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  1. Kudos to Cyndi Lauper. Love her. Always have. Where do I begin with this music video? That cut-out figure of her that scoots across the screen in the intro. Dancing down the wet street like Gene Kelly in "Singin' In The Rain." Cyndi's real mother playing her Mom in the kitchen. How everyone besides Cindy can't seem to lip-sync to the track and the director never asks for a redo. Almond-colored appliances in the kitchen. “Captain” Lou Albano. Keeping in the cute take where she picks up the phone wrong and has to flip it around. Rotary phones! "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." Dancing down that line of guys on both sides with that flirty dress. The old dude reading "The Wall Street Journal" who joins the conga line. The tribute to the Marx Brothers "A Night at the Opera" crowded cabin scene. The conehead! Click on the video and add to her views.
  2. I know EricCarmen.com will never get close to the attention fans gave it when it inspired Eric and the band to reunite for a series of concerts, but threads like this one, and others in recent days tells me it still has a purpose. And a voice. And serves as a place for more introspective dialog than vapid social media posts ever could. Glad I was convinced to keep it around.
  3. A nice version, true to Eric’s original. Very ‘70s. I suppose this means the instrumental was played over appropriate scenes on the old soap opera, “The Young and the Restless,” or am I just reading that in based on the album title?
  4. Of course, the irony is that Eric’s search for perfection on his “Boats” album, and it’s failure with the record-buying public, would continue to haunt him the rest of his career. Eric slaved over every song on “Boats,” and it shows. Years later, he would begin doubting his ability to pen them, so he relied on collaborators for lyrics. As good as they sometimes were, Eric’s songwriting partners could never rise to the level set by his most introspective masterpiece. Can the future be foretold In a faded photograph Can a dream be bought and sold Well, I guess I have to laugh Sippin' on a scotch and soda A shadow in the corner booth So philosophic and drunk on grown-up truth
  5. Did you guys watch, "Only Murders in the Building?" Really GREAT! Steve (and his buddy Martin Short) still got it.
  6. Hell, that's truly INCREDIBLE! I'd literally explode if a lunch band did that in any restaurant I've ever been in! Wow!
  7. He's got spunk! I hate spunk. 😁
  8. My sincere condolences, Doreen.
  9. Sheesh, they're dropping like flies. Even I'm starting to think we may need an Obituary section now. RIP, Louie!
  10. Wasn't that an old George Burns joke? "Every morning I check the Obituaries page. If my name's not in it, I get up." 😅
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