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  1. I guess the point I was trying to make is that this site was created out of devotion rather than commercialism. Heck, I wouldn't mind a nice T-shirt myself :-) Bernie
  2. Where is Darlene? Now I'm worried, too. Bernie
  3. Good points, Kirk. I'm sure if you go to any of the above-mentioned websites you'll find something that has never been here...an online store. Eric loves the website. He loves his fans. But one thing he has never done is adopted the commercial aspects of the internet like so many of his contemporaries. Now that's both good and bad. Especially when you consider we might be missing the opportunity to get that CD of rarities! Bernie :-)
  4. By the way, you guys should know that you have the power to edit your posts (like I did to yours Michelle). Just click on that ICON of "pencil and paper." That way you can correct those typos and unintentional rants before everyone gets to see 'em :-) Bernie
  5. I honestly don't know where Darlene is. She's not tied up in my closet... I swear! Bernie
  6. I could be wrong, but I think the lack of the Raspberries catalog on CD may be affecting their place in history. 1974 notwithstanding, they may soon be measured against other "one hit wonders" instead of on a par with more important acts. Can you think of any other GREAT bands that have NEVER seen ANY of their albums released on CD here in the U.S.? Bernie
  7. I don't have that issue but here is a mention of a "Top Album Award" for STARTING OVER in Rolling Stone when the 'Berries announced their breakup: http://www.ericcarmen.com/archive/061975.html Bernie
  8. Boy, I'm glad that this isn't an Alex Chilton Message Board, but I don't really *LOVE* "September Gurls." I know what everyone says about it, "Best pop song ever, blah blah..." Maybe it's the punkiness of the sound. I am not a big fan of punk/power pop. Maybe that's my problem with Big Star and conversely why the press embraces them so. IMHO the Rubinoos are much more like the Raspberries in that respect (except when Tommy Dunbar gets a bit too NUTS for my tastes and I hit the "NEXT TRACK" button), as is Badfinger. Cheap Trick went both ways (although I favor the less punky Trick as well.) C'est la guerre. Bernie
  9. By the way, I'm with you on that misused "power pop" branding. I don't hear two very important ingredients to power pop in Big Star's repertoire: 1. Power (the slashing Pete Townshend chords are just not there) and 2. Pop (and I mean hummable, magical, can't get that melody outta my head pop.) Both missing in various combinations of degree in just about all of Big Star's songs. But absolutely crystal clear and front and center in dozens of the Raspberries big hits and unheralded album tracks! Bernie
  10. Tom, Don't forget that it's the Rolling Stone bigwigs and such that control most of the annointing of "important acts" these days. The fact that the Raspberries failed to make RS's Top 500 albums is a serious stab in the back. Just wait and see how much fireworks start flying when they announce Big Star is heading into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Could happen. Shouldn't. But could. Bernie
  11. I gotta admit I'm not that fond of them myself. I gave their CDs a spin and they just didn't hit me. At least not like Eric or the 'Berries. Bernie PS: I *do* really really like Cheap Trick's cover used as the theme to "That '70s Show," though. And yes, that's a Big Star tune.
  12. Marvin, You're not alone. I have been in LOVE with the song since I first heard it! Bernie
  13. My understanding is that Eric recorded demos of a number of unreleased songs in order to secure copyrights on them in the early '80s. Bernie
  14. I'm with you. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think Eric would record let alone release new music. WINTER DREAMS was a tremendous (and pleasant) surprise! Then came his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert and the Ringo tour. All uneqpected little delights that had me dancing on air. Are there more surprises coming? Like everyone else here, I certainly hope so. Bernie
  15. I count three grabs for the brass ring: 1. Raspberries -- They may not have gone as far as they should have but they did release four GREAT albums (Starting Over chosen by Rolling Stone as one of the best releases that year) and had a "Top Ten" hit single with "Go All The Way," something I'd guess 97% of other bands of any era fail to attain. 2. Solo career -- "All By Myself." Need I say more? 3. Dirty Dancing -- Both "Hungry Eyes" (#4 on the charts) and "Make Me Lose Control" (#3 on the charts) brought Eric back to Hit Radio in a big way. 3-1/2. If you want to count his separate success as a hit songwriter with "Almost Paradise" from Footloose and Celine's cover of his signature song, "ABM." Bernie
  16. I've asked him about that before... and will try again the next time we talk :-) Bernie
  17. Keep in mind that all that stuff I said in my earlier post is my take on the situation. I'm not speaking for Eric, just telling you why I think he may not be so eager to release some of the older material. Bernie
  18. Tony, Eric is definitely "old school" and doesn't want to put out anything without proper backing. Anyone out there own a music label? Bernie :-)
  19. Tony-- GREAT ear. This version of "Cindy" was recorded for copyright purposes in 1993. Bernie
  20. Eric will need a little bit more prodding than that. From what I can gather he seems to feel that songs written in another time and abandoned still retain all of the baggage that they had when they were left either: a) unfinished, or unreleased Even after being relentlessly begged to do it :-) it seems that Eric doesn't need to have any of his unreleased songs officially released. The fan base here on the web site is pretty solidly in his corner and also fairly small in number. Hence, not really minding whether his biggest supporters get to hear a demo or live song here and there is not the same as having something on an official release to the masses. Eric also feels that anything new that he releases will need to have a chance with casual listeners which means it needs to be more contemporary. Songs written 35 years ago (no matter how much we love 'em) seem to figure less prominently in his plans. I, for one, would LOVE a remastered release of Eric's entire catalog (Berries and solo) in the U.S. on CD, which amazingly has never been done! Something along the lines of the Bowie or Grand Funk rereleases. There'd be plenty of space on the CDs for bonus tracks which is usually where artists place their unreleased tunes and demos. When I bought the "Ziggy Stardust" remastered CD I was telling Eric about how amazing the demo of "Star Man" was with just Bowie accompanying himself on an acoustic guitar. Ironically, Eric was very excited by it and thought it would be cool to hear. The bad news is that neither Arista, nor Capitol, nor a company like Rhino seems to be interested in doing anything with Eric's back catalog right now. If I believed a letter writing campaign would work I'd start one right now. I just don't know how to influence the decision makers. The biggest crying shame is that one of the GREATEST albums of all time, "Boats Against the Current" has never been on CD in it's entirety in the U.S. Never. Ever. If it wasn't for the great country of Japan we wouldn't even have the ability to listen to "Boats" on CD! Anyway, I've said more than I was gonna say. The fact of the matter is that we should SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY, be able to convince SOMEONE to release a remastered "Boats Against The Current" with bonus tracks TOMORROW! Anyone have any ideas? Bernie
  21. Can you say, "TrÈs bien ensemble?" Bernie :-)
  22. Present #1: "She Remembered" piano demo Present #2: "Cindy In The Wind" Present #3: "As Long As We've Got Each Other" duet with Louise Mandrell
  23. Marvin-- "Cindy In The Wind" was one of Eric's earliest compositions. It was written for Cyrus Erie waaaay back in 1967. Of course, Cyrus Erie played a mean version of "Walk Away Renee" and the similarities are certainly evident. Bernie
  24. Boy, that Santa sure was sneaky this year :-) Hope everyone got what they wanted. Bernie
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