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  1. How many comedians have done an impersonation of Dylan's high-pitched nasally and almost unintelligible voice? Are these homages to one of the "world's greatest" singers?
  2. I don't think so. https://www.ranker.com/list/rolling-stones_-100-greatest-vocalists-of-all-time/rolling-stone-lists?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=devilsmusic&pgid=203974403467837&utm_campaign=rolling-stones_-100-greatest-vocalists&fbclid=IwAR1sLwQaQuwUisuH7c3mrGZf3lnH2NtRWiQoRnjQCCwWwiRDX7ngM_KDywY
  3. I remember that show, Matt. If I’m not mistaken, they debuted the characters on an episode of “The Partridge Family.”
  4. She was bit of a loud mouth comedian and I never found her funny. Still, RIP. She was Ursula on "The Little Mermaid"...so there's that.
  5. Raspbernie


    FYI, I was not able to hide Member Profiles from Guests, but I did hide birthdays, which probably shouldn't be visible anyway. Email addresses have NEVER been visible to Guests or Members. Everyone should check the other info to make sure you're cool with it being public—especially location if you're in the Witness Protection Program. I changed mine from "City, State" to just "State." That way Lew can't drive over to picket outside my house to become Moderator. By the way, one thing that can help keep things private when a Member is looking to post somewhat anonymously is to always refer to Members by their screen name, even if you know their real name. Could be helpful advice for the future.
  6. Raspbernie


    Susie, I will look at the privacy issue on Member profiles and see if I can hide that from non-registers visitors. I wasn’t aware of that issue. Thanks for the heads-up.
  7. Everyone was interviewed on tape with the understanding that their comments would be used in the book. So, actually uploading bits of the recordings would probably not be part of the agreement.
  8. I interviewed Clive for Eric Carmen: Marathon Man right before he appeared as a guest judge on American Idol and he told me we was going to submit "All By Myself" as a song from his catalog for one of the signers perform. He did. PS: I just re-listened to my interview tape from that session and he really was kind and supportive of Eric in all of his recollections about working with him. I know, tension often flared between the two, but he seems to genuinely have great affection for Eric and respect for him as a performer and songwriter.
  9. Dig it. You go, Audrey and Kate! Rock on! Who knows what additional magic might have happened if Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim played in their socks!
  10. Ummm...Isn't that just a chocolate-covered Twinkie?
  11. Peter Pank Diner. Served its last meatloaf and mash about 7 years ago. Was a big fan of open-faced sandwiches with gravy when I was frequenting diners a few decades ago. 😋
  12. Was that the famous Reo Diner, Lew?
  13. Wow. Even if inevitable, quite distressing that this was reported prematurely.
  14. You know you're getting old when kid actors from shows you used to watch start dying. RIP, Tony—everybody's big brother.
  15. In complete agreement, Batman. I went to just about all of the reunion shows and regret missing the few I did! That's how good they were.
  16. This is a poorly written piece. Is English this person's native language? For instance, the author says: "Also receiving credit for writing "Hungry Eyes" was John DeNicola but I have not been able to find information about his particular contribution." That very sentence tells you what he did (co-wrote "Hungry Eyes"), and the link provided gives more information. Duh.
  17. We just celebrated our 25th year, Lew. Hard to say how many Members have passed throughout those years. Although some of the more prolific posters that have passed are certainly on your list.
  18. I saw that Jeff Stevens (okstevens on EricCarmen.com) passed away. Jeff was a great guy and added much to the Raspberries/Eric Carmen fan base. He will be missed.
  19. Loved the Monkees series. “Head” not so much. Although “The Porpoise Song” was a favorite. RIP, Bob. Thanks for putting together Davy, Mike, Micky and Peter.
  20. I haven't had a pizza or pasta in months! Trying to lose those extra Covid pounds. Non mi rompere le scatole!
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