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  1. Go All The Way...with Jim Bonfanti!

    Yes on both counts. Barb on the dance floor. Rich on keyboards (and incredibly high lead vocals)! Bernie
  2. Go All The Way...with Jim Bonfanti!

    Kirk, You can download it here: https://vimeo.com/564574611 Bernie
  3. Message Board Back Up

    Nah, it was just me who was being punished!
  4. Message Board Back Up

    Malware was detected at the EricCarmen.com Forum, which took a few days to clean up. Such a major pain in the butt. Anyway, we're back. Miss us? Bernie
  5. Go All The Way...with Jim Bonfanti!

    I'll post it in "Ecstasy" later with a download link. The audio is out of sync, so will fix that as well. Bernie
  6. Groovy to the...

    Yes, of course! Bernie
  7. Go All The Way...with Jim Bonfanti!

    Billy has created a library of backing tracks, so he can sound like a small group of musicians when performing solo gigs. He is super talented!
  8. At VFW Hall in Willoughby, Ohio with Rich Spina and Billy Sullivan.
  9. Groovy to the...

    Passed by that landmark many times over the years.
  10. Hungry (for fries) Eyes?

    Good conceptual use of the song. Like it. Bernie
  11. Anybody have this book?

    Looks like a print to order book. Never heard of it or the authors. Bernie
  12. I can find nothing

    Here's Henry Stadler with Jim Bonfanti sitting in on drums! Bernie
  13. I Saw The Light cover wow!

    Well done! A tour de force! One man on all instruments and vocals! Bernie
  14. The Nightbird interview

    I have that on LP! Bernie
  15. Bohemian Rhapsody

    Haha. Right.