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  1. Dirty Dancing DVD

    I agree, those were nice treats. The original DVD release of "Dirty Dancing" didn't feature the concert or the music videos. I was one of the lucky few to see "Dirty Dancing Live" at Radio City Music Hall where Eric did an extended set of tunes which included "Go All The Way." The concert footage on this DVD is the only authorized live video of Eric on stage ... and well worth getting for that reason alone! --Bernie
  2. Raspberries Greatest Hits

    Christine-- You can find a number of dealers selling Raspberries' first LP (with scratch 'n sniff sticker intact) over at Amazon.com's zshops. Just search "Raspberries LP." --Bernie
  3. Un-Released 45

    The last time I mentioned these recordings to Eric he told me that he's never seen a copy (stock, promo or test pressing). It does exist in the Epic vaults on tape but as far as anyone can tell it was never pressed in any form. Bernie
  4. Sing-A-Long With Me...

    Ahhh ... my favorite part of my favorite song. How can I resist? But tomorrow We'll run a little bit faster Tomorrow We're gonna find what we're after at last Feelings that we left in the past There's romance in the sunset We're boats against the current to the end Bernie
  5. Upcoming TV Appearances

    I believe that one was WHERE ARE THEY NOW? --Bernie
  6. Upcoming TV Appearances

    Donna-- I certainly will promote any upcoming Eric appearances on the web site. Just keep checking back. One thing to look forward to (as I find spare time to update the whole site) is the return of the "TV/Radio Appearances" section which will compile a chronological listing (with pictures) of every single known Eric Carmen/Raspberries television and radio appearance through the years! --Bernie
  7. Raspberries Greatest Hits

    Christine-- "I Can Remember" was one of the more astounding songs that Raspberries performed live. Transferring that song's complexity as a studio recording to the stage was one massive feat for four guys in the early 70's. I can't think of too many bands at the time who could have pulled it off. What it amounts to is a great testament to the musical abilities of Eric, Wally, Jim and Dave. --Bernie
  8. What EC fans listen to?

    Kirk-- You just reminded me ... Scott McCarl's excellent solo album from a couple of years ago, PLAY ON, is well-worth getting. It was one of my favorite CDs that year! --Bernie
  9. What EC fans listen to?

    I hadn't heard that Clive was talking about Michele Branch. I do know that many of the heavyweights in the industry are supporting her because she's such an anomoly ... i.e. not just a sexy girl with a producer ... she actually writes all of her songs, plays an instrument and has talent. In fact, I did read that she just recently performed at her first concert in New York City and three other major female songwriters came to the club to show their support: Madonna, Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morissette. --Bernie
  10. What EC fans listen to?

    Kazumi-- I bought that Janey Clewer CD right when it came out. This was a good year (or so) before WINTER DREAMS was released and at that point was the first time I had heard Eric's voice on something new for nearly a decade! As far as I know, the CD is no longer in print and was never available on a U.S. label. --Bernie
  11. What EC fans listen to?

    Kyle's biggest influence is Barry Manilow, but he did make one glorious album for Eric Carmen lovers, 1997's self-titled KYLE VINCENT on Hollywood Records. Get that one first, and if you like what you hear, check out the rest of his catalog. --Bernie
  12. What EC fans listen to?

    Here's my quick list: The Beatles, Rubinoos, Jellyfish, Queen, Ian Hunter, ENuff Z'Nuff, Piper, Kyle Vincent, Cheap Trick, The Merrymakers, Greenberry Woods ... oh, and that brand new album from 18-year-old Michelle Branch who writes songs, plays guitar and sings ... a powerpopper for today if there ever was one! --Bernie
  13. "Ask Eric"

    Actually, if you re-read Eric's comments he does acknowledge the similarities: "...it's not the song "Tonight" but "Oh Tonight," the Raspberries demo that really had bits and pieces of "Friday On My Mind" in it. I suppose some of that may have leaked over to "Tonight" as well." --Bernie
  14. New Music

    I know what Marvin's talking about ... I had plans to remodel a couple of bathrooms. The first, smaller bathroom, was supposed to take two months and ultimately took three times as long! The second bathroom I did myself --Bernie
  15. Raspberries Greatest Hits

    Christine-- I *WISH* I was there. Actually, I'd give anything for the chance to simply watch the Raspberries tune up before a gig, but alas, I didn't discover the boys until after Eric's first solo LP. Consider yourself one of the truly fortunate! --Bernie
  16. Raspberries Greatest Hits

    Christine-- Check out the PICTURES page for a cool photo of Eric and the boys at Edgewater Park! --Bernie
  17. Testing, I, 2, 3...

    I agree, stick with it. This format will get much more interesting when we start posting more specifically about Eric and his music. So far, most posts have been about, well ... nothing other than the new Message Board and the revamped web site design. Let's say someone wants to talk about their favorite song, "She Remembered" or "All For Love" for example ... or perhaps something even more ecclectic than that like Eric's songs that were influenced by the Small Faces ... or a favorite concert moment ... people can then comment on that one song or one thought instead of searching back over dozens of posts to find a previous related message. This web site's been chugging along since 1997 while the new Message Board's been with us since Saturday. Take it easy, relax and watch it grow :-) --Bernie
  18. Hello!

    Thanks! It should be even better as soon as I whip all of the old pages into the new format. --Bernie
  19. Raspberries Greatest Hits

    Last I heard, the CD is still in limbo. The reason actually has nothing to do with the unreleased bonus cuts and everything to do with getting royalties paid to the band members. It's a pretty complex affair over the original deal the Raspberries made at the time of their signing. --Bernie
  20. New Message Board

    Kirk-- I had some apprehensions about the new format for this Message Board, too, but I must admit that I'm really starting to dig it in a big way. Lots more to read with many more opportunities to post. By the way, were you the one who saw Eric flub the "All By Myself" solo at the Roxy? If you haven't checked out Eric's answers in the new ASK ERIC column, what are you waiting for? --Bernie
  21. Hello!

    Kazumi-- Eric loves all of his fans, especially those from Japan! I should have the new ASK ERIC column up later tonight :-) --Bernie
  22. Testing, I, 2, 3...

    The only thing that I worry about with this new Message Board is that it'll take five times as long to read all of the additional posts Bernie
  23. New Message Board

    Marvin, I have all of Eric's answers for the next ASK ERIC column, so they'll be up very, very soon. Bernie
  24. Test Post (and question)

    Kirk, Don't worry that's just the status NOW. The folks that I got this Message Board from allow a limited test period to make sure everything works before comitting to a full license. That's when it'll switch over to custom graphics, unlimited posts and the ability to post without being a registered member. Bernie
  25. Help!!!

    Darlene-- I just started this Message Board about 90 minutes ago, so don't be surprised that there aren't more posts. The reason the other Message Board isn't up anymore is that it was hosted by AOL and they seem to have completely melted down their web sites. I couldn't afford to leave our community without a place to congregate ... so I thought this would be the best solution. This type of Board is probably the most common form on the internet. You don't have to be registered to post, and in time I'm sure we'll all get the hang of it :-) --Bernie