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  2. in 2021 this is an "offensive" thread)....Martha Quinn? 2. Mary Ann or Ginger? 3. Pam or Jenna (Dallas)? 4. Chrissie or Janet? 5. Bunnie or Lou Ann Poovie? 6. Mrs. Ingles or Ms. Beadle? 7. Mrs. Brady or Mrs. Partridge? 8. Mrs. Bundy or Marcy? 9. Dulcey (Cimarron Strip)...or any other female character from a Western tv series? 10. Lori Partridge or Marcia Brady? (pretend you are again a teenager when answering this, don't want any of you guys cancelled for admiring a young woman) 11. Wildcard...you guys choose the duo and choose. Ok, I'll answer later, step up to the plate boys (and girls too). What are your choices?
  3. James…

    I don't want anyone to feel like they are unwanted here because of their personal beliefs, no matter how contrasting they are to my own. Having said that, it gives no one the right to maliciously attack other members. There have been many of Vinnie's posts, in the past, that I have found to be enjoyable, but there also have been too many that could be deemed to be derogatory in nature. In my judgement. many of these were intentional, while others were just in bad taste while an attempt at humor. Because of their longtime relationship on this site, James and Lew can get away with posts directed to each other that they, and others, see as harmless banter (see Lew's post directly above). I think many times, Vinnie, in an attempt to join into that banter, came off sounding harsh. Yes, it's very frustrating when it is perceived that an individual has lost all ability to be objective and sensible with regard to their political views. Very frustrating!!! It got to the point where I was just skimming over or outright ignoring many of Vinnie's posts for that very reason. I was letting them get under my skin, and I don't come here for that. I would hope that going forward we can have rational and respectful conversations, no matter the difference in opinions.
  4. James…

    Nah, I love Vinnie....it's just when he can't argue a point, he resorts to being an asshole, and goes way over the line with his assholeness (new word, someone must advance the language). And contrary to what the Osmonds (or possibly the Jacksons?) said, one apple that allows itself to become rotten, CAN spoil the whole bunch, ...girl. And Kirk, not bad, though you should man up and sign your poems, and date them, dating poems provides necessary context. Normally I charge for these poet lessons, but just for you, and your hard work here, especially in editing my boob photos of Sophie Marceau,...I'm giving you a hardship free pass. : Thanks Lew, thanks Susie, thanks Kirk, you guys are kind, so much so it makes me embarrassed : ) Final thought: James is good, James is great. James is with whom, All chicks want to mate. James, 2021
  5. James…

    James is a baby, James is a ninny, Could it be, he’s afraid of Vinnie?
  6. James…

    Jesus healed the sick and the lame What this site needs is more James. Amen!
  7. Happy birthday, Jimmy Nicol

  8. Great middle 8's

    The bridge in "Nights on Broadway" is a completely different song! Bernie
  9. One song wonder group

    Bit of an odd tune. FYI: This guy wrote "Young Girl" for Gary Puckett and "Travelin' Man" for Ricky Nelson. Bernie
  10. James…

    James…First of all, if I haven’t come to your defense as quickly or as forcefully as you would like, I apologize for this misgiving because there has certainly been reciprocity on your part… I love to argue, but I am not confrontational…Behind all this bluster is a guy who is meek and mild and was actually beaten up by Quakers at one point… But, seriously, you are certainly a pivotal member of this community…While Bernie and Kirk are certainly the backbone, you are the “face” of the joint…While long-time members and contributors like Craig, Matthew , Susie and myself are ever present, you are the cog that symbolizes what this site means…It goes well beyond EC music…As Eric’s music becomes less topical because of passing time and no future, your wittiness, satire, poetic musings and intelligent diatribes about politics, society, et al: have become a trademark of consistency here… When feeling down, we turn to this site and there is a “corny” poem to bring a smile to our face, a Lewisa/ harem reference that alters the mood or a political post that inspires and stirs the soul… Vinnie has attacked you…So what?…It’s just political ideology that his kind love to sling…It’s deranged thinking by his sort for they sling the “racist” arrows because there are no other weapons left in their quiver… I’ve always marveled how you uprooted your life from a stable, comfortable country that you adore to transplant yourself into a situation which reeked of insecurity and uncertainness, just to “help” and move the societal needle forward… Reinvigorate your focus…Stay here and do what you do best…HELP…Help keep a smile on our faces and a stirrer in our brain…We know who you are and what you do… Remember, even Jesus had his detractors, but carried on and still has a world wide effect on people to this day… We all change, loose focus or simply feel detached…but when you battle through those emotions, the other side becomes so much rewarding… We can’t afford, nor do we want to lose you here…
  11. One song wonder group

    Nice info and good find
  12. Great middle 8's

    Blaming it all....
  13. Great middle 8's

    What a great song…harmonies are unbelievable…
  14. One song wonder group

    On Bell Records from 1973, Posse "Don't Take Away The Music" (cross between Three Dog Night & The Doobie Brothers) (which also reminds me of the transistor radio in the Raspberries "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)") at the 0:35 mark!! Later done by Tavares in 1976!! (audio only) One song wonder group. Did not charted in Billboard.
  15. Great middle 8's

    Excellent! That took a left turn for sure!!
  16. Great middle 8's

    Here is a middle 8 for the ages, in my humble opinion.
  17. Yesterday
  18. 1 x 1 =2

    I like that unreleased Beatles tune! Bernie
  19. James…

    Sweet James, Please pause for a moment to allow me to clarify what I am about to say... I believe that all of the long time members here feel that we know the true James and feel zero need to give Vinnie's idiotic remarks any attention. His slings and arrows have zero merit. He is just trying to goad you into a response. James, we know your heart is pure and true. This brings to mind the hasta incident in which another member accused you of editing your post to change the context of the original post. I know how honorable you are, and that the accusation was false, so I jumped into the fray to defend your honor. It got nasty, but your honor was at stake. Vinnie is a goofball and gains great satisfaction from raising your hackles. Take his power away. His words are meaningless dribble. Just block him to avoid his nonsense, because that's exactly what it is. I am most certain that the great and fabulous Darlene-lama would agree. Be of good cheer, Sweet James. You are in the company of good friends.
  20. James…

    Hi Lew. Lurking here and there. I reviewed the thread over in Cartoon World to see if I overreacted, but to the contrary I´ve concluded that I probably underreacted. In one thread (on top of others in the past) one member here besmirched my manhood, called me a racist, called me a trouble maker, told me my name is too lower class to be included with a name like Eric Carmen....and then he demanded I be removed from this site. I obviously can take stuff like this, as I have during my life, and will see more of it in the future as I move forward in my life with more challenging endeavors. But what hit me hard when re-reading the thread, was that nobody said anything, everyone fundamentally went on with that member as if all was normal and hunky dorry. If anyone noticed, whenever a member is attacked here via lies and cheap shots, I stick up for them. It´s so basic. It´s fundamental in a neighborhood or a group of friends etc....or even in a group of strangers when one of the strangers is being lied about/maligned unfairly. I always try to stick up for them. The fact this member does his thing with impunity tells me stuff. I deal with shit in my life, as we all do, and I have actually learned to enjoy the battle/dealing with it out in the world, but when it comes to choosing where I spend my private time, it isn´t going to be where I am lied about, maligned via lies.....where the rest of the community sees it as just a political dust up. It has nothing to do with politics. Nothing. Calling someone a racist etc. has nothing to do with politics. It´s just that we have become soft in the head, have become inured to one Party falsely claiming racism as their main party plank, and like feeble minded people we come to see it as politics. Anyway, that´s where I´m coming from. Wanted to communicate this, will be deleting this post soon. James
  21. 1 x 1 =2

    My mistake about "2 + 2 +" which was actually "2 + 2 = ?" At the 2:18 mark on the 45 single version of that Bob Seger 1969 song, there is a loud guitar sound instead of silence on the album version!!!
  22. Tonight acoustic cover

  23. James…

    Are you back from the beach yet ?
  24. It’s always interesting (to me anyway) to see EC’s chart success in other countries… https://music.fandom.com/wiki/Eric_Carmen P.S. There is an entry on the bottom of the page with a song entry entitled “Can I Have This Kiss Forever”…Dies anybody know what the connection is..,?
  25. Paul Cotton (Poco) dies

    Paul Cotton of Poco has died at 78 years old. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Cotton
  26. Last week
  27. Reigning Sound Get The Message

    What a mix!!!…and out of sight vocals..I give it a zero…
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