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  2. Yup!!! Not so much about the craggy old cigar smoking record executives having a monopoly, anymore. The music business seems to be more democratic in the favor of the artists, although you still have streaming services cheating on royalties. I believe that's why so many big names have sold their catalogs. Cash out and let some corporate bean counter fight another corporate bean counter for the royalties.
  3. Great analysis, Bernie. Spot on. I wish Eric hadn't lost confidence in his lyricism. I know our pal Lew doesn't think it matters, but I'll respectfully disagree with him (that's for another thread). The bottom line is: Eric the lyricist from the mid-'70s through 1981 was worth a read. In other words, you could read his lyrics apart from the music and get a lot out of them, connect with them, become moved by them. And "Boats" is at the top of the heap for me, along with "Nowhere to Hide." The line you quoted above is so imagistic. I love the way Eric stepped outside of himself and narrated his own desperation. C'mon, Lew... give us that!
  4. The photo on the album cover is truth in advertising. It perfectly captures Cyndi's spirit, energy & exuberance. A true classic in every sense of the word.
  5. Congratulations, Miss Cyndi!!! l always loved this video. A true part of early music video history. I think the off lip-sync is just part of the intended goofiness of the video, and the formula works with all the kitsch. She is a total sweetheart!!! ❤️ I met her on a flight to Puerto Rico in the late 80's, and we stayed in the same hotel across the hall from each other. She graciously invited me to her concert, but I had a wedding to attend.
  6. Love all of those old movie references...Talk about details in a video....the part where her mom smashes an egg on to her chest and the Corn Flakes box falls over. So "fun" !!
  7. Wow...I never picked up half that stuff...
  8. I see a lot of this track-to-track video technology. I wish I can figure out how to do what he did.
  9. The amazing thing about F and F is they have never performed in a place bigger than a small bar or restaurant, furthermore they have only played a handful of gigs These are very low-level gigs but the videos went viral eventually and it generates 45K per quarter in revenue for them of him(Tim). I am sure this is ever increasing.This had led to studio videos like Harvest Moon, There are many different ways to succeed in music that this act is living proof!
  10. Lew,

    It felt good to know that I might have played a small role in Bernie's willingness to keep the board going. I think he has enjoyed some of my threads and I hope you do too.

  11. Kudos to Cyndi Lauper. Love her. Always have. Where do I begin with this music video? That cut-out figure of her that scoots across the screen in the intro. Dancing down the wet street like Gene Kelly in "Singin' In The Rain." Cyndi's real mother playing her Mom in the kitchen. How everyone besides Cindy can't seem to lip-sync to the track and the director never asks for a redo. Almond-colored appliances in the kitchen. “Captain” Lou Albano. Keeping in the cute take where she picks up the phone wrong and has to flip it around. Rotary phones! "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." Dancing down that line of guys on both sides with that flirty dress. The old dude reading "The Wall Street Journal" who joins the conga line. The tribute to the Marx Brothers "A Night at the Opera" crowded cabin scene. The conehead! Click on the video and add to her views.
  12. Congrats to Cyndi Lauper for her video of Girls Just Want To Have Fun has crossed the one billion viewed plateau...It is only the fifth video to do so...Sharing the honor is the videos for the following songs...Sweet Child Of Mine, Take On Me, Thriller and Never Gonna Give You Up...
  13. I wish I could “double-heart” your response Boss...
  14. I know EricCarmen.com will never get close to the attention fans gave it when it inspired Eric and the band to reunite for a series of concerts, but threads like this one, and others in recent days tells me it still has a purpose. And a voice. And serves as a place for more introspective dialog than vapid social media posts ever could. Glad I was convinced to keep it around.
  15. A nice version, true to Eric’s original. Very ‘70s. I suppose this means the instrumental was played over appropriate scenes on the old soap opera, “The Young and the Restless,” or am I just reading that in based on the album title?
  16. Of course, the irony is that Eric’s search for perfection on his “Boats” album, and it’s failure with the record-buying public, would continue to haunt him the rest of his career. Eric slaved over every song on “Boats,” and it shows. Years later, he would begin doubting his ability to pen them, so he relied on collaborators for lyrics. As good as they sometimes were, Eric’s songwriting partners could never rise to the level set by his most introspective masterpiece. Can the future be foretold In a faded photograph Can a dream be bought and sold Well, I guess I have to laugh Sippin' on a scotch and soda A shadow in the corner booth So philosophic and drunk on grown-up truth
  17. Wow...What a voice on that Harvest Moon Performance...Great arrangement, harmonies, etc. Glad Vinnie and Craig brought these things to our attention...
  18. I don’t think lyrics are that important to a song... Rationale? 1,) If lyrics are that important, why do thousands of people listen/attend opera when they can’t understand a world that us being sung...? 2.) If lyrics are that important, why were acts like the Beatles, Cheap Trick and even EC so big in Japan(or other countries for that matter) when no one knows what they were singing...? 3.) Why is Beethoven considered the greatest composer of all time when he didn’t write lyrics to his greatest pieces? 4.) Why do Jewish people record albums of Christmas songs or Ringo Starr sings about “Boys” if he is straight and no one complains? 5.) How many spoken word songs hit the top of the charts vs. instrumentals ? 6.) Why do orchestras, symphonIes and marching bands perform with no one singing? 6.) Why would songs ever do well on the charts I.e. Disco Duck by Rick Dees or How Do You Do by Mouth and McNeal ever become successful if lyrics were important...? Lyrics ain’t important kids...
  19. A fair point, Kirk, except for one little thing: The editor in me wants to say “affection” isn’t quite the right word. It’s too lightweight. Affection feels more like “liking” than “loving,” right? To stay with your logic, I’d have just gone ahead and used the word “love.” I wouldn’t have used “affection” just because it rhymes with “perfection.” As long as you’re breaking Eric’s mould, go all the way and get the right word in there. Of course, we lose a couple syllables with “love.” So maybe: “I was a dreamer, you were a dreamer But love becomes consuming And it seems we’re only human after all.” Or, “But love can be consuming….” Or, better yet, as you offer right in your reply: ”But love is all-consuming…” As you point out, the original does it best. Nothing else quite nails it.…
  20. Affection is consuming in this context is his way of saying that love is all consuming, a concept that could be wiggled into the song if you interpret the over-riding theme as a failing relationship where both parties were all in. I don't believe in messing with the master's lyrics, but I can see the universality in what they did.
  21. Also LC, I don't know if you saw earlier on December 7th, we had quite a lively discussion about Mel Torme's version of Boats against the Current which Kirk posted. If you go down a little further on this Rock and Roll forum you will see it posted as Mel Torme Boats against the Current. AND Bernie even got a response from Eric about it and posted it ...that was quite exciting for us to see.
  22. So true. There are precious few covers of this gem of a song, but among the efforts have been some notable names: Frankie Valii, Patti Labelle, Olivia Newton-John, and (per the live version on YouTube) Mel Torme. I found a few minor artists on Apple Music, but... overall, not many takers! As such, the fact that Frankie Valli interpreted it was a nice testimonial.
  23. Hey LC. Thanks for spicing up the EC Monday night news🙂. I also heard the word 'affection', just thinking it was an innocent mistake on Frankie's part. But truly thought like you, it doesn't even make sense. The whole issue with Eric's Boats against the Current album fiasco was no doubt about his perfectionism... and indeed it is all-consuming. So the word Perfection needs to stay in the song. I don't mind Frankie's version here at all. It's been posted before but I don't think this lyric change has been discussed. I also miss the intro with "row row your boat" it's such a big part of the song also and it wasn't in this version. No doubt Frankie Valli recognized the beauty of this song and I think Eric would be quite honoured that someone such as Frankie Valli recorded it.
  24. That "Harvest Moon" is totally mesmerizing! I saw that last night and meant to mention it—worth multiple views.
  25. With EC news being somewhat slow, I thought I'd dig up a 45-year-old cover of "Boats Against the Current" and chew on it for a minute. I made a minor note of Frankie Valli's version of "Boats" in a 2011 post, but it was sort of an aside that drew no comments. However, while making a "Boats-only" playlist this week, I gave Frankie's cover a close listen and for some reason, a lyric change in the second verse suddenly hit me as "wrong." Here's how he sang it: "I was a dreamer, you were a dreamer But affection is consuming And it seems we're only human after all." See what he did there? He changed "perfection" to "affection." Now, I know singers mess around with words in cover songs. In another thread, I cited one of the most famous: The Monkees changed a line in John Stewart's "Daydream Believer" from "You once thought of me as a white knight on his steed/Now you know how funky I can be" to "Now you know how happy I can be." The change from "funky" to "happy" rendered the line nonsensical, but nobody noticed or cared... and the song sold millions. John got a kick out of it, really—and the royalties helped keep him recording and touring right up until his passing in January 2008. Frankie's version of "Boats" is as obscure as it gets, so you might say, "Who cares?" But as I noted above, It's a slow news week. 🙂 Anyway, I'd put Frankie's "perfection/affection" change in the same class as "funky/happy"—it just doesn't make sense. In the case of "Daydream Believer," Colgems Records didn't want Davy Jones singing the word "funky." (Gasp!) With "Boats," I can't figure out why Frankie or his producer thought "affection" would work better than "perfection." Eric's original line is one of my favorites, one I've quoted often: "Perfection is consuming, and it seems we're only human after all." You totally get it—being "perfect" is exhausting, especially in (but not limited to) a relationship. But "affection is consuming"? Anyone want to interpret that? Despite this nitpick, Mr. Valli did an admirable job with "Boats." And you've gotta admire his musical taste for tackling it in the first place.
  26. https://www.yahoo.com/news/only-39-songs-stayed-no-123000290.html
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