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  1. Michelle-- Japanese advertising has always been a bit of a puzzle for us Westerners to figure out. In Japan, it's an honorable achievement to have your song featured in a commercial (unlike here where it's considered a sell-out.) In Japan, artists with new albums to promote vie for new TV commercials (along with theme songs to TV shows). I'm in favor of every opportunity for Eric's music to be heard by a broader audience. --Bernie
  2. In my dreams, Kirk. In my dreams. --Bernie
  3. Special thanks to Masaki Hata who shared the new Japanese car commercial featuring Eric's version of "All By Myself" with me which in turn allowed me to share it with you. Check out the story and video clip on the Home Page. --Bernie
  4. I give great thanks to "Hungry Eyes" (which I also believe to be quite inferior to just about any of Eric's own compositions) because without it Eric would never have had the chance to write and record "Make Me Lose Control." Those two back-to-back Top Ten hits brought Eric an astounding amount of publicity when most pundits had pretty much written him off. --Bernie
  5. And for that matter, who needs good grammar when you're writing ads? Advertising consistently breaks every rule of grammar known to man. Proofreaders? Sure, we have proofreaders. But we eat them for lunch! :-) --Bernie
  6. This morning, Howard Stern played his musical guessing game pitting Gary (BaBa Booey) Dell'Abate against a listener. Each attempted to guess as many song titles/singers as they could from a grouping of tunes played by Howard. One of them was "Hungry Eyes." After guessing Eric's name correctly, Gary said, "Eric Carmen was once in a great band called the Raspberries." To which Howard responded (as he abruptly stopped playing "Hungry Eyes"), "Anything would be better than this!" :-P --Bernie
  7. Check out 39 Across. USAToday Crossword Puzzle
  8. Yep. the good 'ol days on AOL were something. It was a powderkeg of a message board with roughly half of the people on Eric's side and other half, well... I think some of them still don't believe it was Eric. For all of their verbal assault and battery they certainly hope it wasn't Eric. Dave (and others from the AOL glory days) will surely remember one of Eric's more eloquent posts in response to a series of scathing comments (and I quote): "Bite me, Blinky." Ahhh, those were the days :-) Bernie
  9. I'm with all of you on this one. I can't think of too many other singers who could pull off the split personality ballad/rocker thing that Eric does so well on songs like "I Can Remember" and "If You Change Your Mind" save for Paul McCartney. Eric's songwriting is only one of his hard-to-top talents followed closely by his voice. --Bernie
  10. Eric still says Cyrus Erie was the better band and most local fans fortunate to have seen them agree. --Bernie
  11. Well, the short story on why they have to keep repackaging the same "greatest hits" is the reason why the other CD (with the unreleased demos) was never issued. Wally, Jim, Dave, Scott and Michael still have their old deal in placeóyou know, the one which hasn't paid them a nickle over the years. Until that's resolved they'll keep blowing the dust off that old package to keep a curent release in the CD shelves. I'm afraid that unless the boys sue (like Eric did many years ago) we'll never see live cuts, demos, rare tracks, etc. I guess Capitol can release their four LPs in their entirety, but that market seems to require the extra bonus tracks these days. --Bernie
  12. Hey-- I got a one-on-one with Brian Wilson, too. It was during his pet Sounds tour. He was in great spirits, after a great show! --Bernie
  13. Hey everyone-- I'll be out of town for about a week...which means plenty of time to sign Eric's birthday card (if you haven't already!) Next week I'll see if I can upload a brand-spankin' new ASK ERIC. --Bernie
  14. "You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say." --F. Scott Fitzgerald Eric, So much of what you've written has affected me in a very profound way. Here's hoping that you still have more to say. Happy birthday! Bernie
  15. I love that guitar riff on "Got To Get Out." --Bernie (a closet Nick Gilder Fan)
  16. You guys try and keep a web site interesting enough to keep coming back to again and again and tell me what you come up with... --Bernie
  17. From "Boats Against The Current": "But tomorrow We'll run a little bit faster Tomorrow We're gonna find what we're after at last Feelings that we left in the past There's romance in the sunset We're boats against the current to the end" From "I Can Remember": "In the spring the sun will shine And make the ice surrender But it will not warm my heart As long as I remember" From "Love Is All That Matters": "Love is all that matters Faithful and forever Keepin' us together Love is all we need Prisoner of illusion Sentence is suspended Loneliness is ended Love has set me free" From "Nowhere To Hide": "Half-forgotten fragments Of a high school dance In the dead white hours of winter When we loved so hard That we thought it would never end." From "She Remembered": "When we kissed and my heart stood still I said I loved her and I always will 'Cause dreams are forever And some things you never forget."
  18. IMO Eric does some pretty fine screamin' on that second version. --Bernie
  19. I have a *GREAT* video clip of "I Can Remember" performed live...remind me next time. --Bernie
  20. Eric has been very good about autographing stuff for fans through the mail. There is a process (e-mail me) -- but he is currently having construction done on his house, so now would not be a good time to pile up requests into his over-filled mailbox. He should be settled in by the middle of August. That might be a better time. As for eBay...BEWARE! Having seen hundreds of Eric's autographs over the years (and watching him sign quite a few, as well) I can attest to the questionable authenticity of MANY of the items I have seen on eBay. If you're really interested in buying something, let me know and I'll authenticate his signature as best as I can. There seems to be one particular eBay seller who is doing a terrible job of forging his signature on a bunch of LPs. Buyer beware. Bernie
  21. If you were a fan of any of Dave's music, pre or post Raspberries, you will definitely dig his new CD. It's a fine blend of Eagles-flavored country rock and catchy power pop tunes that could easily mistake themselves for lost FRESH outtakes. I agree with all of the previous posters who have given Dave a high five for satisfying his many fans. "Someone Like You" is a great, great song, possibly his best since "Should I Wait," and that was one pretty fine track! --Bernie
  22. I've come up with something extremely unique for everyone...stay tuned. :-) --Bernie
  23. Hmmm... Actually, Ringo was pretty good on the drums, and pretty inventive. Take a listen to "Rain." The Beatles were not an instrumentalist showcase, but Ringo did a fine job of drumming up a storm when it was required. "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" for instance. Not to mention "Back In The U.S.S.R.," "Come Together," and "Hey Bulldog." The drumming on "Ticket To Ride" is another good example. It's fairly straightforward, but after listening it would you ever want to hear anything else on that song? Pretty near perfect if you ask me. IMO Ringo did manage to pound a pretty respectable beat. --Bernie
  24. Hey, funny you should mention it... I was just poking around my live shows trying to decide what to post for the next MP3. I'll see if I can find a great version of "Hit Record." --Bernie
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