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  1. Everything doesn't have to be about politics. Bernie
  2. https://twitter.com/StephenKing/status/1362504528713637895?s=20
  3. Hmmm. Think he’s just singing to the album. So, maybe you only hear Eric instead of him. Or maybe I’m wrong? In which case, he sounds just like Eric.
  4. I have the soundcheck, which I filmed, and the show itself. I’ll see if I can post something in the “Ecstacy” section of the message board, with apologies to non-supporters who can’t access that area of EC.com.
  5. Not sure how well he's singing because Eric's vocal track is still in the mix.
  6. I'm sure they have no idea what they're singing about when they sing some of Eric's finest (and most poetic) lyrics: "Prisoner of illusion Sentence is suspended Loneliness is ended Love has set me free"
  7. Cool. Plus, I dig their rehearsal space. 👍 Bernie
  8. Uhhh... maybe we should leave the crazy ones out there and off of EricCarmen.com...
  9. Doreen, I just emailed you a new password for your original account.
  10. One of my heroes growing up. RIP, Sonny! Bernie
  11. Already covered in Eric Carmen: Marathon Man, page 7.
  12. Thanks, Susie. I was thiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to moving this thread to “Cartoon World!” Bernie
  13. Here's something nobody has ever seen. Raspberries at the Whisky the night Keith Moon jumped up to join them. Sorry for the big-ass EricCarmen.com logo watermark...but 99% of the stuff I shared with you on this website from my personal collection is out there without credit, so gotta take the good with the bad. If I had a time machine, I'd go back and do things differently. Until then...enjoy! Bernie
  14. He really doesn't look like that now. Must be the lighting. Bernie
  15. Michelle, Check out Jim's bass drum. Bernie
  16. Paul has too many "yes" men in his life who aren't honest with him. He is maybe the greatest living singer/songwriter in the world. The fact that the media kissed his ass royalty over McCartney III is not gonna help. Bernie
  17. Lew, Best not to cut and paste something that doesn't work. Saves me the trouble of having to clean it up. Bernie PS: The link doesn't work either.
  18. Paul has thrown away dozens of songs better than most of the songs on this album (except maybe "When Winter Comes," which was written in the early '90s.) Here's one of his best unreleased gems: Bernie
  19. Wow! Great story, Michelle (and welcome to EricCarmen.com)! Do you have any pictures? Bernie
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