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  1. Shy actually sent his CD to me to forward to Eric. I never followed up on whether he listened to it, or what he thought. --Bernie
  2. Trust me, the "Barry Manilow" thing is more of a descriptive counterpunch to his jangly guitar laden power-pop Raspberries days. The article is certainly pro-Eric and most definitely pro-Raspberries. Many, many great things are said about Eric, his songwriting and the band. Pick it up! My unwritten Press Archive policy is that I won't include articles online until they're no longer available on the newstand, so I recommend buying MOJO now instead of waiting amonth to read it here. --Bernie
  3. Actually, Shy is a BIG Eric fan and even penned a song for him on the CD. He also gives Eric a big shout out in the credits. It's actually a pretty good CD, if I do say so myself :-) --Bernie
  4. Hey! I just picked this issue up and the Raspberries article is FANTASTIC! It's a real treat to have a decidely pro-Raspberries article in one of the most respected British music mags. (The Berries didn't exactly set England's charts on fire in the '70s.) Besides featuring a great color photo of the band (which I haven't seen before) and a great plug for this website, the article mentions our favorite fab foursome in the same breath with The Strokes, the Posies, Teenage Fanclub, Big Star, the Shoes, Beatles, Beach Boys, Kinks, Who, Zombies, Left Banke and Badfinger among others. This is exactly the kind of article we need more of. Something that sets the Berries into their rightful place in music history. A few more of them and we might be able to muster a groundswell for their rightful inclusion in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Kudos to MOJO! If I were you, I'd rush out to your newstand to buy this today. The issue features a great black and white Beatles cover photo and feature article (as if the Berries piece wasn't enough!) --Bernie
  5. Thanks for the "heads up" Aztec! Welcome to EC.com --Bernie
  6. Speaking of Neil Diamond-- has everyone seen "Saving Silverman?" --Bernie
  7. Hey, the heck with all of this controversy...what was that about a "brilliant website?" --Bernie
  8. I've seen Paul four times and IMHO the current tour is much more about the music than the experience. He's simply unbelievable! The best concert I've ever been to. --Bernie
  9. Lots of songs co-exist with the same title. George has cut a cover of the old standard written by Harold Arlen (who also wrote the music for the Wizard of Oz among others)...not to be confused with Irving Berlin's "All By Myself." --Bernie
  10. Billy-- "Go All The Way" *was* on Capitol's 50th anniversary box set, but couldn't be included on the new one due to the same legal problems that prevented the release of their new Raspberries Greatest Hits compilation. We may never see another Capitol Raspberries release until things get worked out between the record label and the band. --Bernie
  11. 1. Beatles 2. Raspberries (original members) 3. Queen
  12. Kristina-- I love listening to a lot of albums. But none has ever meant so much to me as BOATS. Those of us who have been affected by it know what I'm talking about. If we had never discovered it, we wouldn't know what we were missing...but since we did, we can't live without it. Prisoner of illusion...sentence is suspended. Loneliness is ended...love has set me free.
  13. Hey everyone-- I really do appreciate you thinking of me...and as they say, it's the thought that counts. A couple of things to consider here: these guitars are HUGE! (Maybe if we had one of those designers from "Trading Spaces," they could work it into the decor?) The starting bid on Eric's guitar is $3500. That's a steep price to pay for something that'll probably only see the light of day once a year at the annual EricCarmen.com get together. Now, I'm not saying it wouldn't be fun making that drive from Cleveland to New Jersey with that big ol' Stratocaster hanging out the back, but... --Bernie
  14. Kirk-- There's really no way of knowing. The counter registers a hit every time you log onto the website in a new session...meaning you have to quit your browser and come back to the web site. If you leave your connection on and check a few times a day...that'll count as one hit. Here's some interesting statistics for you: for the past week EricCarmen.com has been getting an average of 1,098 hits per day! We've had visitors this past week from the following countries (by number of hits in descending order): United States, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Argentina, France, Spain, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, Russian Federation, Czech Republic, Turkey, Indonesia, Greece, Thailand, Chile, Estonia, Colombia, Israel, Bulgaria, Portugal, Cuba, India, Singapore, Peru, Croatia, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic! When you consider how far and wide Eric's fan base reaches it truly boggles the mind, eh? I mean, the Czech Republic, Estonia and Croatia!?! Amazing! --Bernie
  15. I am speechless! 350,000 hits just ticked by today. Seems like only yesterday that I was celebrating 5,000! Thanks to everyone for their support! I'm hard at work on a super-special prize for when the counter hits 400,000 :-) --Bernie
  16. I just posted a mail-order LINK to pre-order the GuitarMania Coffee Table Book. The auction will be held on November 9 in Cleveland and the book will be on sale at the event! --Bernie
  17. Eric included "Almost Paradise" and "Forever Tonight" on WINTER DREAMS because his record company told him that artists releasing new CDs in Japan after a long absence generated better sales when they included remakes of big hits on their new packages. Pioneer wanted Eric to include remakes of "All By Myself" and "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again." Instead of recutting those, Eric suggested "Paradise" and "Forever" since they were originally recorded by other artists. --Bernie
  18. Darlene-- I edited your question to match your poll. Unfortunately, polls cannot be changed once started. --Bernie
  19. Whew-- Finally got a few minutes relief from what has been a very heavy few weeks of work. Anyway, if you have a habit of stopping here at the Message Board first without checking in at the index page , you should stop by and check out the latest news. Footloose on DVD, Guitarmania heating up, a new "Best Of" collection in Japan and a couple of new photos for eye-candy. --Bernie
  20. Hey, those of you who don't have this CD might want to snatch it up. I'm not a big Sittin' Ducks fan... but Wally's song, "Let's Just Say Goodbye" is GREAT!!! This was one of my favorite songs for a while after this CD came out. --Bernie
  21. Here are a few Eric moments that send shivers up my spine: 1. The part in "She Remembered" when she remembers. 2. Everything after Eric sings "Baby don't leave" in "If You Change Your Mind." 3. The part where Eric sings "In the spring the sun will shine and make the ice surrender. But it will not warm my heart as long as I remember," in "I Can Remember." 4. "Love Is All That Matters." 5. The last time Eric sings "But I want it now!" in "I Don't Know What I Want." 6. The "I was a dreamer. You were a dreamer." line in "Boats Against The Current." 7. "Desperate Fools," when the harmonica kicks in. 8. When the drum breaks and there's that cool little pause before Eric starts screamin' "I did it ALL FOR LOVE!" in "All For Love." 9. When he sings "To-night...you're...MI-IIIII-IIIII-IIIIINE!" and hits that ultra high note! 10. The last refrain in "The Way We Used To Be" when Eric repeats, "It's not too late for you and me. To be in love again the way we used to be." Bernie
  22. I'm getting together the next batch of questions for him right now and hope to talk to him in a couple of weeks...so get your questions in before it's too late! --Bernie
  23. Not only does Eric read the Message Board at EricCarmen.com but he will sometimes refers to posters to me by their screen name! --Bernie
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