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  2. The audio quality of this clip is great!
  3. Jerry Miller of Moby Grape ("Omaha" & "Hey Grandma" from their debut Columbia album in 1967) has died at 81 years old. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerry_Miller
  4. Aha. So why then, dear Bernie, was our young prodigy using the moniker ‘Raspberries’ in the first place? What DOES the word signify? (Having failed rather spectacularly to secure your biography, and being only partway through ‘Overnight Sensation’, I have such glaring ‘initiation gaps’! Apologies for that.) 🍓🤔
  5. The Little Rascals story was a ruse...it wasn't how the band got their name. Just something concocted by Eric or Capitol to have a story to tell. Eric was using "Raspberries" as his publishing company many years before that band was formed. And it wasn't even a main Our Gang character who said, "Awww, Raspberries!" It was actually a midget (or "fidget" as Stymie called him!) https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxJrsRfI_Vk4HnRZL2i_UviWFLZ5cLuX11?si=lR3MQ3fk1UtvsarZ
  6. Touché, Bernie! Funny how, while ambivalently watching ‘Little Rascals’ reruns as a child, I never noticed Alfalfa (or Spanky, was it?) shouting ‘Aw, raspberries!’ Granted: am terribly partial from early days to scratch-and-sniff stickers, but think I grasp much (certainly not all) of the Eternal Band Name Conundrum here epitomized. 🍓👅
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  8. My suspicion for several weeks has been that Eric Carmen got married to his second cousin Marcy Hill in this mid-century modern edifice. Perhaps he had a bar mitzvah in its predecessor, although then again, architectural-speaking, this building is circa 1960. (Would have to check into all that, of course, to be sure. Unless it turns out that in my Sunday haze I’m just parroting the remarkably well-informed RCT!). 🕯 https://www.fairmounttemple.org
  9. Longtime EricCarmen.com Members can attest to Eric detesting the "fruity" connection Capitol Records dreamed up when it heard the name "Raspberries." What's a lebl to do? Especially when another band already had the perfect logo.
  10. “Of all the colorful band names, more use black than any other shade. And while black isn’t technically a color, for the purposes of this list, it sure is. Some of the most noteworthy bands in music history have black in their moniker. You can wonder why – but it's undeniable that adding the word “black” to another word makes it just feel somehow cooler.”—Ranker.com https://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-bands-with-black-in-the-name/ranker-music
  11. RCT, aren’t you just treasure trove-y! (Ever been to Cleveland? 😜)
  12. LA group Smokestack Lightnin' "The Blue Albino Shuffle" (released only as a 45 mono Bell Records single in 1969 but did not charted) (audio only)
  13. A non-musician, as he describes himself, unrestrained by convention…a renaissance man indeed. Thanks, Susie B., an engaging biography.
  14. Of possible tangential interest, but only if you're into checking out former bastions of hipness when visiting a new city, is an area called Coventry Village, which was sort of a mini Haight/Greenwich Village/Old Town/Yorkville T.O. type of nabe in its day. I have no idea if it's still any cool--its last remaining record store dating from the '60s closed a couple of years ago--but it might have some interesting shops/restaurants/architecture. EC discussed it a bit in this interview, one my favorites of his 'cause he delves into his '60s escapades fairly extensively. https://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/75118
  15. RCT: forever (fascinatedly) indebted! Prodigious thanks, 🎶🤩🥀
  16. Great detective work! Thanks. 👍🎸
  17. >All that said: would it be presumptuous to ask if I could learn from any and all volunteers the locations of Eric Carmen’s boyhood home, his synagogue, his family >gravesite (in which he is evidently not interred), and/or other historic touchstones related to the five Cleveland-area members of The Raspberries? Location of first childhood home (though I don't think they lived there very long): 3272 Euclid Heights Blvd, Cleveland Heights Synagogue: I don't know if he had his Bar Mitzvah there or anything, but apparently the site of his first wedding was the Fairmount Temple in Beachwood. Unfortunately it looks like the building recently closed (the congregation merged with another temple). Parents are buried at Knollwood Cemetery in Mayfield Heights--plot locations are listed on findagrave. Charles Brush High School, 4875 Glenlyn Rd, Lyndhurst Severance Hall, 11001 Euclid Ave Watergate Apartments, now known as The Vista, 26151 Lakeshore Blvd, Euclid. Not THAT Watergate! High-rise where EC lived and wrote most of Raspberries and 1st solo album material. Reportedly kinda run down these days. I'm not sure but I'm thinking the buildings that housed clubs like the Agora, Utopia, Hullabaloo or Cyrus Erie West are mostly gone.
  18. And as for poor ole Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben, the bona fide social liberal/progressive in me is appalled that every minute suggestion of stereotyping need by definition be revisited and revoked by overzealous (faux) wokeists, all in the name of the almightily ‘inclusive’ dollar! (Such raving hypocrisy.) Bona fide culture is by its very nature controversial and provocative and biased and a product of its times. To ‘sensitivity blandify’ everything is to make everything characterless and aspirationally phony. (Bernie The Adman’s thoughts on this weighty subject much sought!). 🤑
  19. A sorry tale which immediately makes one think of the faccacta [Dixie] Chicks ‘strategic marketing’ debacle. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  20. Rebecca, probably not. My favorite candy, Black Crows, officially changed its name to Licorice Crows- because of social pressures. Black Raspberries? Maybe, the Licorice Raspberries LOL!
  21. Now I’m wondering who’s responsible for the Mac startup sound, a satisfyingly abbreviated bit of ‘Beethoven lite’. Could it have been a longtime Todd Rundgren collaborator from his band Utopia, the polyvalent audio guru Roger Powell? 🎶🤔
  22. Legendary to learn this. Creatively-speaking, Apple’s machines were traditionally the gold standard, so: makes perfect sense. 🎹
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