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  1. Everyone who comes to WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S gets a chance tp drive the Rollswagen around the blockÖ but don't touch the fuzzy dice :-) Bernie <just kidding>
  2. Sounds like something that you guys might find fun to watch at WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S :-) Bernie
  3. Well, one thing is certain. Whoever worked on that TV commercial has GOOD TASTE! Bernie
  4. Quote:This book is definitely Bernie'sÖand Ken's. I really, honestly, truly and quite sincerely couldn't have done it without him. Yo! A shout out to my good buddy, Ken Sharp! Bernie
  5. Yesterday, I started putting books in the mail. It'll take days to fulfill all of the orders :-) Both of us have a newfound respect for the phrase "shipping AND handling!" Whew! Each book has to be matched up with an order form, a printing label has to be generated, a super cool 'photo of authenticity' is inserted into each book, the book is then wrapped in plastic, then wrapped in bubble wrap, then inserted into a Priority Mail package, then stamped and assembled. Please bear with us as we do this several hundred times!!! I can't wait until every one of you gets your copy. It will be thrilling to see this board light up with your comments. Bernie
  6. You can also check out Paul Sidoti in 'ERIC CARMEN: Marathon Man'. Paul played with Eric a number of times (including his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gig). Bernie :-)
  7. Just checked the inventory at Vintage Vinyl and they still carry WINTER DREAMS. Not to mention REFRESHED (they still have some autographed copies if you missed out the first time). Great store. Looks like there's an in-store mini-concert with Cheap Trick this week, too. Not sure if I can make it but I'd love to go. Bernie
  8. This lineup of Cyrus Erie recorded "Sparrow" and "Get The Message." Michael, Wally, Eric :-) and Bob. Bernie
  9. The night before Eric sat down to personally autograph copies of ERIC CARMEN: MARATHON MAN, Ken and I visited former Cyrus Erie manager Don Ladanyi at his home. Meeting us there were drummer Michael McBride, lead guitarist Wally Bryson and bass player Bob McBride. We had dinner, hung out, listened to music and then my cel phone rang. On the other end was Eric. I proceeded to pass the phone around and Eric had a great time chatting with Michael, Wally and Bob (whom he hadn't spoken to in 35 years!) A great time was had by all. At the end of the night, Ken and I decided we needed a photo to document this historic Cyrus Erie reunion so Michael, Wally and Bob posed with a copy of ERIC CARMEN: MARATHON MAN filling in for Eric himself. Bernie
  10. Öcan still create great EXCITEMENT when seated behind his drum kit, but what does he do in his spare time? Why, curl up with a good book, of course. My co-author Ken Sharp got the opportunity to tool around Lake Erie with Jim and his wife, Barb, on their aptly named boat after our autograph signing session with Eric. Me? I missed the boat (haha) and was stuck lugging those books back to Jersey. Bernie
  11. More pictures and details coming :-) Bernie
  12. After our marathon MARATHON MAN book signing, Eric posed for a bunch of pictures holding the book. Just as I was putting the camera away he said, "Wait. You have to take one more picture." He then led Ken and I through his house and into his study. Its walls were covered in gold records, awards and other mementos. He placed his copy of ERIC CARMEN: MARATHON MAN atop a pile of his favorite books on his bookcase, right next to compilations of F. Scott Fitzgerald short stories and biographies of Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney. Bernie
  13. Hey all-- First of all I am the co-writer. Ken Sharp and I both worked VERY HARD on this book over the past two years. Before leaving for Cleveland we did have every intention of signing some books for the few people who wanted the author's signatures as well as Eric's -- BUT -- the number of books and the time it took to get them signed by Eric as well as our limited time in Cleveland together did not allow us to do that. The books were boxed and secured in my van immediately after the signing. Right now, the books are spread out in neat (and tall) stacks of ten on my long dining room table. The entire table is covered in stacks of books. I should be receiving the photos of Eric signing the books tomorrow after which I will begin packing, addressing and shipping. There is still a lot of work to be done and customization of any of the books has become impossible because there are too many. Besides, Ken lives in California and I live in New Jersey. You might want our signatures, but you really don't need 'em. We're just two regular guys who wrote a book about an immensely talented guy who did indeed personally sign each of your books :-) Bernie
  14. Ken and I published the book on our own with some very special financial backingÖ you :-) Thanks to your pre-orders, and Eric's gracious agreement to autograph a pile of books, we were able to print the best quality hardcover book you can make. We are damned proud of how it turned out and I am now working fast and furious to get it in your hands so that you can see for yourself. Bernie
  15. Sorry, no pictures of me in the book. You'll have to take your own at WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S! Bernie
  16. I'd be more than happy to promote a West Coast 'get-together' if anyone wants to put one together. I'll do my best to promote it here at the web site and may even be able to make it myself since I am frequently in Los Angeles on business. Bernie
  17. You guys who purchased a signed hardcover will get an even better picture -- a beautiful shot of Eric holding the book! I'll share that snapshot with the rest of you after the book buyers get first peek. Why? Well, first of all I want them to really feel GREAT about spending their hard-earned money; and second, I want to give Marvin another reason to feel left out. Just kidding, Marvin :-) Bernie
  18. Woke up early to go to work today (dang mortgage!) -- Anyway, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so! Bernie
  19. I know you're dying to hear all about it, but, it was a ten-hour drive and I just loaded almost 1,000 lbs. of books *BACK* into my foyer. I promise a full report tomorrow. Bernie
  20. By the way, there *are* other secrets but you won't get them outta me! No sir. No how. No way! My lips are sealed. Bernie
  21. That? That's nothing. You should see the rest of my fingers :-) I started as an Art Director a number years before computers took over and subsequently used more sharp cutting instruments than Edward Scissorhands :-) Bernie
  22. TheseÖsecretsÖareÖtoo bigÖforÖmeÖtoÖbearÖaloneÖ Bernie :-)
  23. You guys have been really patient while I realize this crazy dream of mine to publish a comprehensive fully-illustrated collector's item book on Eric's life and music. I just want to make sure you didn't think I took all of your money and went to Vegas :-) Bernie ("Double or nothing!")
  24. PS: Check out the soft-cover edition for you guys who couldn't reconcile missing a few meals and your cable bill for one month to buy the signed hardcover. No pinching pennies there. It's every bit as classy looking and GREAT as the hardcover. Umm, minus the (UNBELIEVABLY STUPENDOUS AND LUXURIOUSLY EXPENSIVE AND DID I MENTION COOL?) gold metallic stamped cloth cover and Eric's hand-signed autograph, that is :-) Bernie PS: You gotta look under the paper jacket to see the gold-stamped cloth cover. Make sure you take a peek when your book arrives. It's n-i-i-i-ice!
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