" (Capitol, PAUL McCARTNEY: WINGSPAN) THE MASTER PLAN: "You're Mine" (Total Energy, Colossus Of Destiny) THE NEW YORK DOLLS: "Trash" (Mercury, New York Dolls) JA'NET DUBOIS & OREN WATERS: "Movin' On Up" (Time-Life, VA: TV Themes Of The '70s) -- THE PORCUPINES: "Somebody Else's Thing" (Maize, EeenieMeenieMeineeMojo!) ROCKET: "Here Comes The Summer" (Teenacide, Too Hot To Be Bothered) CHUCK BERRY: "Promised Land" (MCA/Chess, The Anthology) BUDDY HOLLY: "Not Fade Away" (MCA, The Buddy Holly Collection) THE JELLYBRICKS: "Brand New Sunglasses" (Rite-Off, Soapopera) CLOUD ELEVEN: "Tokyo Aquarium" (DF2K, Cloud Eleven) -- THE MOCKERS: "The Emperor Strikes Out" (One Eye Open, The Lonesome Death Of Electric Campfire) AL HIRT: "Green Hornet Theme" (Time-Life, VA: TV Themes Of The '60s) THE JELLYBRICKS: "Miss You" (Primitive, KinkyBootBeast) THE DRAGS: "10th Man Theme" (Estrus, Dragsploitation...Now!) THE BLONDES: "Suzi Quatro" (Teenacide, Swedish Heat) HEDWIG: "Angry Inch" (Hybrid, Hedwig And The Angry Inch OST) -- BRANDON WIARD: "Moving On" (Cerberus, Painting A Burning Building) HOLDEN: "Honeymnoon" (EXMS, VA: Swedish Showcase 2004) BENNY SPELLMAN: "Fortune Teller" (EMI, VA: Highlights From Crescent City Soul--The Sound Of New Orleans 1947-1974) THE CLAUDIA MALIBU: "Pretty Girl/Ugly Girl" (n/a, Star) THE JELLYBRICKS: "Girl" (Primitive, KinkyBootBeast) THE BEATLES: "Another Girl" (Parlophone, Help!) -- THE JELLYBRICKS: "Got Away" (Kool Kat Musik, Power This) THE CONCRETES: "You Can't Hurry Love" (Licking Fingers, CD single) SEX CLARK 5: "Fool I Was" (Skyclad, Antedium) LIBERATOR: "Won't Go Away" (National, CD single) TAVARES: "Free Ride" (EMI, The Best Of Tavares) JAMES CHANCE: "Contort Yourself [original version]" (MOJO, VA: Red Hot Chili Peppers Jukebox) SHEBANG: "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" (Avex Trax, Shebang) THE RAMONES: "I Wanna Be Sedated" (Rhino, Road To Ruin) -- THE GRIP WEEDS: "Save My Life" (Rainbow Quartz, Summer Of A Thousand Years) ~~~THE WEEKEND STOPS HERE ENDRUN! (Sunday night only; no Wednesday playback): ROCKFOUR: "Honey" (Rainbow Quartz, Nationwide) HAWAII MUD BOMBERS: "One Of The Brave" (Wizzard In Vinyl, The Best So Far) ESOTERIC: "Believe In Nothing" (Peak, Artifact) THE HOODOO GURUS: "Something's Coming" (RCA, Kinky) PARKER: "Never Again" (Parker, Pogo Pogo) THE JELLYBRICKS: "Bittersweet Day" (Rite-Off, Soapopera) YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA: "Day Tripper" (Restless, Solid State Survivor)
  14. Kirk, Follow the cluesÖ "Planet of the Apes," "Raekwon," "file sharing"Ö I can't be more specific than that unless you want the RIAA breakin' down my door. If it's still too complex to work out ask your kids. They can help you do it :-) Bernie
  15. According to the UPDATES page, the story was posted on March 9: Raekwon busts on "Sunrise." The story is no longer online, but those of you into file sharing can probably figure out what to do next to hear the tune :-) Bernie
  16. Tony, I'm hooking Kyle up. Bernie PS: Just heard today that a radio station in Japan might be spinning "Never Say Die." I'll let you know if that happens :-)
  17. Steve, I didn't tell Eric right away. I got a little nervous that he'd say, "Oh that song. Don't bother." Right around the time that the tape fell into my lap, Ken and I were scheduled to do another of our many interviews with Eric for the book. I asked him about the song, hoping to gain a little insight before telling him that I had the master tape. Here's what he said, "I had very little to do with it. I was in the room with Desmond and I contributed a few things, but Desmond kind of took over." Whoa! Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but then again, Eric was talking about what he remembered and a good part of his recollection was no doubt the original demo. You see, the demo is not very exciting. But the song was. At least we thought it was. Most of you seem to agree. I know that I haven't stopped listening to it for weeks and it kicks ass if you crank it up :-) Even Eric has changed his perspective admitting that while Desmond called the shots early in their songwriting partnership he added much to the chorus and wrote the bridge by himself. Not surprisingly, it's the chorus and bridge that I fell in love with. Hope that answers some questions. And just so's I get it all on the table, if Eric *didn't* like what we did to his tune you guys would never have heard it and we'd be talking about something else right now :-) Bernie
  18. Hey, are you bad boys jumping right to the MESSAGE BOARD every day instead of checking out the latest NEWS at the main splash page?!? I covered "Planet of the Apes" a few months ago when Eric called me with the news. It's a pretty good story, that's for sure. But if you missed it, the entire tale is told inÖyou guessed itÖ ERIC CARMEN: MARATHON MAN. Now AVAILABLE Bernie
  19. If Darlene is thinking about bringing anything but lemonadeÖ Bernie
  20. Billy and Laura are brother and sister. Bernie
  21. Pat, Ken Sharp and I *will* have an opportunity to bend Eric's ear this upcoming weekend. The last chapter of ERIC CARMEN: MARATHON MAN infers that the race is far from over and the best is yet to comeÖwish us luck :-) Bernie
  22. FYI-- As evidenced by some of his previous in-depth posts on this Message Board, Mr. Pat Pierson (editor of YEAH, YEAH, YEAH) knows his stuff. His positive feedback on "Never Say Die" is very much appreciated. Bernie
  23. Hey Pierson! Thanks for the kind words, but once again I must step back and push my good friend Tommy Allen into the spotlight. Heck, I was just the guy with the tape and the money. Sure, I wanted to play some guitar on it, who wouldn't? -- but Tommy is the guy who should get FULL CREDIT for polishing this gem. He did more for "Never Say Die" than anyone (myself included) and I am darned proud of what he accomplished. Bernie
  24. Michael, .009s used to be the mainstaple strings on my Les Paul when I was breaking them every other night. Now I've moved up to .010s -- mostly because I'm not kicking that much ass in my bedroom at home these days :-) Bernie
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