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  1. Nice. An upgrade from the VHS copy I currently have. Thanks, Kirk! Bernie
  2. Of course, there's also this rather interesting connection to Eric: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/reo-speedwagon-cant-fight-this-feeling/ Bernie
  3. A Look Back at 50 of the Best Concerts in Cleveland From the Past 50 Years Posted By Scene Staff on Wed, Oct 20, 2021 Founded 50+ years ago as a music magazine, Scene — along with the commercial radio station WMMS and heavyweight promoter Belkin Productions — helped contribute to Cleveland’s emergence as a hotbed for rock ’n’ roll in the ’70s, a reputation that still carries significant weight to this day. In honor of the paper’s 40th anniversary in 2010, we looked back at some of the most memorable concerts from the last four decades. Now, to mark the paper’s 50th anniversary and to celebrate the Rock Hall’s upcoming inductions in Cleveland, we’ve reprinted some of that article and dug into the archives to add a few other reviews that didn’t appear the first time around. We’ve also added concerts that Scene has reviewed in the past ten years too. Is it subjective? Damn straight it is. For all the shows we saw, there were plenty we missed, and critics don’t always agree amongst themselves or with fans. But it’s still a mammoth Mount Rushmore of Cleveland shows. Scene staffers past and present, particularly Anastasia Pantsios, Michael Gallucci and Jeff Niesel, contributed to this list. The Raspberries House of Blues Nov. 26, 2004 The first live appearance of all four original Raspberries in more than three decades was one of the biggest local music events of the year, with an estimated half of the tickets plucked by out-of-towners from as far away as Japan. The crowd burst into Beatlemania screams — and that was even during the pre-show video montage depicting vintage TV and Super-8 film footage. The band opened with the masterpiece "I Wanna Be With You," which, along with Eric Carmen compositions like "Go All the Way" and "Tonight," typified what made the Raspberries so legendary. Augmenting Carmen's pop genius, the set also showcased the fine songwriting contributions of other Raspberries Dave Smalley and Wally Bryson. Surprises included two songs by pre-Raspberries band the Choir and covers of Who and Beatles tunes. The evening could have been potentially soured by Carmen's ego — notorious for 30 years running. But he actually seemed somehow humbled by the occasion, and his stage presence was rather endearing. https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2021/10/20/a-look-back-at-50-of-the-best-concerts-in-cleveland-from-the-past-50-years
  4. Haha. I'd have to pick the album. Without it, there would be no book. OR website. Bernie
  5. Agree. One of tries young ladies might be a Member here, but without concrete proof, I’ll also go with A.
  6. “All For Love” is an underrated gem!
  7. Seriously. Why is Eric Carmen not in the Songwriters Hall of Fame?
  8. You'll be humming this chorus every time you switch on a lightbulb. 😜
  9. That is a brand new cover for me! Pretty cool as it sounds like it was recorded in the '70s! Nice. Bernie
  10. GREAT story! Ken Sharp introduced me to Brian Wilson after a "Pet Sounds" concert in Philly over a decade ago. The story I tell everyone is that was the night I met HIM but I'm not sure he knew he was meeting ME! "I’ve met him hundreds of times. He’s not well, you know." 🤣 Bernie
  11. I once “booked” him for a karaoke party at my house, but that was a one-off! 😄
  12. Good ear, Helen. It wasn't Aunt Muriel, but it was famed composer/arranger Jimmie Haskell. Eric and Wally flew to L.A. and worked with him on string and horn arrangements for Raspberries' first LP. Eric was probably thrilled to work with him as Haskell has a litany of great work in his resume including "Bridge Over Troubled Water." Bernie PS: Welcome to EricCarmen.com!
  13. But now that the rankings have been adjusted to account for past posting history, Lew, you are a "Grand Master!" That's as high as the rankings go, so there's nowhere to go from here but down! 😜 PS: You can also see various badges you've each earned on your individual profile page. These are awarded based on various criteria set up by the Forum app.
  14. By the way, Kirk. If you take a look at your Avatar, you'll see that everyone's past posting history has been calculated into the rankings. You're now on top of the heap with a "Grand Master" ranking. Congrats on that achievement, too! Bernie
  15. Speaking about the Beatles. This is a VERY good trailer. Gets me all excited and goosebumpy. Bernie
  16. I am re-building the database to recognize existing Member posts. Once the process completes, everyone should have their status updated to reflect their lifetime of EricCarmen.com Community achievements! But Lew still won't be Moderator. 😙 Bernie
  17. I read that Kirsty MacColl "coached" Tracey Ullman for her version and it's actually her singing "Ba-a-by" after the instrumental bit because it was too high for Tracey to sing! MacColl is most famously featured in this holiday classic.
  18. Congrats, Kirk! Nothing like a repeat customer! Seems only fitting. You are the undisputed King of the Forum! 👑 Bernie
  19. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd, we're just 150 hits away from 3 million. Send me a screenshot if you're the lucky visitor. Wow! Bernie
  20. The updated Forum can now access the entire stock photo library of Pixelbay, a stock image site with over a million images, which require no attribution and are not hampered by the usual copyright issues. You can now add these at the click of a button. I'd prefer you use these stock images when wishing a Happy Birthday or Happy Canada Day or Happy Whatever. Doing so will eliminate the chance you'd be posting a copyrighted image that could get EricCarmen.com flagged for violation. Just click the "Other Media" button on the bottom right of your new post window. and select "Insert a stock photo." Search for the shot that will embellish your post, and voila! Here's a video that shows you how to do it. Have fun!
  21. For those of you without Kirk's eagle eye! 😁 Bernie
  22. When Ken and I had Eric autograph copies of the special edition of the book, we had him sign some with inscriptions for people who were interviewed or helped with the book. Shaun got one of those copies with a personal note from Eric. Bernie
  23. Shaun Cassidy posted a pic of him watching the World Series on Instagram. Nice selection of books. Where's Waldo? 😎 Bernie
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