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  1. Billy K.-- You definitely need to check out the Japanese CDs. If you go hunting for 'em on eBay look for the later reissues. The most recent CDs were 20-bit remasters and are really AMAZING. I'm still stinging over the fact that some of Eric's solo and Raspberries LPs have been released 3!!! times in japan while most of them have yet to surface once here in the States. What an outrage! --Bernie
  2. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of highlights on the PRESERVED CD ... IMHO, the Rubinoos cover is the clear winner. But then again, the Rubinoos are a GREAT band in their own right. (FYI, that is Ken Sharp on the CD. I never thought his voice sounded feminine. Think: Nick Gilder, and you'd be closer to my take on Ken's voice.) --Bernie PS: I happen to like quite a few of Nick Gilder's album tracks. "Hot Child In The City" doesn't even come close to the power-pop splendor of a number of his toe-tapping gems. A pretty good songwriter with plenty of catchy groovin' guitar licks.
  3. Patience, Leonard...patience. --Bernie PS: As Steve said, you guys are getting this info FAST!!! Sometimes even faster then the venues (believe it or not). Eric has told me that he'll play the Hawaii dates and all July dates. That's what I'm going by. A lot of the venues have info from before Eric was brought into the tour. Hopefully they'll change those listings as the shows get closer and closer. One caveat ... thangs can change. The schedule is jam-packed. I can't guarantee Eric will be at every show listed. But there's a good enough chance that he will, which is why I've already locked up tickets for anything within driving distance of my home! --Bernie
  4. Go Eric, indeed! --Bernie PS: Heloo in Australia!
  5. Okay...here's how to do it. Click on MY PROFILE above. Then click on VIEW/UPDATE PROFILE on the next page that comes up. Then scroll down to where you can select a picture. I'll be adding more Eric/Raspberries pictures in the near future but there's a nice selection to get you started! --Bernie
  6. Hey, hey! Check out this nifty new Message Board feature...you currently have to be a full-fledged Member to use 'em and I haven't decided whether to allow custom pictures, yet...but in the meantime, check it out and pick your favorite Eric album or picture or whatever --Bernie
  7. Hey all-- Eric just gave me a bit of cool information. He'll be meeting up with Todd Rundgren, Mark Farner, Christopher Cross, Jack Bruce and Alan Parsons for rehearsals in Hawaii next week where he'll join the band for the first two shows of the tour. His plans still call for him to rejoin the tour in Denver on July 4th, but if he squeezes in any more gigs before that I'll certainly let you know! Aloha. --Bernie
  8. EricH-- I try to put up the most current tour information I have as soon as I have it so that visitors of EricCarmen.com can be first in line for tickets to get as close as possible to the stage so that Eric can hear us scream and clap really, really LOUD for him! Most of the info I get is gleaned from multiple sources. Until verified, some of the listings are subject to change. --Bernie
  9. Foolin'-- Check out last month's ASK ERIC column for Eric's answer on when we can expect some new music! --Bernie
  10. Kazumi-- Eric personally addressed the alternate DEFINITIVE COLLECTION version of "Boats Against The Current" in ASK ERIC a few months ago. I agree with you on Eric's voice, and most certainly prefer the original version of the song. --Bernie
  11. Steve-- Eric has confirmed that he *will* be appearing in Denver on July 4th, so grab those tickets ASAP.
  12. The drummer for the "Abbey Road" tour is Steve Murphy. The band for the tour is not exclusively an all-star band concept like Ringo's last year. In fact, there's a couple of other studio guys in the band as well. This way the band will have the proper backup to do some of the more complex Beatles numbers and have 'em actually sound like the studio Beatles ... something Ringo never attempted. I'm anticipating a really tight show and can't wait to hear how faithfully they'll be able to pull of the Raspberries classics as well! --Bernie
  13. Jim-- If you look closely on that LYRIC PAGE you'll see the disclaimer: "Most singles not available on CD." I agree that it would make a killer CD; I simply gathered all of 'em together for the purpose of compiling their lyrics. The picture you see displayed on that page is the CD cover for "My Heart Stops." While not an Eric Carmen composition (written by hit-meister Diane Warren), it does grow on you --Bernie
  14. I think you guys are underestimating Rolling Stone's opinion of Eric and the Berries. In 1972, Rolling Stone had this to say about the Raspberries first LP: "Raspberries opens with the finest burst of lightweight English rock I've heard all year, a raunchy 16-bar guitar intro, and followed by a verse that sounds like a cross between "Reflections Of My Mind" and early Badfinger. The rest of the album is just as ephemeral, and just as good." The went on to say, "Raspberries is much more impressive than Badfinger's debut album, and I find myself already looking forward to the group's second." Their review of Starting Over was equally positive: "The Raspberries have at last realized their potential. They've clearly become the premier synthesizers of Sixties pop influences, extant. Even more importantly, the end results of their adroit collages of musical knowledge often equal or surpass their models' original creations... Starting Over is still not the ultimate Raspberries triumph, but its highest points are as lofty as any heights rock music '74 has scaled. Of Eric's first solo LP, Rolling Stone said, "'All By Myself,' the seven-minute centerpiece, is a dramatic and heavily orchestrated ballad that works because it, like all Carmen's pop, delivers more passion than pretense. Rolling Stone may not have been as kind to Eric's other solo works, but you have to remember that Boats and Change of Heart were released around the same time Led Zeppelin was still leading the rock pack and the Sex Pistols were firing up the Punk Express. Still, Rolling Stone writer (and pretty prominent Eric Carmen fan) *did* note that Boats Against The Current was "a vastly underrated piece of work." Oh, and remember...who cares what the critics think anyway. It's what you and I think that really matters. I can't remember the last time I ever heard a critic sing a song. --Bernie
  15. I'm not positive, but I think that this question might make the next ASK ERIC. --Bernie
  16. Matt-- Kirk's right on the money. Eric has said on a number of occasions that "Waiting" was the first song he wrote. It was originally an instrumental piano piece that he later added lyrics to for the first Raspberries LP. He actually performed a bit of it as an instrumental at his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show during the interview segment. --Bernie
  17. Darlene-- Send me a copy of that Bottom Line photo. I've been thinking about offering "On Broadway" from that night's show as an MP3 file. It was pretty electric. Wish I was there! --Bernie
  18. "The Songs Of Eric Carmen" is still coming out. It's taking a little longer than expected because Eric has been working with the publisher to get it just right! --Bernie
  19. I actually have a lot of respect for Todd ... as a musician, singer and songwriter. I've seen him live a couple of times and he really delivers. I just wish he never wrote that vapid, "Bang The Drum" song --Bernie
  20. Billy-- I saw the Rubinoos do their version of "Tonight," too. At Maxwell's in New Jersey. It was actually the first time I had ever heard the song live and it proved beyong a shadow of a doubt what a great song it was. Pure unabashed power! Rubinoos bass player Al Chan did a good job on that tough Eric lead vocal part. As far as I know, their cover of this immortal Raspberries tune has never appeared on any album --Bernie
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