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  2. The book. "Marathan Man" is a good song, the book was better than good.
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  4. Former "Rolling Stone" rock critic Dave Marsh loved The Raspberries BUT he hated the Tattoo album (1 star out of 5) in the "Rolling Stone Album Guide" in 1979!! (orange cover)
  5. This smells like a copywrite issue.....i.e. mp3 bingo. Who did squeezebox Craig? Hey Craig why are you hiding behind the sofa?
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  7. Is this one of those lawyer type questions LOL!
  8. A local band(Champaign, Il) I used to go see all the time, the Elvis Brothers, were approached about playing the New Monkees but turned it down. They did use one of theirs songs though.
  9. Haha. I'd have to pick the album. Without it, there would be no book. OR website. Bernie
  10. pick one… OR Eric Carmen: Marathon Man by Bernie Hogya
  11. I still have my vinyl LP which I bought when first released. I agree that the very flat production really hurt this album. Too bad because the band and tunes were pretty decent rockers!
  12. Agree. One of tries young ladies might be a Member here, but without concrete proof, I’ll also go with A.
  13. “All For Love” is an underrated gem!
  14. Very vintage early Alan hosting a pilot game show called "The Challengers" back in 1974. The late Dick Clark hosted a different game show "The Challengers" back in 1990 till 1991. Watch out for the "UNIVERSAL" scary logo at the end!!! (runs 14 minutes)
  15. I'll walk around in the dark if it's ok with you...
  16. Speaking of this album, it still ranks as my favorite Eric album on any given day. It Hurts Too Much * Lost In The Shuffle All For Love * Tonight You're Mine * Sleep With Me * Inside Story * Foolin' Myself * You Need Some Lovin' * "A" songs- 6 out of the 8 on this album- wow!
  17. I've had Tonight You're Mine in the car for a few weeks now- have to agree with everyone here...amazing song and writer.
  18. I'll take A...Mike and Marie Miller deserve no less!
  19. Agree, on his first 8 albums (4 Raspberries, 4 solo).....every song he wrote was good to great, with the great majority leaning towards great. And his last 2 albums were very good overall, with some of his best stuff represented......both albums head and shoulders better than the average album you'd find in a top 40 list from back in the day. For sure Eric Carmen wrote at a level as high as anyone with respect to the quality and consistency of his songs, IMHO. James
  20. Yeah, listened to it, it's his best song for me, at least for tonight, and maybe tomorrow too. Man, what a ballad....has to be the greatest ballad never played on the radio. Possibly the greatest ballad ever, period.
  21. Funny, even before reading Kirks post I was running at full speed to chime in that, for my tastes, the setlist was horrible. All my favorites left out. Every one. Also I'd have thought that if anyone could stand up to the mob, Jagger would be one...so it's hugely disappointing he gave in and left out "Brown Sugar". On a positive note, pretty impressive that they can put on a long show like that at their stage in life. James
  22. Alice has NOT played any Raspberries songs on his "Night With Alice Cooper" radio show.
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