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  1. An American bloke named Stephen Friedland. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brute_Force_(musician)
  2. I think it was John who said, “Yoko,” which makes it less snide and more complimentary.
  3. Apparently Capitol wouldn't distribute it and radio stations wouldn't play it. So, Apple only pressed 1,000 copies. One of them sold at Sotheby's for a couple thousand not long ago.
  4. Susie, I met Dave backstage after a few All-Starr gigs. He was a very nice guy. Super talented, too! His solo spotlight on the tour had him rotating between acoustic versions of "Lady Madonna" or "Classical Gas" on the guitar, depending on which night you caught the show. Quite a display of fretboard wizardry! NOTE: This clip is not from the All-Starr tour, but shows you how incredible he is! Hard to believe it's only one guy playing!
  5. Saw this entry from George Harrison's Diary in "Get Back" the day he "quit" The Beatles. Did some digging and discovered something I have never heard before. In George's diary he notes that "in the evening did King of Fuh at Trident Studio." For a good laugh...take a listen to this!
  6. Because Eric writes most of his songs on the piano, it's not always easy to transpose them to guitar. Wally Bryson's superhero talent was being able to figure out how to play Eric's sometimes very complex piano chords on the guitar. That's why GATW sounds so amazing. Or in the words of the great guitarist Dave Edmunds when Eric was teaching him how to play GATW on the All-Starr tour: "There's a different bloody chord for every word of this song!" 😆
  7. Now that we're all getting older, 58 is such a tragic age to go.
  8. Cool. Nice to see Zak Starkey. He keeps a pretty low profile and doesn't do too many interviews.
  9. Lew, I can confirm that Eric has watched. 😉
  10. This cover does a good job of showcasing the song’s melody. It’s a “sleeper” among Eric’s catalog. But a damned fine song, nonetheless!
  11. Honestly, I could watch ALL 60 hours of footage!!!
  12. Lew did you see "Get Back?" In the first episode, Paul is noodling at the piano. Mal Evans comes over and asks what he's working on, and Paul plays unfinished versions of “Let It Be,” “The Long And Winding Road,” “Another Day” “Golden Slumbers” and “Carry That Weight.” 😮 Also rather cool that Mal (and Ringo) give Paul suggestions for lyrics as he hunts for lines.
  13. I found it incredible how Paul at this particular moment in time was literally—and almost magically—pulling classic Beatles-tunes out of thin air. His creative output was astonishing! John had two songs. George had many more than that, but lacked the confidence to push them over the finish line. But Paul. Wow.
  14. The other remarkable thing is how prolific Paul was in ‘68/‘69 — every day coming in with newly-written classic Beatles songs. So incredible! Writing “Get Back” on the fly because John was late. Coming in one morning, sitting at the piano, and having “Let It Be,” “The Long And Winding Road,” “Another Day” “Golden Slumbers” and “Carry That Weight.” Unreal. Surreal. Prolific.
  15. "I Was Born To Love You" is a beautiful song!
  16. Bumping this thread on the 17th anniversary of Raspberries' first reunion show!
  17. Welcome, Rhonda! Your story is like everyone’s story…something about Eric’s music talked to all of us! Make yourself at home. Take your shoes off. We’ve built a pretty close community here. Above all else, have fun! Bernie
  18. If you’re a guitar player who hasn’t played in years, your fingers might be a little stiff, but you could probably plug in and play. Not as easy to do if your instrument is your voice.
  19. Count yourself lucky if you… 1. Saw him perform on the Dirty Dancing tour. 2. Saw him perform on the All-Starr Band tour. 3. Saw him perform at “An Evening with Eric Carmen.” 4. Saw him perform on the Raspberries reunion tour. 5. All of the above. 😜
  20. Unfortunately, I don't think there is any amount of money that could make that happen.
  22. I’m pretty sure I had a cassette tape of that unreleased Dynamite album. Will see if I can dig it up!
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