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  1. Funny you chose that particular band, LC. When Cyrus Erie flew to New York City to do their first recording sessions, their producer had them cover "I Need Someone (The Painter)" by the Lemon Pipers — an odd choice. Here's the tune:
  2. Thanks to George Gell, who compiled a list of Eric Carmen's club gigs at what was originally the "Hullabaloo," then "The Exit" and eventually "Cyrus Erie West," by scouring local newspapers. This list is obviously not comprehensive—as Eric's bands played many other clubs—but it's quite a handy reference. 11-04-67 Hullabaloo — Lemon Pipers, Cyrus Erie 01-05-68 Hullabaloo — Cyrus Erie 04-13-68 Hullabaloo — Cyrus Erie 09-28-68 Hullabaloo — Cyrus Erie 11-02-68 Hullabaloo — Cyrus Erie 12-07-68 The Exit — Cyrus Erie 01-10-69 The Exit — Cyrus Erie, Factory 01-24-69 The Exit — Cyrus Erie 02-14-69 The Exit — Savoy Brown, Cyrus Erie 30-15-69 The Exit — Cyrus Erie 04-02-69 The Exit — Cyrus Erie 06-14-69 Cyrus Erie West — Choir, Cyrus Erie 07-05-69 Cyrus Erie West — Cyrus Erie 07-11-69 Cyrus Erie West — Damnation of Adam Blessing, Cyrus Erie 08-08-69 Cyrus Erie West — Cyrus Erie 08-22-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick 09-13-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick 10-04-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick, Harlequin Colour 10-17-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick 11-7-69 Cyrus Erie West — Cyrus Erie 11-22-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick, Moses 11-29-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick, Harlequin Colour 11-31-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick, Poe, Dust 12-12-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick 10-16-70 Cyrus Erie West — Bang, Raspberries (first gig!) 10-31-70 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries 11-20-70 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries 11-25-70 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries 12-30-70 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries 05-21-71 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries 06-11-71 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries 06-26-71 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries
  3. Super talented guy! Without Steinman there'd be no Meatloaf. Bernie
  4. Wow! Really cool to hear something new even after so many years! Great discovery, Lew! Great find, LC! Bernie
  5. I always thought these two songs had a common bond. Are there any others?
  6. In those days, record companies routinely "made" hit records but throwing money at them. I guess Arista came up short on ABM. Bernie
  7. They're still writing songs for me when I was a teenager. Wow! Bernie
  8. Soooooo good. Quite an original idea! And Billy can play! Wow!
  9. "If You Change Your Mind" is a solid A+. In fact, I'd give it an A+++. One of Eric's best vocals! And the chord progression is astonishing! Bernie
  10. Ouch. Some of the chords sound sooooo wrong. Bernie
  11. A great project for producer extraordinaire Tommy Allen!
  12. Eric will be a guest on the Sirius XM show “The Diner with Lou Simon” next Friday, April 16th at 7pm EST, channel 106.
  13. Details after the official announcement. Bernie
  14. "I Need Your Lovin'" was a Cyrus Erie original written by Eric. It was covered by Freeport in 1970. Their version is very close to the studio demo done by Cyrus Erie. Bernie
  15. Elton was thinking, "In a few years, I'll buy my own mop of hair."
  16. Cool. I stopped watching "Shameless" a few years ago after being addicted to it since its start. The storylines started going haywire (even by "Shameless" standards), and once Emmy Rossum left... well... Bernie
  17. Ad guy doin' his thing!
  18. Eric told me that Elton would just play piano, sing his vocals and leave the rest to Gus. Eric wanted to handle it differently and Gus was not happy. Bernie
  19. I'm surprised the title, "Baseball" hasn't drawn LC to this thread. Bernie
  20. Great work! Can’t image there are a lot of full Raspberries autographed pieces around.
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