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  1. Oh, and by the way, I am fully expecting that come tomorrow I will wake up, check the Message Board and find out that this was just a DREAM! When Wally launches into that first power chord of the night and Jim starts pounding his kit as Dave and Eric join in, I AM GONNA FREAKIN' EXPLODE!!! Is it morning yet? Someone pinch me. This HAS to be a dream. Bernie
  2. Tony, Don and Steve-O, We all *LOVE* Scott and Michael's contributions to the band but my understanding is that this EXTRAORDINARY EVENT (and one that many of us NEVER expected to see, myself included!!!) will be a four-man reunion: Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim. Bernie PS: For the record, when Ken and I were in Cleveland for our book signing, Michael McBride told us that he no longer plays drums and hasn't for quite some time. PPS: Those three album covers I posted above are not part of any official announcement. It's just a picture thingy I added to help me PAR-TAY :-)
  3. IT IS ON!!! - - - - Nothing officialÖ yet :-) Keep checking EricCarmen.com , Jim Bonfanti's web site , Wally Bryson's web site and DaveSmalley.com for details as they are announced! Bernie
  4. Errata page has been UPDATED with a correction from Jim Bonfanti :-) Bernie PS: The Errata page has been designed so that it can be printed, trimmed and kept in your copy of ERIC CARMEN: MARATHON MAN. The most up-to-date version of the Errata page will always be online.
  5. The current Errata page is now available for DOWNLOAD . If you spot any additional factual errors in the book, please e-mail me at: raspbernie@ericcarmen.com -- thanks! Bernie
  6. That's the thing -- by the time "Go All The Way" hit the airwaves, Eric had already had plenty of opportunities to hear his songs on the local airwaves with Cyrus Erie and the Quick. Bernie
  7. I specifically asked Eric once whether he had a "That Thing You Do" memory of the first time he heard one of his songs on the radio and his memory was a bit foggy on the issue, which surprised me. I guess when your songs have been played so often locally and internationally it's hard top remember the debut. Still I must admit that I was a bit disappointed that he didn't have that 'first time' deeply etched in his memory. Nonetheless, it *was* a STELLAR scene in the movie! Bernie
  8. I guess I may have been too subtle with the Capitol label I uploaded earlier in this thread -BUT- every one of the four original Capitol albums says RASPBERRIES as does each of the group's singles. The logo says RASPBERRIES. Jim's drum head said RASPBERRIES. Their business card said RASPBERRIES. Versus, say, THE Beatles. Everything for the Fab Four included the THE including Ringo's drum head :-) Bernie
  9. Gary! How in the heck are ya? And where in the heck have ya been? Now that you're back, stick around. We're still here doing that thing we do. Bernie
  10. For the sake of consistency, Ken and I decided to go with RASPBERRIES because it *is* more correct. Still, even Eric says "the Raspberries" sometimes, too -- so there you go! Bernie
  11. Cool, Marvin! And you haven't even gotten to the WINTER DREAMS chapter yet :-) Bernie
  12. Most of Jimmy Ienner's comments come from an interview conducted late last year specifically for the book. Bernie
  13. Now that MOST of you are enjoying your books firsthand, I thought I'd share some thoughts on what I loved most about it: 1. The Foreword. I mean, WOW! What a great start to the book. I don't think Eric really understood how seriously Ken and I were about writing a book about him. All of that changed when he saw the Foreword for the first time. A magnificently written piece that encapsulated the whole story in a scant 2-1/4 pages. I still can't believe we got it! 2. ROTC We thought we knew everything there was to know about Eric, but when we tracked down his childhood buddy Marty Murphy and heard about the rifle drills and military hijinx, we were floored -- both by the hilarity of the situation and by the surprising facts uncovered. 3. Cyrus Erie Photos Former manager Don Ladanyi promised us that he had some negatives stashed away in boxes at his house for months. One week (ONE WEEK!) before the book was scheduled to be delivered to the printer, we received a FedEx box from Don with the negatives. As I opened each roll and scanned their contents I felt like Howard Carter at the tomb of Tutankhamen. There they were, in glorious black and white: Eric, Wally, Bob and Michael recording "Sparow" in the studio, scads of unpublished posed studio photos, and the infamous Cyrus Erie van! Need I say more? 4. Wally Bryson, guitar God! Next to Eric, the person who receieves the most praise from just about everyone is lead guitarist Wally Bryson. One of the best lead guitarists ever? The proof is in the recordings. Best stage presence of all of the bandmembers -- Eric included? Check out any of their filmed live performances. A sweetheart of a guy? That story told about how he responded to a fan's letter with one of his own was beautiful, eh? Sure, Eric and Wally have a long and sometimes checkered past, but one fact is indisputable: Eric wanted nothing more than to be in a band with Wally since the first day he saw him play and things really didn't start happening for Eric until Wally stepped onstage with him for the first time. You could call it magic. Or chemistry. But words can't describe what they managed to create together. Just pull out those old records and listen. It's all there. 5. Germany I thought World War II was bad, but the blow by blow account of our boys finding themselves right in the middle of a gang killing on tour in Europe was a real shocker! Talk about making the hair stand up on the back on my neck. 'Behind the Music,' my assÖ this ain't to MTV reality show, this is reality, PERIOD! I could go on and on (and I probably will), but now it's your turn. What are the things you're loving about ERIC CARMEN: MARATHON MAN? Bernie
  14. June, That quote is part of Jim Bonfanti's comments. Eric's quotes start with the next paragraph :-) Bernie
  15. If a reunion show is confirmed, I certainly hope that all of you will buy tickets as fast and as furiously as you can. A MASSIVE RUSH to buy tickets will certainly bode well for everyone involved. Remember, Eric's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show sold out in less than an hour. This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity and I certainly plan on being one of the first people on line. Bernie
  16. I also thought Jennifer Lee did a fantastic job with Eric at the HOF (and told her so after the performance). The WINTER DREAMS rendition comes up way short in my book, too. Bernie
  17. Let's just say that if you've been planning on using some of those airline miles you've managed to rack up for some frivolous jaunt to an Island destination you might want to hang onto them for just a little bit longerÖ Bernie
  18. Julie, Like a lot of other kids growing up in the Space Age I wanted to be an astronaut (that was before wanting to be a comic book artist, archaeologist and musician ñ whoa, what was I thinking?!?). Anyway, I lived vicariously through those guys who walked on the moon every few months from 1969 to 1972. My dad worked on some projects for the space program, too. That's what first got me interested in the subject. Sounds like you have some relatives with some cool jobs, too! Bernie
  19. Hmmm. Neil Diamond. Interesting. I suppose all I'd need are those HUGE sideburns. And I did really like "Saving Silverman!" Bernie
  20. My thanks to Tony Cartmill who turned me onto Butch Walker. For that he earns a free pass for ONE off-color remark. That's right, I'll let him make a highly-offensive remark of his choosing without editing it off the board. Why? Because the Butch Walker tunes he sent my way are burning up my iPod each morning since I got 'em. Bernie PS: Tony, check out the new Rolling Stone HOT ISSUE for a third-page profile on your boy. It seems he may be having a hard time getting his music played but has become one of the hottest, in-demand producers in music right now. Way to go, Butch! And thanks again, Tony, for the recommendation.
  21. Hey Jeff, I *do* have a beard and glasses. No wait, that's my cat (except for the glassesÖ I guessÖ and the beard :-) Bernie
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