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  1. I am now really starting to believe we will see the Raspberries show in a very short time!!!
  2. I heard Shaun was doing this… nice to have an account of what he said.
  3. GOTG was BIG for Raspberries…catapulting them back onto the charts!
  4. Works because Eric had essentially a Paul McCartney style to his voice.
  5. Raspbernie


    What a GREAT vintage item!!!
  6. I have the quad LP as well as a CD-4 conversion. Haven’t played it in a while, so need to dust it off and give it a spin.
  7. That’s cool, Vinnie.
  8. Nice list! If I had the time, I'd track 'em all down!
  9. If they keep this up, we'll be watching remastered Raspberries sometime soon!
  10. FANTASTIC! Still has his voice at 82...and that twinkle in his eye. A few audience members did toss their 'knickers' on stage for old times sake. And yes, most of them were pretty old—the ladies, of course...not sure about the knickers! 😜
  11. I put my name in and got this back: Pronunciation found: Bernie Pronunciation not found: Hogya 🤨
  12. Look at that guy’s stereo.
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