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  1. Marvin, Thanks for the heads up! I've reconfigured the reservation page to accomodate foreign orders. Glad you were resourceful :-) Bernie
  2. RESERVATIONS (with no obligation to buy) for ERIC CARMEN: MARATHON MAN are now being accepted. I recommend that you reserve a copy NOW to avoid being disappointed when the autographed and numbered limited hardcover edition sells out! These advance reservations are only being announced here at the web site so that regular and long time visitors can have first crack at the autographed hardcover edition of the book! In a few weeks, I will be making a broader announcement of the bio's availability. I fully expect most (if not all) of the scant 250 signed copies will be fully subscribed by then. Reserve yours today! Bernie
  3. Julia, It should still be on the newstands: April 2004. The cover features a photo of Freddie Mercury from Queen. Don't thank me, thank Don Krider for the news! Bernie
  4. See pages 208-209 in Eric Carmen: Marathon Man Bernie
  5. No rules broken. To quote the subtitled under the COMMUNITY header: "Talk about everything else." That pretty much covers it. Bernie
  6. Mark your calendars! There will be a major book announcement on May 1. I hope to have pre-ordering info, publication date, prices and some sample pages from inside the book. It's been a long time coming and I know you've been very, very patient. When you see what's in store, I'm certain that you'll feel it was worth the wait! Bernie
  7. If anyone wonders why I police these Message Boards with a *very light* touch, it's because you never know what's behind a post. Add my voice to those who are in your corner, JoAnne. Hopefully, the worst is behind you and I pray that it all works out. Bernie
  8. Brian, Unfortunately, like just about everyone in any business these days, Eric doesn't accept anything unsolicited. LawyerFan might be able to explain better than I can on the reasons why. BUT -- if you want your demos heard by a bunch of EC/Raspberries/power pop afficionados, why not post a link here? There are quite a few VERY eloquent music writers and experienced power-popsters here every day. And as a bonus, Eric does read the Message Board, so you might just get to him, too :-) Bernie
  9. Kyle's first two CDs contained a generous helping of two premier power poppers: Tommy Dunbar (The Rubinoos) and Parthenon Huxley! Both gave Kyle a helpin' heapin' of jangly guitars. Bernie
  10. Whoa! Joanne...you seem to be on a flame rampage. Lots of recent posts and all fairly negative. I sense maybe you didn't get what you wanted from the Easter bunny? Bernie
  11. Suede, Eric gave a pretty detailed history of many of his guitars in a past ASK ERIC column. You can find it here . Bernie
  12. I love when Kyle gets his Eric Carmen groove on and power pops like he did on his Hollywood Records CD. If life was fair, "Wake Me Up When The World's Worth Waking Up For" and "Arianne" would have been big hit records and Kyle's name would be on everyone's lips. But I digress. His song, "She's Top 40" is a bit of a homage to "Overnight Sensation." Kyle is also a big Barry Manilow fan and often hits that sound spectrum in his songwriting as well. I think Kyle is one extraordinarily talented guy and he's continuously making music! Buy his CDs and go see him when he comes to town. Oh, and he's also a pretty cool guy who'll hang around and talk after a gig -- well versed in Raspberries and Eric Carmen. And girls... well, It's been said that Kyle is pretty easy on the eyes as well. Check out his upcoming gigs at his website: kylevincent.com ! Bernie
  13. Eric *did* write a song called "Never Say Die" with Desmond Child and Kyle's favorite Eric song is okay by me :-) Bernie
  14. Eric makes it official. When asked: "In 'All Through The Night:' 'You're gonna know my bed, take my ____, and hitchhike home in the morning' -- is the correct lyric hand or head?" Eric answers: "I'm afraid it's 'head'."
  15. I didn't clean anything up on purpose. After all, the lyrics were added to the web site pre-Janet Jackson :-) But, by the same token, I did not transcribe all of them myself, nor did I ask Eric for lyrics. Back in the earliest days of this website I had no idea it would become what it is today. When Ericcarmen.com was first started (waaay back in 1997!), the lyrics section is one of the first that went up. At that time, I asked a bunch of fans to help me transcribe them and received a number of volunteers. I then uploaded everything and asked for comments, correcting those words that people here and there found fault with. there still may be mistakes, for sure. And I will check this one out and get back to you on it. Bernie PS: For those into nostalgia, this website was first uploaded to my AOL account, back then it was simply called the ERIC CARMEN HOME PAGE. In fact, the page announcing EC.com is still online at: http://members.aol.com/raspbernie/carmen/ -- check it out for fun!
  16. That's an interesting point. I wonder how many times Eric has had the lyric before the melody? Probably not that often. Bernie
  17. Okay, one thing we can all agree on is that lots of folks write great lyrics. The one thing I disagree with is that *when* something was written somehow defines how talented someone is. Writers in any genre, whether it be music, poetry, fiction, etc. are never measured by their latest works, but by their greatest works. By that measure, Eric has certainly proven his mettle. Bernie
  18. Marvin, I can't disagree with you more. Eric's lyric writing in my opinion is among the best ever. The reason he chose to start working with lyricists has nothing to do with his abilitiesóquite the opposite. Eric would sometimes spends weeks soul-searching for the right word or turn of a phrase to complete a song. He found it far too demanding. While everyone else in the Raspberries was out partying, Eric was holed up in his apartment burning the candle at both ends. When Eric uses a lyricist it's a bit different from someone like, say, Elton John. Elton merely takes Taupins words and puts them to music. Eric, on the other hand, uses another songwriter's lyrics as idea starters and may actually end up writing more of the words in a particular song himself. It's just the genesis of the songs that get kickstarted. I'm not saying that Eric hasn't used some of Dean Pitchford's lyrics pretty much intact. He hasó"I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips," for example)óit's just that he works with them in a very different way than most composers. As to the poetry, well, these songs feature some pretty incredible bits of writing: "Before her love I was cruel and mean, I had a hole in the place where my heart should have been" óGo All The Way "In the spring the sun will shine and make the ice surrender But it will not warm my heart as long as I remember" óI Can Remember "Every evening I would watch the sunset end another day Let the nighttime wash my blues away" óStarting Over "Sunrise, come wrap me in the warmth of your crimson sky I spent a long time believin' on a dream that had passed me by But the moon and stars have gone And I can see the light of dawn Like a golden smile brightening up the morning sky" óSunrise "At first we thought that love was here to stay The summer made it seem so right But like the sun we watched it fade away From morning into lonely night" óNever Gonna Fall In Love Again "Well we was locked in image prison waitin' for that break We was raped, reshaped and tryin' to escape Caught in a rock and roll time warp just tryin' to find the way to get out" óNo Hard Feelings "Maybe we're older Maybe we're colder So we disregard solutions while we cling to our illusions once again And we keep rememberin' when" óBoats Against The Current "Wasting my youth chasing dreams, testing truth Taking turns being deceived and deceivin' Bound with a rope made of heroes and hope Till I found nothin' left to believe in" óMarathon Man "Half-forgotten fragments of a high school dance In the dead white hours of winter When we loved so hard that we thought it would never end Tryin' to remember how it used to feel When a kiss was something special And I wonder now will it ever be again" óNowhere To Hide "Love is all that matters, faithful and forever Keepin' us together Love is all we need Prisoner of illusion, sentence is suspended Loneliness is ended Love has set me free" óLove Is All That Matters "I set to sea on a ship called Emptiness Cast away on the Island of Loneliness Lookin' for love" óShe Did It "Long ago an innocence lived deep within my soul In a yesterday where love and dreams remain But disillusion clouds my eyes and the winter takes it's toll For the spring has gone and will not come again" óRunaway "Now that I've found a love that's forever Heaven can wait till then Oh, at last I can see how sweet love can be So if it's not too late, heaven can wait" óHeaven Can Wait "I could find someone more than willing to be your replacement But there's no one else who can move me the way you do" óChange Of Heart "I was a fool for your love from the moment I saw you Like a vision in the darkness of a thousand lonesome, lonely nights Like my heart threw away the key I'm as blind as a man could be Oh darlin' Till you helped me see the light" óHey Deanie "The sun beats down on the L.A. scene But you can't feel the cold when the grass looks so green And the games that I've played were not worth what I paid In a town full of desperate fools" óDesperate Fools "We used to laugh We used to cry We used to talk about forever you and I And love was all we seemed to need I still recall sometimes The way we used to be" óThe Way We Used To Be Bernie
  19. Let's just say that the word "immoderately" is not immoderately used in lyrics. Bernie
  20. Zuke, Which part? I can double check with Eric if there's some confusion. I didn't check every song with him before posting. Only those that I couldn't transcribe. Bernie
  21. ...and to hell with all of you who actually got to see these guys play these songs live! I am supremely jealous. Bernie
  22. Matt, I think I like WOO better than OOH. More power-poppy. Bernie
  23. A funny story about transcribing lyrics. I had a hell of a time figuring out the words to Cyrus Erie's "Get The Message." In particular, the second verse was impossible to sort out. Nothing I heard made sense. So I asked Eric for some help. He told me the words were: "My bedroom wall's been scaled of late So often it's become my friend" Which was his clever and poetic way as a fledgling songwriter of saying he was climbing the walls. Pretty neat, huh? He also said if I came up with anything better that I had his blessing to use it instead :-) Bernie
  24. Ma-ma yeah! Ooo-ooh! C'mon! Ma-ma-ma-ma yea-eah!
  25. "Hello everyone. My computer has been broken and I have a one week delay in getting it back. Next week of April, 10th or more, then I have to arrange for service again. "My e-mail will still be the same, ok. Please let everyone know, ok. I miss everyone. "I would like to let you know, I am puting in two roses and two carnations in the next painting. You will like this painting for sure, especially the ladies. "Take care. I hope to back on the message board soon. "Gord Harris, the Canadian artist."
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