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  1. Really nice, Kirk! How'd you accomplish that? Bernie
  2. The chorus totally works... but yes, more of a duet with them trading off lines on the verses! Bernie
  3. I made the correction in my original post above.
  4. Guys! We're just 20,000 hits away from 3 MILLION! Guess I'll need a prize. Hmmm...until then, here's a retrospective of the past milestones from the EricCarmen.com vault! Bernie 1996: 2008:
  5. Kind of like a piano bar version. "Waitress, can I have another Pinot Grigio?" Bernie
  6. "Just" in the context of that line has a lot of meaning. Just saying. Bernie
  7. Yep. Very proud to have designed that one. I also designed the back of the CD and inside cover of the booklet (with the Springsteen quote and the Lennon photo). The rest of the booklet was not mine and I thought it sort of sucked, but whatever. I did the important stuff! Bernie
  8. Ken and I looked into this, but found it financially unfeasible. Bernie
  9. Helluva post, LC! I, too, rather like “Off the Ground. And there’s no way “Driving Rain” beats out “Venus and Mars!” Other than that, there’s a lot to agree about in your lists. Bernie
  10. Don't know about the dude's looks, but I really like this performance! Bernie
  11. It's really a great, GREAT, song! Bernie
  12. Check the ECSTACY section of EricCarmen.com! Bernie
  13. Break out the mustard seeds! Bernie
  14. Uhhh... Journey was a pretty awesome band. Until they hit it big. Bernie
  15. If you’re creating a post or responding to one and feel the need to address a specific Member by name, think twice. Make your point, advance the discussion but please refrain from criticizing others. Some Members have been here for over a decade. Others have been here for over a week. Let’s work together to make a Community where everyone feels welcome. Thanks. Bernie
  16. I'm going to clean up some of the posts on this thread. If something you posted got deleted and you want to shoot me an email to complain, keep in mind that use of this Message Board requires agreement to certain guidelines, among which includes: Debates and discussions are always welcome and constructive criticism and opinions are valued but without the use of personal attacks, abuse or posting to provoke conflict. Thank you. Bernie
  17. In a Playboy interview in 1980, when discussing the song "Getting Better," Lennon admitted to abusing his ex-wife Cynthia Lennon, seemingly without much thought. "(The song) is a diary form of writing. All that 'I used to be cruel to my woman, I beat her and kept her apart from the things that she loved' was me. I used to be cruel to my woman, and physically… any woman. I was a hitter. I couldn’t express myself and I hit. I fought men and I hit women…” Still like the John Lennon's music? My point is that you can appreciate books, music and art without needing to stand 100% behind the politics, actions or thoughts of the person whose work you admire. That's all. I thought it was cool that Stephen King liked Raspberries. If anything, his tweet brought the band to thousands of people who may not have known about the band or forgot just how good they were. 'Nuff said. Bernie
  18. Well, I definitely don't "hate" KISS! Bernie
  19. Always cool to see musicians show their admiration for Eric's music. Bernie
  20. Doreen, I set it up so anyone can be a "Supporter" by donating anything from a penny to a million dollars. Either donation (or anything in between) gives you access to the "Ecstasy" section of the website. Bernie
  21. Wow! That dude can play! Bernie
  22. I transferred Jim's home movies and edited the video for the expanded "Live on Sunset Strip" Deluxe Gift Set. It's still available for sale and includes a bunch of other great videos and rare recordings. http://www.raspberriesband.com/store.shtml Not sure why YouTube is allowed to openly steal videos and let people watch them for free. Seems like that should be against the law. Bernie
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