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  1. Honestly, I could watch ALL 60 hours of footage!!!
  2. Lew did you see "Get Back?" In the first episode, Paul is noodling at the piano. Mal Evans comes over and asks what he's working on, and Paul plays unfinished versions of “Let It Be,” “The Long And Winding Road,” “Another Day” “Golden Slumbers” and “Carry That Weight.” 😮 Also rather cool that Mal (and Ringo) give Paul suggestions for lyrics as he hunts for lines.
  3. I found it incredible how Paul at this particular moment in time was literally—and almost magically—pulling classic Beatles-tunes out of thin air. His creative output was astonishing! John had two songs. George had many more than that, but lacked the confidence to push them over the finish line. But Paul. Wow.
  4. The other remarkable thing is how prolific Paul was in ‘68/‘69 — every day coming in with newly-written classic Beatles songs. So incredible! Writing “Get Back” on the fly because John was late. Coming in one morning, sitting at the piano, and having “Let It Be,” “The Long And Winding Road,” “Another Day” “Golden Slumbers” and “Carry That Weight.” Unreal. Surreal. Prolific.
  5. "I Was Born To Love You" is a beautiful song!
  6. Bumping this thread on the 17th anniversary of Raspberries' first reunion show!
  7. Welcome, Rhonda! Your story is like everyone’s story…something about Eric’s music talked to all of us! Make yourself at home. Take your shoes off. We’ve built a pretty close community here. Above all else, have fun! Bernie
  8. If you’re a guitar player who hasn’t played in years, your fingers might be a little stiff, but you could probably plug in and play. Not as easy to do if your instrument is your voice.
  9. Count yourself lucky if you… 1. Saw him perform on the Dirty Dancing tour. 2. Saw him perform on the All-Starr Band tour. 3. Saw him perform at “An Evening with Eric Carmen.” 4. Saw him perform on the Raspberries reunion tour. 5. All of the above. 😜
  10. Unfortunately, I don't think there is any amount of money that could make that happen.
  12. I’m pretty sure I had a cassette tape of that unreleased Dynamite album. Will see if I can dig it up!
  13. I was lucky to have been at VH1 Studios the day this appearance was filmed—sitting just a few feet off-camera to the left of the band, Susie.
  14. Kirk, This was mine—sold at an EC.com Garage Sale in 2012! Bernie
  15. In 1998, when Scott McCarl released his incredible "Play On" CD, he held a concert for his launch party. His backing band at the Odeon—a small club in Cleveland, Ohio—included Jim Bonfanti, Wally Bryson and Dave Smalley. Ken Sharp and I had made plans to attend. Before the show, we stopped by Eric's house and tried to convince him to go with us to the show. If we were successful, we'd get to see Raspberries live—with Eric—for the first time in our lives! Ultimately, Eric decided not to go, feeling that his presence would steal the thunder from Scott and his new CD. Over the years, I've seen Eric play alone. I've seen Jim play alone. I've seen Wally play alone. I've seen various combinations of the guys play together, along with many of the original band reunion shows. I love this band so much, that I have always supported them—in whatever combination—and will continue to do so.
  16. Raspbernie


    Lots of quiet visitors, I guess.
  17. We need to find those “Merry Christmas from Eric Carmen” radio station messages, Kirk!
  18. Here are my Top 20 (in no particular order, but I might like Mad, Mad World best): It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Young Frankenstein Duck Soup The Jerk The Music Box Groundhog Day Airplane! Planes, Trains and Automobiles Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein The Nutty Professor National Lampoon's Animal House National Lampoon's Vacation Some Like It Hot The Bank Dick Elf The Naked Gun The Pink Panther The Producers Monty Python and the Holy Grail This Is Spinal Tap
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