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  2. I do not think Brian would reunite with MIke Love at this point.
  3. Wishing you and our other Canadian members a most happy Canada Day!!! And to my folks in Québec... Joyeux jour du Canada!!!! 🇨🇦🍁❤️
  4. Back in 2009 when my oldest was in college studying interactive multimedia, she and her team filmed a video to "Cruisin' Music" using my pristine Z28 Camaro and shots along the Garden State Parkway and in various Jersey Shore towns. I never got a copy of the finished project, which they shot using MY Sony Digital 8 camcorder, but they got a solid A for the project. We shot over three consecutive weekends to get 3 minutes of good video. It was tons of fun.
  5. Happy Canada Day to our wonderful neighbors to the north, and their gorgeous country.
  6. https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/unused-movie-theme-songs-title-tracks.1148114/ go to the 2nd page…
  7. Former actor Joe Turkel has died at 94 years old. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Turkel
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  9. It's in a plain white sleeve...
  10. Prefer Eric’s version. His voice is superior to Reno’s.
  11. To my friends and family Happy Canada Day! I'm proud to be from this beautiful country of Canada and blessed to have been born into a family of first generation Canadians! Enjoy the long weekend! ❤
  12. If that doesn't get you going, nothing will.
  13. Agreed. It just seemed "too perfect" for a live recording. Reminds me of the original Johnny Rivers Live at the Whiskey a GoGo LP's. It was later revealed that they were in fact studio recordings that were layered with some audience sounds to give the impression of a live performance. But I have seen Johnny Rivers and Tommy James live many times, and they were always great.
  14. If you've never heard of Mose Allison, you should. This jazz legend has written songs you know and has inspired countless fellow musicians who work in a multitude of genres. Talented, eclectic and eccentric. Today Mose Allison is my soundtrack to get me through the mountains of paperwork on my desk.
  15. A quick mini documentary that hits the highlights! 😊
  16. A superior woman, obviously.
  17. Hey Batman, I own that same tiny disc!
  18. Picture a family from Rome Paris, etc. spending their life savings for a dream trip to nYC and getting off the plane at JFK and driving on the Van Wyck, boarded up Manhattan , Harlem , the Cross Bronx Expressway, etc. They would be absolutely stunned by the decrepidness…
  19. I came across this mini-CD on Rhino Records back in 1988, I think. It's been so long I've lost count. I found it at the Sam Goody store in the Bridgewater Mall in NJ. I had never seen a "mini" compact disc. I had to use a special adapter to play it. The drawer in my player was sized for normal CD's, and the mini would fall through!
  20. I was born and raised less than 15 miles from midtown Manhattan. As a kid growing up, our family enjoyed many day trips to the City and never worried about crime. We considered ourselves blessed to live so near to a great center of activity. Even up until about 10 years ago, I regularly took my family in for museums, the Radio City Christmas show and restaurants. Now, you couldn't pay me to go there. I took the train in to go to the Auto show in 2019 and going through Penn Station was nauseating. There were homeless people lying all over the floors, and very agressive pan handlers not used to taking "no" for an answer. Outside, the walk to the Javits Center, previously a pleasant experience, was an exercise in avoiding trash and other disgusting things, and a wide variety of unpleasant odors. I used to love going into NYC. Now I consider it a risk not worth taking. Just my two cents.
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