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  1. I don't have any more info on this. I wish I did. --Bernie
  2. Go ahead, Darlene-- Rub it in! --Bernie
  3. I agree the band could pull in a crowd, but booking agents and clubs owners don't seem to agree. When the ill-fated reunion collapsed, it was mostly due to lack of interest or very low offers for the band's services. Had there been a real demand, there would have been a tour. --Bernie
  4. Believe it or not, the easy part was always getting all of the guys to play together. The hard part was making it worthwhile. We'd all give our left arm to see a Raspberries reunion. But there aren't enough paying customers familiar with them or their music to warrant the investment the band would have to make to practice, prepare and book enough gigs to support a tour. Unfortunately (as far as booking agents are concerned), the Raspberries are not the Eagles. --Bernie
  5. I really don't know what the hold up is. I actually helped Eric with some design ideas he had for the cover, but that was months ago. I assumed it would be out by now. --Bernie
  6. I temporarily removed the link to the Eric Carmen Story. I'll post info on what I'm up to soon --Bernie
  7. Carl's Jr.? I'm an In-n-Out burger man when I go to L.A. I'm not sure what they put on those babies, but it must be illegal. --Bernie
  8. Maybe I should just post my itinerary...that way, no matter where I go, I can get free soda all year long :-) --Bernie
  9. My brother turned me on to Rooney. Young guys with a decidedly power pop sound. I missed the chance to see them in New York a couple of weeks ago when I had to fly to Chicago on business. My brother said they were EXCELLENT. --Bernie
  10. Nothing, really. I just pointed out to Darlene the other day that when she posts a LOOOONG message, she tends to hit the return key a lot which forces the line breaks to look really, really odd in her posted messages. Some of them are hard to read with a short line, then a long line, followed by three short lines, then a long line. A good rule of thumb for everyone who posts here is to only hit return if you really want to see the return in your posted message. Like I just did for this new paragraph. --Bernie
  11. Man, you guys are taking me to task, eh? Jim originally told me about the gig. He also posted some pics over at the Boxer web site. I popped one on the EC.com Home Page along with a link to Boxer's web site. I later found out from another regular poster here that Wally was joining his son onstage at the Rock Hall as well (I didn't hear that from Wally), but when I posted the Update listing I didn't want to leave 'ol Wally out. After all, Wally ROCKS! Nobody (and I mean NOBODY) plays like Wally and I wanted to make sure I gave him a well-deserved mention for also being at the the gig. But (and here's the BUT), I don't really have any pics of Wally, nor do I know what he played, nor is there anything over at the Raspberries web site yet (which his wife Kay now runs. By the way, have you checked out the handsome new splash page she uploaded?). So...just my long-winded way of saying I guess I did some parts right and some parts wrong, but in the end, you guys know what I know. Dig? And if anyone has a picture of Wally strumming that six string at the Rock Hall last weekend?what are you waiting for? Send me a scan and I'll post it. --Bernie
  12. My bad. I just added some info on Jim Bonfanti's Rock Hall gig and a link to Dave Smalley's new web site. --Bernie
  13. Hey! I'll participate in the 12-step program, too. My name is Bernie...and although I am an unabashed Eric Carmen fan, I am not very fond of these songs: Haven't We Come A Long Way Lost In The Shuffle American As Apple Pie Isn't It Romantic There. I said it. Whew...I'll sit down now. --Bernie
  14. Jim Bonfanti has some cool photos of his band Boxer at the Rock Hall on his web site. Go to boxerrocks.com to check 'em out! --Bernie
  15. I won't allow those posts reprinted here since there are plenty of people's names and personal info in them. I do have them compiled and plan on pulling the pertinent E.C. qotes out of them for you all to see in the near future. Eric was somewhat amused by the AOL mess in that when he finally did reveal who he was, all of the people who were bashing him wouldn't believe it. I think the first time he was reported to AOL it was because AOL has a rule against impersonating someone else. Eric was turned in for impersonating Eric (if you can believe it!) Those were fun days, for sure! It was addictive. Everyday, I would race home to see what mayhem was being waged on the Raspberries and Eric Carmen AOL boards. --Bernie
  16. Eric told me just the other day that he is still visiting regularly... so sit up straight! --Bernie
  17. Scott's CD was my favorite CD that summer. I kept it spinning non-stop in my car's CD changer for months. --Bernie
  18. The songs that Eric recorded with Andy Cahan were demos for publishing purposes. He did a combination of old songs (like Cyrus Erie's "Cindy In The Wind") and a bunch of newer tunes including "Cartoon World" which *was* co-authored by Harding and made it onto WINTER DREAMS. --Bernie
  19. Looks like there's some new activity over at the Raspberries web site. Michele tells me that Kay Bryson (Wally's wife) has taken over webmaster duties. There's also some more info on the show Wally and Jim will do at the Rock hall this Saturday. Maybe Wally will sit in on one of Boxer's Raspberries covers. (We can only hope!) --Bernie
  20. Eric told me that there are still two more months of construction on his house. Once he's back home he'll have the studio all to himself, or all by himself, or something like that --Bernie
  21. The better stores have an ERIC CARMEN section --Bernie
  22. Speaking about cell phone ring tones, I just downloaded "All By Myself" to mine :-) --Bernie
  23. Speaking about cell phone ring tones, I just downloaded "All By Myself" to mine :-) --Bernie
  24. For those of you heading out to see Jim, the band will take the stage at 2:20 PM. --Bernie
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