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  1. Prefer Eric’s version. His voice is superior to Reno’s.
  2. I'm calling b.s. on New York City NOT being on the list.
  3. Eric wrote this song from Diana Ross’ LP, “Every Day Is A New Day.” His version is on “Winter Dreams.”
  4. Ha! Have to admit...this is a pretty ballsy performance.
  5. That list has my name on it, so was probably pulled from this website a couple of decades ago. Long before eBay. You had to look long and hard to find rare records/CDs back then. I placed ads in magazines and tabloids for rare tapes, videos, vinyl, etc. That's how I started my collection. Lots more stuff has certainly popped up since then.
  6. The rights to a song, and the compensation for its use, are divided into two parts: the rights to use the composition and the rights to the particular performance itself. So, yes, Eric gets paid for this commercial. Had the advertising agency used a sound-alike singer and re-recorded the tune, only the songwriter would get paid a royalty.
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