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  1. I wonder if both Carpenters got "lucky" that night? Bernie
  2. Listened to it once. Will probably not spin it again in its entirety. A couple of noteworthy tracks. And I'm a HUGE Paul fan. Bernie
  3. Good tune. Great guitars! Bernie
  4. You just gave away everybody's age! Welcome to EricCarmen.com! Bernie
  5. www.ericcarmen.com
  6. It's ver-r-r-r-r-y close! I may have to come up with a prize! Bernie
  7. My heartfelt condolences to you, too! Bernie
  8. Raspbernie


    I actually saw ABBA live at Radio City Music Hall in '79 in their NYC debut. Spandex never sounded so good. Bernie
  9. Those are pretty rare. I had two in my collection at one time. Gave one to a friend. John Lennon had one, too. Bernie
  10. Welcome, Shelly! The Message Board has been offline for a few months but back now. So it'll be a little while before traffic picks up again! If this is your first time here, there are tons of things to catch up on! You might search for posts Eric made here. He was an active poster for quite a while. Bernie
  11. For those who might have missed this. Bernie
  12. Hello. I was reading an article earlier this week about the uproar over Big Tech's control over user content. The author wondered if the answer was a return to the simpler days of Message Boards and Forums. So, I thought... hey, we had one of those. So, let's try an experiment. Who's in?
  13. FIRST SET https://www.facebook.com/CrawfishAkasaka/videos/711408472740803 SECOND SET: https://www.facebook.com/CrawfishAkasaka/videos/294500288283078 THIRD SET: https://www.facebook.com/CrawfishAkasaka/videos/725502031581321
  14. "Foolin' Myself" was EXCELLENT! What a set of pipes on Hiroyuki Izuta! Wow, can he sing! Bernie
  15. I'm pretty sure I have a bootleg of that first show somewhere. Nothing too great, as I remember. Eric had a lot of criticism about the loose freewheeling nature of the rehearsals, so things were really not too buttoned up for that initial performance. Bernie
  16. Wow Another amazing setlist! Oh, to be a lucky EC fan in Japan! "After You!" Awesome! My guess is that would have to be the first time that song has ever been performed live! Bernie
  17. This is the very same website started in 1997! The website (and all of us) are getting old! Bernie
  18. Vinnie, The website is owned by the band, so yes, they do share profits from the sale of merchandise. Bernie
  19. The sad and heartbreaking news was just posted by his wife, long-time EC.com Member Wendy-Ann on Ian's Facebook account. Bernie
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