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  1. HEADLINE: NBC's Today show, May 27, 2005, 9:00 AM ANCHORS: KATIE COURIC, LESTER HOLT, ANN CURRY REPORTERS: AL ROKER KATIE COURIC, co-host: And one more song from Def Leppard, by the way, a little bit later on, which was a cover of a song which was originally done by the Raspberries, is that right? JOE ELLIOTT: News to me. ROKER: It's the Raspberries. COURIC: That's what Al Roker--anyway, it's "No Matter What You Want." ROKER: Eric Carmen. COURIC: No matter what you... ELLIOTT: That's the one we just did. COURIC: I know. We're going to play it a little bit later. ELLIOTT: Oh, you are? COURIC: Yeah. ELLIOTT: Oh, thank you. COURIC: You're welcome, darling. ELLIOTT: Badfinger, that's who it was. COURIC: Oh, Badfinger. ROKER: Badfinger? COURIC: Al! ROKER: I'm pretty sure it was... COURIC: The Raspberries sang "Please, Baby, Go All the Way," remember that? ROKER: It's almost the same. ELLIOTT: Oh, my word. COURIC: Oh. Anyway. ROKER: Wow. Hello? My goodness. COURIC: We have lots to get to. But first, let's head up inside, where Ann has a check of the news headlines. I'm all... ROKER: Verklempt. COURIC: ...a-twitter. ANN CURRY, anchor: All right, Katie. Thank you. - - - - Bernie
  2. Nice review. In fact, there have been more FAVORABLE reviews in the last few months than I can count. I only wish Capitol had a BOX SET in the works. I'm sure the attention the band is getting with favorable critiques and reunion press would help such a project fly off the shelves right now! <sigh> Bernie
  3. It looks like there are only THREE V.I.P. 'meet and greet' tickets left. Hurry! Bernie
  4. By the way, there are ONLY 6 V.I.P. tickets left for Saturday night. Once they're gone, the whole joint will be filled to the rafters! So if you're on the fence about whether to spring for a pair, it's probably NOW or NEVER. Bernie
  5. How sweet does this graphic look? SOLD OUT! Bernie
  6. Marlene, I doubt you'll ever see a meet and greet like Cleveland ever again! The boys were very accomodating --BUT-- smiling for hundreds of pictures and signing scores of autographs after a long, inspired performance was quite an undertaking! Here's hoping the B.B. King's meet and greet will be much more intimate. Bernie
  7. Wingman, Another Eric Carmen fan here :-) Welcome to the group! Bernie
  8. Jennifer, I can't even remember what those original V.I.P. tickets promised or what they sold for. BUT if they were also $150, then I would hope they would provide the same meet and greet photo op. Bernie
  9. Okay, I know everyone is probably exhausted from the craziness of how tickets for Raspberries shows have gone on sale in the past… well, the madness continues. B.B. King's has announced special V.I.P tickets for each night, which include admission PLUS a photo with the band and autographs! Most of you already have tickets, BUT the good news is that it appears that regular tickets for Saturday's show are now SOLD OUT, so anything you currently have should be marketable. So, for any East Coasters who want to meet the band -- this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! And for anyone who wants to meet the band but has already purchased tickets -- I feel your pain! Saturday, June 23, 2005 Sunday, June 24, 2005 Bernie
  10. Larry, Everything archived and just waiting for me to find a few hours to upload them. Thanks for keeping me honest :-) Bernie
  11. FYI, "mamacote" is the multi-talented Tommy Allen, who made it all happen on "Never Say Die." Bernie
  12. The long and short of it: Someone bought a storage locker that contained (among other things) a 2" master tape with Eric's name on it. He found this website, contacted me and asked if Eric would like the tape. Shortly thereafter, I received the tape. Hoping to preserve it, I enlisted the help of my good pal, Tommy Allen. Tommy put me in tuch with original Raspberries assistant engineer Dennis Ferrante. Dennis enlisted a studio in New York City that could transfer the contents of the tape to digital audio. The three of us met in the city and sat wide-eyed as the tape was being digitized. Neither Dennis nor I had ever heard the unreleased song before. Tommy, on the other hand, had not only heard the demo before, but was actually in the Los Angeles studio with Eric when he cut it. As we listened to the demo, which was very sparse and included mostly synths and drum machines, I said, "Wouldn't it be cool if we could get Wally Bryson, Jim Bonfanti and Dave Smalley to play on this?" We all agreed that *that* would never happen. After all, this was a full half-year before a Raspberries reunion was ever announced. It was at the time an absolutely perposterous notion. We all laughed about my suggestion. Then Tommy said, "Why don't we finish it?" To which I replied, "What?" Tommy explained, "Sure, we can get some guys together, arrange for a couple of studio sessions, and fill in all of the missing instruments." Well, one thing led to another, and we ultimately decided to replace *all* of the synthsized instruments -- with real ones! Real drums, guitars and bass! A couple of months and lots of hard work later, we had a final mix. We sent it to Eric (along with our extraordinary tale of discovery) and he proclaimed, "It's better than I remembered it. You guys did an GREAT job with it!" So, in the short span of one year, vistors of EricCarmen.com and fans of Eric's music were treated to a brand new Eric Carmen song, a critically lauded lavish biography and a reunion of the original Raspberries. Who says you can't have it all! The final credits on the track include: Tommy Allen (drums/percussion), Billy Branigan (bass, guitars/keyboards), Paul Carbonara (guitars/keyboards) and me (guitars). Bernie
  13. Wow. What a GREAT song to hear ANYWHERE! Wonder if the Phillippines pay royalties? Bernie
  14. AUCTION ENDS WED, 6/1 @ 1 p.m. EST B.B. King Blues Club 12 Classic Rock Auction 12 Pack of Classic Rock Auction B.B. King Blues Club and Grill See the best and brightest Classic Rock stars as they hit the stage at B.B. King Blues Club! Bid now on a package that includes a pair of Front Row tickets to the following 12 Classic Rock Concerts coming this summer to B.B. King Blues Club & Grill! Two (2) Front Row tickets to 12 Classic Rock Concerts FRANK MARINO & MAHOGANY RUSH - Sun. June 5th 8PM ALAN PARSONS PROJECT - Fri. June 17th 8PM JORMA KAUKONEN - Sat. June 18th 8PM PAT BENATAR - Tue. June 27th 8PM MOUNTAIN w/Sp. Guest MICHAEL SCHENKER Wed. June 29th 8PM PROTO-KAW w/KERRY LIVGREN of KANSAS Tue. July 5th 8PM ASIA - Tue. July 12th 8PM RASPBERRIES - Sun. July 24th 8PM LEON RUSSELL - Tue. July 26th 8PM GEORGE THOROGOOD - Wed. Aug. 10th 8PM JOHNNY WINTER - Sat. Aug. 13th 8PM DICKEY BETTS - Fri. Aug. 19th 8PM Additional Information: All tickets will be available via Will Call only. A BB King Blues Club representative will contact all winning bidders with redemption information. - - - - Not sure how they guarantee FRONT ROW for a GA audience show, but maybe they'll escort the winners to the front of the stage :-) Bernie
  15. Waukesha, WI to be exact! :-) Bernie
  16. He was a GENIUS PRODUCER. That's all I'm sure of. Bernie
  17. Gene, I actually have absolutely no problem with people trading videos of unavailable television appearances FOR FREE, as Stormbringer (great song!) is doing here. All of these shows were taped by someone many years ago off the air and are NOT BROADCAST QUALITY. They are multi-generational dubs and I think 'fair use' applies here (correct me if I'm wrong.) In fact, I see this as the same thing collectors have been doing for years: tape trading. I do believe it would be unethical to sell such tapes (that's why I ABHOR bootlegs!) I also believe it is ILLEGAL to offer any commercially available product: video or audio as the artist would definitely be getting stiffed! All of the videos I post come from first generation sources -- many are broadcast quality. That's why you'll only see SMALL compressed Quicktime movies of these vids. You can watch 'em but you certainly can't transfer them onto DVD and enjoy them on your television sets :-) So, unless someone says otherwise, I'm all for fans sharing with other fans as long as money doesn't change hands and we're not making copies of CDs or otherwise being unsupportive of the musicians and their livelihood. Bernie
  18. NOW is the time for RASPBERRIES. Heck, we've been waiting 30+ years for it to happen, so let's enjoy for a while before we start beating the drum for other projects. Bernie
  19. Raspbernie


    Jeff, I've heard plenty of stories of Ringo *NOT* being very nice with autograph seekers. I've met him a few times and he was always cordial and nice, although I never asked for an autograph. GREAT JOB on snagging those tickets! Bernie
  20. Many of Eric's early solo compositions were written while he was in Raspberries. I'm certain that he had them in mind when he wrote some of those songs. Personally, I'd love to hear what the boys would do with some of his solo tunes. Imagine Jim doing the drum break on "All By Myself" or Wally playing the "That's Rock 'N' Roll" riff! I doubt any of that will happen for the good of 'band karma,' but who knows what the future will bring? Bernie
  21. FROM ERIC: "Darlene (as usual) is absolutely, 100% on the money and while I understand and respect Pierson's opinion, I can't wait to discuss the Overdubs with him at some later date." :-) Bernie
  22. Hugh McCracken .* Bernie *Eric Carmen: Marathon Man, page 200. :-)
  23. Darlene, You pour the lemonade. And I'll dump it on their heads! Bernie :-)
  24. I have e-mailed them myself and have NOT received any response AT ALL! I certainly wish the band had aligned themselves with a more reputable and responsive organization! Bernie
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