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  1. Haha. Not bad.
  2. Sebastian Stan

    Yeah, he has a starring role in the Disney+ series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. And he's playing Tommy Lee in the new Pamela Anderson biopic. Oh, and he's belting out "Hungry Eyes" in an Instagram post that's garnered over 2 million views. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CIg9N43p_lT/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Bernie
  3. Stanley Turrentine "All By Myself"

    Brilliant musicianship on this one. Bernie
  4. EC mentioned at game...2005

    I have some pictures from this event of Eric in a Cleveland Indians uniform! Bernie
  5. WOW- ITWL- Top Pop

    Kirk, That's one of the known TV performances and is listed in the Eric Carmen: Marathon Man Appendix. BUT...it is an incredible copy as it has been uploaded by TopPop's official YouTube channel. Excellent find! Wish we could get every Raspberries/EC solo video in such pristine quality! Bernie
  6. Hungry Eyes HD

    Not sure how this is "remastered." Maybe just sent through a sharpening app? Anyway, not an upgrade. Bernie
  7. Pet Rock GATW

    Solid. Bernie
  8. DWTSG cover

    Nice job! Bernie
  9. Raspberries 50th Anniversary

    For those who might have missed this. Bernie
  10. R and R HOF Voting 2021

    Big Star...
  11. Boats cat-astrophe

    Haha. Great performance!
  12. Merv Griffin DVDs

    It certainly would be nice to have those great Eric Carmen interviews remastered from the original videotapes! I found this link from the Time/Life series: THE BEST OF THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW Unfortunately, this set doesn't include any of Eric's appearances. Bernie
  13. Another reason to like Brian Wilson..

    This was a great interview. I always loved Mike Douglas.
  14. "Cable TV" 1970 commercial

    Cable TV won.
  15. I Don’t think I’ve seen this...

    Vinnie's right. It's from the Midnight Special in 1976. I think it employs every '70s camera/lighting special effect that existed at the time.
  16. Eric told me he found this cover version to be particularly funny: a large group of singers, singing "All by myself!"
  17. "All By Myself" (Expedia)

    Eric sold his catalog directly to Round Hill.
  18. They're still writing songs for me when I was a teenager. Wow! Bernie
  19. Cyrus Erie/Quick/Raspberries Club Gigs

    Kirk, Cyrus Erie did, indeed, briefly reunite. Bernie
  20. Thanks to George Gell, who compiled a list of Eric Carmen's club gigs at what was originally the "Hullabaloo," then "The Exit" and eventually "Cyrus Erie West," by scouring local newspapers. This list is obviously not comprehensive—as Eric's bands played many other clubs—but it's quite a handy reference. 11-04-67 Hullabaloo — Lemon Pipers, Cyrus Erie 01-05-68 Hullabaloo — Cyrus Erie 04-13-68 Hullabaloo — Cyrus Erie 09-28-68 Hullabaloo — Cyrus Erie 11-02-68 Hullabaloo — Cyrus Erie 12-07-68 The Exit — Cyrus Erie 01-10-69 The Exit — Cyrus Erie, Factory 01-24-69 The Exit — Cyrus Erie 02-14-69 The Exit — Savoy Brown, Cyrus Erie 30-15-69 The Exit — Cyrus Erie 04-02-69 The Exit — Cyrus Erie 06-14-69 Cyrus Erie West — Choir, Cyrus Erie 07-05-69 Cyrus Erie West — Cyrus Erie 07-11-69 Cyrus Erie West — Damnation of Adam Blessing, Cyrus Erie 08-08-69 Cyrus Erie West — Cyrus Erie 08-22-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick 09-13-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick 10-04-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick, Harlequin Colour 10-17-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick 11-7-69 Cyrus Erie West — Cyrus Erie 11-22-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick, Moses 11-29-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick, Harlequin Colour 11-31-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick, Poe, Dust 12-12-69 Cyrus Erie West — Quick 10-16-70 Cyrus Erie West — Bang, Raspberries (first gig!) 10-31-70 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries 11-20-70 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries 11-25-70 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries 12-30-70 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries 05-21-71 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries 06-11-71 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries 06-26-71 Cyrus Erie West — Raspberries
  21. In Hindsight: Raspberries' Fresh (1972)

    Goosebumps from 2:36 on. If you don't get 'em, this website's not for you. Bernie
  22. Cyrus Erie/Quick/Raspberries Club Gigs

    Funny you chose that particular band, LC. When Cyrus Erie flew to New York City to do their first recording sessions, their producer had them cover "I Need Someone (The Painter)" by the Lemon Pipers — an odd choice. Here's the tune:
  23. Jim Steinman dies at 73

    Super talented guy! Without Steinman there'd be no Meatloaf. Bernie
  24. Goodbye

    Love this.