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  1. PS: Jim Bonfanti, who was a SPECTACULAR drummer himself, once said that the one big regret he had in leaving Raspberries before STARTING OVER was missing the chance to play on "Overnight Sensation." Bernie
  2. Michael McBride pounded his drums so hard that he used to nail his bass drum to the stage so that it didn't move. He harnessed an avalanche of power and unleashed it on many of the tracks on STARTING OVER. Bernie
  3. The songs "Band On The Run" and "Jet" are certainly worthy of praise, but I'm with you Pierson -- RAM has always been my favorite McCartney album -- with my personal faves being "Too Many People," "Ram On," "Heart Of The Country," and "Back Seat Of My Car" ("Whoah-oh! We believe that we can't be-eee wrong!") Bernie
  4. To each his own. I would gladly trade all four Raspberries LPs for BOATS AGAINST THE CURRENT. That LP so profoundly affected me that nothing (NOTHING) comes close. It is a masterpiece musically, lyrically and spiritually. I cannot think of another collection of songs that I feel so passionate about. Bernie
  5. I think the producers made the right decision not to use it in the show. There really wasn't an appropriate place for it. But using it in the promo was VERY FUNNY! Made me look, made me laugh, and most importantly made me watch. So, as far far as TV show promos go, that one was a home run. Bernie
  6. Anyone can use a song in a movie or TV show, they just have to pay for it. And yes, Eric makes money everytime you hear it -- on TV, on the radio, at the Mall, on the big screen :-) Bernie
  7. Pre-sale announcement for the signed/numbered books will be exclusive to EricCarmen.com initially. After that, I will offer any unsold hardcovers through mailing lists and via e-mail. Once they are sold out, the paperback edition will be available in large quantities, so anyone who missed the chance to get the limited edition can still get the book. Bernie
  8. Just caught the promo last night. Wow! 30-seconds of Eric singing "All By Myself." That *was* cool. I'm wondering whether the song will show up on Wednesday night's show myself, now. Bernie
  9. I'm sure that lots of celebs "buy" their own stars but my understanding is that the grassroots approach is more appropriate. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce gives the petitioner up to five years to raise the funds once a nominee is accepted. But like you said, it's a great deal of money, and $10 per person is probably not going to cut it. Bernie
  10. I wanted to give a shout out to Don Krider who braved sitting through DAWN OF THE DEAD, which opened this weekend. His trip to the movies yesterday led to the tip that "All By Myself" was featured in the soundtrack of the horror flick . Don also clued me in to the DVD "Family Guy, Volume 2" and an episode titled "Emission Impossible" in which "the character of baby Stewie (with his brother and sister along) is at a neighbor's swinging party (the neighbor is babysitting). In one scene, Stewie's got his tiny child's piano out, surrounded by hot babes, and is wooing the girls as he sings 'Hungry Eyes.'" Don also tells me that "Stewie's voice is by Seth MacFarlane, the Fox TV show's executive producer, which indicates a major industry figure with a knowledge of Eric's music (the reruns are so popular that the cancelled show is being put back in production for the 2005 season). And that the 'Family Guy' DVDs were the biggest sellers of 2003 and the series is the fourth biggest-selling TV series on DVD of all-time." Thanks, Don. Bernie
  11. The book is 95% done. That pesky last 5% is what's taking the most time, but it's very important. After all of the interviews were conducted, transcribed and input we needed to go back to Eric for a follow-up chat. That was just done a week or so ago. Ken and I have also decided to include set lists from known live concerts played by Cyrus Erie, the 'Berries, etc. -- this involves more research! Then comes proofreading and printing, and that takes time, too. To make a long story short, the book will be out...soon :-) This is a one-time deal, folks. This book will be THE book. I don't see anyone else going through all of this painstaking research again. We want it to be great! It *will* be GREAT! We want it to stand the test of time. We want to make sure if ROLLING STONE or somebody else bothers to review it, they'll find it balanced, informative and revealing. There's stuff said in this book that's never been said before. There are stories and insights neither Ken nor I have ever heard expressed -- and we thought we had heard it all! I'm sure all of the regular visitors are worried that they'll miss the limited signed and numbered books. But fear not. I will not be announcing their availability one day only to say they're sold out the next. There will be PLENTY of advance notice. I just ask that you bear with us while we dot all the i's and cross all the t's. I was planning on keeping news of the book hidden for a bit longer than I did but I couldn't contain myself. I wanted you all to know what was coming. Especially after Eric saw the first draft and gave it his big endorsement. I'm not sure if the book will be ready next week, next month, or in three months, but when it is, it will be well worth the wait. After all, I ask you, would you stick to your original publication date if you got an e-mail from Eric saying that he would be sending some handwritten lyrics and rare pieces from his personal scrapbooks for inclusion in the book? I rest my case. Bernie
  12. Since all of us here are fans as well as collectors, I was wondering if anyone had any really RARE photos, concert tickets, posters, etc. that they might be interested in sharing with the world? As you know, ERIC CARMEN: MARATHON MAN, not only boasts 400+ pages of history and insight into Eric's life and career, but also includes pages of unpublished photos and rare memorabilia -- some of it right out of Eric's personal collection. The book already includes many never before seen photos by celebrated photographers around the world. But before closing the lid on things I thought it might be wise to see if anyone out there had anything to add. Keep in mind that we already have access to anything and everything officially released, so that would include all 45s, LPs, press kits, promo items, etc. What we're looking for is one-of-a-kind items. I'd also be interested in any personal stories or anecdotes anyone might have about seeing Raspberries or Eric in concert, on the street, or in geometry class in high school, for that matter. E-mail me at raspbernie@ericcarmen.com if you'd like to contribute something. Heck, you'll even get your name in the book credits! So start searching through those piles of old boxes. Bernie
  13. On a recent trip to Los Angeles, I couldn't help notice how many musicians have stars on the Walk Of Fame including the Beatles, Beach Boys, Tom Petty, Diane Warren, etc. Is there any interest in my nominating Eric for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? I'm sure he'd be selected as his accomplishments fit the profile established by the nominating committee. There is one BIG catch, however. We'd be responsible for coming up with the costs of the star's installation -- $15,000! That's a lot of money. I'd certainly be willing to kick in some cash. I'd even throw in any profits from the upcoming book, but that would still leave us well short of the amount needed. I'd also need to confirm Eric's interest in that sort of thing as one of the conditions is that the celebrity be present for his star's unveiling. Anyway, there are still two months until this year's nominations need to be submitted but I needed to know if there was any support before I started passing the hat around. $15,000 is serious money, but those stars are forever and it might be a pretty cool investment. What do you think? Bernie
  14. CM-- I listened to lots of ELP, Yes, Genesis and the like. Fripp was a genius. Flash was a cool band, too. And those early Genesis LPs with "The Knife," "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway," etc. Whoah! Can you name any musicians playing today as talented as those folks were then? Bernie By the way, I always considered "I Can Remember" a close cousin to all of those great (and difficult to play) opuses from all of the bands listed above.
  15. I thought "Tiny" was the nickname that Tony's...oh well...never mind :-) Bernie
  16. Thanks, everybody. Mike's agreed to go above and beyond for me this weekend. Bernie
  17. I'm looking for someone in Erie, PA who can take an important photo for inclusion in the ERIC CARMEN book. E-mail me at raspbernie@ericcarmen.com if you can help. Thanks! Bernie
  18. On a side note, Courtney Love *loves* Eric and used to post on the AOL Raspberries Message Board. In fact, she named "All By Myself" once in a Rolling Stone magazine article as one of her favorite songs. Bernie
  19. June, The lyrics are pretty rough. Pretty rough, indeed. Bernie
  20. Amen to that. You don't happen to have any connections to the Rock and Roll hall of Fame nominating committee do you? Bernie
  21. Marvin, I agree with you on RANT. It's GREAT! Especially "Wash Us Away." A simply amazing song from an amazing singer/songwriter! Bernie
  22. ...an update. I know! I know! I've been busy with work and typing my fingers to the bone transcribing interviews for "The Book" (I like calling it that BTW :-) -- I hope to have something online before the Beatles 50th Anniversary on Ed Sullivan! Bernie
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