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  1. Amoeba was big, and cool, but there was nothing cooler than Tower Records on Sunset back in the day. It was always one of my first stops whenever I visited (which was often).

    In NYC, Bleecker Bob's was THE PLACE of find rarities, imports and bootlegs. The bootlegs was why Bleecker Bob's was regularly raided by the NYPD.

    Then there was Cheap Thrills in New Brunswick, NJ, near Rutgers—a New Jersey vinyl institution! Vintage Vinyl near Edison, NJ kept its doors open until last year.

    Back in the day, before the internet, you had to hunt down music. I remember doing quite a mad search for Raspberries albums once they were released on CD in Japan. Very hard to find here in the States, but I managed to get 'em all! Music lovers have no idea how good they have it today!

  2. Double tracking vocals wasn't just a Lennon thing. It was done by many artists to strengthen the vocals and give them more presence in the mix.

    Apparently John hated re-singing his vocals twice for every record and complained to George Martin, which led to the invention of "Artificial Double Tracking" created for The Beatles at Abbey Road Studios to avoid them having to continually re-record vocals to create multi-layered vocal effects. It took the same vocal recording and slipped it slightly out of phase to create the feeling that you were hearing two separate vocal tracks.


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