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  1. Missed it. After a lifetime in NJ, moved after Covid to better (and less turbulent) environs.
  2. I saw the Eagles a few years ago and thought it was boring. The comment I made to my wife was, "It sounds just like the record." Now I know why! By the way, my comment didn't reflect the accuracy of the band in recreating their signature tunes. It reflected how bored I was by the lackluster performance. Only when Joe Walsh stepped up to the microphone did the crowd get on their feet. When anyone else was performing, everyone—including the band—stayed in their seats.
  3. No tape, vinyl, or plastic round disc thingies at the Raspbernie compound. I digitized everything many years ago (including all DVDs, blurays and videotapes). I don't stream, but literally everything I own is in a library that is available on all devices at all times. And that's the way I like it.
  4. Eric did admit on this very Message Board that the name "Raspberries" had nothing to do with fruit.
  5. The "Little Rascals" story was a made-up event to satisfy the early press asking about the origin of the band's name. Not sure if it was Eric himself who concocted it, or whether it was someone at Capitol Records. But I'll tell you this...when I personally asked Eric about it while writing Eric Carmen: Marathon Man, he was certain it was a true story. I guess he told it so many times that even HE believed it was true. Even after I showed him supporting facts to the contrary, he felt my "supporting facts" were a coincidence! Crazy, but true. The facts: Bucyrus Erie, the tractor company where Eric got the name for his band Cyrus Erie was located on Raspberry Street. When Cyrus Erie released their first single, Eric named his publishing company, "Raspberry Music Co." When Eric formed his next band—The Quick—he continued with the naming scheme, this time calling his publishing company "Magic Raspberries Music Co." A year later he named his new band Raspberries...because of the Little Rascals. R-i-i-i-i-i-ight...
  6. Eric told the story of “Planet of the Apes” here on this Message Board! I’m a little busy right now, but maybe Kirk (or someone else) can find it…
  7. “Bubbling under” as they used to say!
  8. Thanks for the heads up...another track that should NOT be on YouTube! This sort of stuff (while exciting to discover) does serious damage to the prospects of an official release of rare recordings from Eric—which would be GREAT for everyone! Not your fault...but you know...that Pandora's Box thingie...
  9. If we do it, it will not merely be a reprint, but a very special updated and expanded edition. I would like to do it for Eric, so we shall see…
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