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  1. Sad news, for sure. Feel lucky that I nabbed a ticket to see the full Fleetwood Mac band reunion a few years ago. She sounded great that night at the Garden. RIP, songbird.
  2. A rare one to hear on the radio, for sure!
  3. For me, there isn't a lot of great music from the '90s. I think in the '90s I was still mostly listening to music from the '60s-'70s.
  4. It's a bit tricky, but I'll go first: 1965-1969 1970-1974 1975-1979 1960-1964 1980-1984 1985-1989 1955-1959 1990-1994 1995-1999
  5. Facebook says today is Kirk's birthday. So, Happy Birthday, Kirk! Unless it's fake news...then I'll move this thread to "Cartoon World." 😆
  6. I love all of these old press articles. Keep 'em coming, Kirk!
  7. What a shitty list. My only agreement is Badfinger, Sweet, Runaways, UFO and REO.
  8. Bump, baby. 18th anniversary! Wow!!!
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to all…and to all a good night. Should be with all that tryptophan slowing down your system.
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