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  1. Dave will arrive in about 1-1/2 weeks :-) Bernie PS: Recently rehearsed: "Let's Pretend," "Party's Over," "I'm A Rocker," and "Ecstasy!"
  2. I don't know how many tickets the House of Blues put up for sale this morning, but all of the premium tickets were gone in less than 90 minutes. The interesting thing to note is that I checked all of the other shows scheduled for the Cleveland club's first two weeks and Raspberries is the only act to have SOLD OUT the premium tickets available in this House of Blues pre-sale. Cool. Bernie
  3. Jim Bonfanti checked out the club and told me that the view from the balcony was "OUTSTANDING" and that, in his words, "it is the place to be!" That's why they combined those seats with the "meet and greet." I figure if you really have the desire to catch some of Wally's sweat you can battle the crowds on the floor -- but with the meet and greet, how much closer can you get to the guys? Bernie
  4. Marvin, Doesn't Saturday follow Friday? Bernie :-)
  5. I will definitely be working on some kind of informal get together (possibly on Saturday following the show). I know a bunch of you are already making plans. It should be one heck of a fun Thanksgiving weekend! Bernie
  6. Eric told me that right now the boys are looking at doing ONE GREAT SHOW. There has been talk that if it sells out quickly it will be an indication that other shows in other cities may be just as successful. So keep your fingers crossed! Until then, see you in Cleveland! Bernie
  7. Tom, I don't know for sure, BUT, I don't think the Cleveland House of Blues will not even be open until mid-November (it's still under construction!) Ticketmaster via phone or internet may be your only choice. Bernie
  8. Proof that Scott is not only a GREAT musician/songwriter -- but a CLASS ACT!!! Thanks for sharing, Marvin! Bernie
  9. I'm hearing that there might be a bigger story in the newspaper on Monday. Bernie
  10. HOUSE OF BLUES PRESENTS AN EVENING WITH RASPBERRIES Tickets on sale: Saturday, October 9 Price : $45.00 - $100.00 Date : Friday, November 26 at 9:00pm House of Blues Cleveland 308 Euclid Avenue Cleveland,ÝOHÝ44114 216.523.BLUE
  11. For those of you who missed seeing Wally's guitars in the last photo, here's a new one taken last night. I love seeing Wally's old guitar cases with the Raspberries logo spray-painted on the side. (How much you think one of those would go for on eBay? :-) I hear that the boys ran through "Let's Pretend" and "I Saw The Light," among others. Dave is scheduled to join Wally, Jim and Eric in a few weeks. Then the magic will really start. Bernie
  12. My fear is that as long as the "rock and roll intelligentsia" keep promoting Big Star over Raspberries, they will be remembered far longer and with more reverence than our boys. It's undeserved praise as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure even Jann Wenner would admit to a guilty Berries song on his iPod. Bernie
  14. Tony, No RASPBERRIESGATE here -- not only is that a real Raspberries logo on the bass drum (we had three sets of experts check it out :-) but that is Jim's actual SIDE 3 drum kit!!! How cool is that? Bernie
  15. Hey Bob-- Those are Eric's guitars. Wally hadn't gotten his guitars unpacked yet when this photo was taken. If you look to the right of Jim's drum kit you can see his empty guitar stands in front of some cool vintage tweed amps anxiously awaiting their prized possessions. As for the "V" -- I saw it last month at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame behind glass :-( Bernie
  16. Jim, Wally and Eric had their first rehearsal yesterday. Dave (the only member who lives out of state) is expected to join in on the fun soon. Early word is that it sounded "great!" (What else would you expect with Wally plugged in :-) Some songs they kicked around were "Go All the Way, "I Wanna Be With You," "Tonight," "Come Around And See Me," "Nobody Knows" and "If You Change Your Mind!" Bernie PS: "If You Change Your Mind!?!" I think my head just exploded! :-)
  17. I'm sure *they* will be recording :-) Bernie
  18. FLASH! Band equipment has been moved into a rehearsal space this afternoon which should be echoing with familiar tunes on Monday. More to comeÖ Bernie
  19. Marvin, I certainly won't say no, so if it's cool with Scott, post away. Bernie
  20. StillÖalways nice when Eric is acknowledged! Bernie
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