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  1. Stellar first post! Welcome to EricCarmen.com—you’ll find a lot of kindred spirits here!
  2. I don’t know what any of this means.
  3. I’m with you, Kirk. Eric had to be thinking he needs a new band just as Magic was smoking those signature ‘Berries tunes!
  4. The lead guitar player’s got it down, Dave.
  5. There are some good actors on that list.
  6. I like Craig’s list. Maybe swap “Flowers In The Dirt” with “Flaming Pie.”
  7. Wow! What a rockin' little version. I love it! This band is opening for the Rubinoos at some upcoming gigs in Spain.
  8. Not so weird. I brought Jim Bonfanti to the gig and asked Al Chan if Jim could sit in with them. I had heard the Rubinoos play "Tonight" a few years earlier, with Al doing a great job on Eric's vocals. That's what they played it that night.
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