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  1. Hey! I'm all for it. Tom Jones joined the long list of performers who recorded a version of Eric's "All By Myself" back in the day. I used to love the intro to his TV show when they showed the close-up of his microphone stand and his hand reached in to grab it! Bernie
  2. Tony, The PRESS ARCHIVE contains the good, the bad and the ugly. The only criteria for inclusion in the archive is that I have a copy of the article (DUH!) If someone can find it, I'll include it. Bernie
  3. Wow! That is a GREAT lineup. I'd make one change, though: ME on tambourine. Bernie :-)
  4. Ronbo, Most people assume Eric borrowed that piano solo from Rachmaninoff, but it was just a bit of the melody that Eric borrowed. The incredible classical piano solo in "All By Myself" was entirely composed by Eric, who started studying music as a child prodigy in Cleveland. Bernie
  5. Might be a better question for ASK DEIDRE :-) Bernie
  6. SONG OF THE WEEK #2 Okay, listen up guys. There seem to be a few favorite themes to songs about girls: 1. Guy wants girl 2. Guy gets girl 3. Girl leaves guy 4. Guy misses girl 5. Guy thinks girl will be sorry she let him go Well, "Someday" from CHANGE OF HEART clearly fits into position #5. "Someday When I'm cool She's gonna think about how She used to treat me so cruel On that someday Man, she'll crawl back to me." Nothing like a good revenge song to get you out of the mopey depression caused by losing the girl. "All By Myself?" "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again?" "The Way We Used To Be?" Not a chance on this one. "So she said goodbye again I'm just waitin' for the time to come When she'll get down on her knees Beggin', now darlin', please" This song always reminds me of another great similarly themed tune, "Irene Wilde" by Ian Hunter. In "Wilde", Ian sings, "When I was just sixteen I stood waiting for a dream At barker street bus station every night. When I tried to get it on She just looked at me with scorn My courage turned to dust and I took flight. For those looks they seemed to say, 'You ain't nothing, go away You're just a face in the crowd.' So I went home and I vowed I'm gonna be somebody, someday." Needless to say, I love the melody and sound on "Someday" -- the way that deep, deep tuba-like synth comes in strong on the second verse, and I haven't even mentioned the brilliant Beach Boys "dits." Oh, and I just love how Eric does a few Ronnie Spector "Be My Baby" "Oh, oh, ohs" as the song fades out. Now it's your turn. Bernie
  7. After being diagnosed with liver cancer, Jack Bruce has undergone successful liver transplant surgery. You can read all of the details along with a message from Jack's family at his web site . There is also a Get Well Message Board where you can post your wishes for the legendary bass player's speedy recovery. Bernie
  8. Therein lies the fun of watching an actual live performance. Another great moment is when the 'Berries do "Starting Over" on Don Kirshner. Eric mumbles an unintelligible adjective instead of singing the word "fucking" in the first line of the first verse. He shoots Wally a great smile as he does it. Bernie
  9. Welcome, Bethany. No need for the poll, though :-) Bernie
  10. Dave, Pop the headphones on and take another listen to "Someday." I just did that myself the other day and was blown away! Bernie
  11. Gord, You can pick it up for $23 Canadian: http://www.amazon.ca/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00000737L/701-5980611-4728344 Bernie
  12. Okay...in an effort to get back to the music on this Message Board, I thought that I'd innaugurate something new. I'm calling it "Song of the Week". I'll pick a specific song each week that we are to listen to (homework!) and then talk about. Make believe you've heard it for the first time. Tell a story about when you first heard it. Explain why you never liked it in the first place. But stay on topic! First up, is the song "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine," from STARTING OVER. This is a tune that most people wouldn't have on their Top 10 list (let alone their Top 20), so I relistened to it a few times yesterday on my iPod (you gotta hear some songs at least a couple of times and through headphones to really hear 'em anew). Needless to say, this song ROCKS! Eric's voice has never been stronger, nor more passionate. I absolutely love when he slips in that improvised "Yea-ah" in the middle of the second chorus. And the drumming? Mike McBride is pounding to the tenth power. A literal series of small arms fire and explosive volleys throughout the song. Quite impressive. I also love how the song builds in instrumentation. That's something that you may not immediately hear when you've listened to this stuff as much as I have. Subtle stuff, but very involved construction, no doubt. The tune starts as a ballad, and the first verse is essentially backed by guitar. For the second verse, a piano's distinctive sound is blended into the mix. Then we get the full band sound on the chorus. We're then treated to the addition of a sparse bass for verse 3, which is augmented once again by the piano for verse 4. This is really cool production, folks. Listen to it again to hear how interestingly different verse 3 (with the bass) differs from verse 1 (with the guitar). Eric and Jimmy were definitely kicking it up a few notched for this LP! A discussion of "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine" wouldn't be complete without mentioning Wally's great guitar solo, so I will. Wally plays in a little different style here than what's expected. Slower, more melodic, almost weeping. Perfection on a six-string. I tell you, the fact that Wally is not celebrated side-by-side with Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and all of the other guitar greats is undoubtedly the biggest crime of all. He was INCREDIBLE! Well, that's it for me. Go have a listen and add your thoughts.
  13. Nothing to worry about, Gord. All websites will periodically have down time while the servers in which they are housed have maintenance. This website ain't going anywhere :-) Bernie
  14. I bet it hurts too much. --Bernie
  15. Hey buddy! Consider yourself back in the loop. --Bernie
  16. OhÖand a big shout out to Ringo Bonfanti on drums. Nice job, Jim! Bernie
  17. Boy, they just nailed that break, eh? Everything sounds so AMAZINGóthe piano, the backing vocal harmonies, Wally's guitar. Speaking about Wally's guitarójust remember back then it was all up to the musician's six-string prowessÖthere were no stinkin' guitar/amp modelers. Is it just me or did Wally just nail George's guitar sound on his solo? Man, he was great! Bernie PS: Not to mention Eric's spot on, letter-perfect McCartney!
  18. PS: I hate you Mike Miller, and everyone else who had the privilege of hearing these guy play this stuff live. You are truly blessed to have been there then. At the time, you may not have realized it, but you were all so very lucky! Bernie
  19. If there wasn't so much damned bootlegging of Eric Carmen/Raspberries rarities on eBay these days I'd feel more comfortable posting the full song, but you have to admitÖeven the excerpt is EXTRAORDINARY! Good God, they were GREAT! Bernie
  20. Weird. I would have been happy to babysit while the rest of you went to the movie. --Bernie
  21. I've created a multiple choice Poll from all of your excellent suggestions.
  22. Craig-- Keith Barbour's single was never released on an LP or CD, but if you look hard enough you can find one... I did! And the super-special reward is the B-side which features Eric and Keith jamming on "Do You Believe In Magic?" --Bernie
  23. There is a full version of "Everything," but Eric just plays piano on the track. He wrote an additional verse and bridge as a favor to producer Val Garay and it was recorded by Keith Barbour. --Bernie
  24. I'm taking requests... --Bernie
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