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  2. Raspberries TONIGHT!

    Kirk, I already got it. Those are ordered for Hiroyuki Izuta and some other raspberries fans in Japan. It is said that he is planning "Raspberries reunion live" with his support band on November!!! And he will do Eric Carmen tribute line on Aug.8 and Aug.11!!! Come to Japan to enjoy Eric cover live by Hiroyuki Izuta!!!(^_-)-☆
  3. I think Wally sounds a bit like McCartney, more so than Eric.
  4. Raspberries TONIGHT!

    You'll enjoy It! Reliving the reunion!
  5. Raspberries TONIGHT!

    Thank you Bernie for your quick response! Those goods arrived just now! Raspberries TONIGHT! by Bernie Hogya & Ken Sharp
  6. Yesterday
  7. Not a bad song...I'm pretty good with vocal recognition- somebody will call me on the telephone who I haven't talked to in 20 years and I'll know who it is before they finish 'remember me'? Anyway, I thought the Chilliwack lead singer could pass for the Doobie Brothers. Eric, not so much...
  8. Now that's an interesting topic. Why don't we get that creative here? :-) (Just kidding.) Seriously, I love the thread—the blue-sky dreaming of the first guy, followed quickly by the cut-and-dried response of the next guy ("50% of people would think it was Paul's song. 40% would think "Wow, I didn't know he did this song." The others would think it was a pretty strange choice of a cover song...") And then... the differing opinions that followed. My take: Throughout his career as a recording artist, Eric had a very distinctive voice—it was unique. So I sort of agree with the guy who said, in so many words, that he thought Eric's voice had a passing resemblance to Paul's, but the bigger thing is that his songwriting style was very Beatlesque, and more on the McCartney than Lennon side. Certainly I would concede that Eric at times has McCartneyish intonations. But that tone is all Eric's. And nobody sounds quite like him. The only time I ever heard a song and thought it sounded like Eric was a single called "I Believe" by a Canadian band called Chilliwack. (Marvin was the only person here who knew of that band—I only heard of them because I got a review copy of an early-1980s LP they recorded). PS: I like how on the Hoffman forum people refer to him as "Carmen" all the time. Here, we always call him "Eric." He's a friend, after all. (And we wish he'd hang out here again and contribute something now and then.... A book of the month? A music lesson? Something...?) PPS: ThIs is that Chilliwack song; listen to it at least through the first chorus:
  9. https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/if-paul-mccartney-sang-go-all-the-way-in-concert.102772/
  10. I'm wouldn't change a note—or add a gaggle of people singing syrupy backing vocals! Bernie
  11. A lot of people who missed the Raspberries for whatever reason cite this song as the one that turned them on to Eric. It's perfect in every way.
  12. Kirk, this version? I like it better—sort of a late-1960s pop vibe....
  13. Give this song a listen all the way through and let me know what you think.... Is it as perfectly composed as I'm thinking it is? youtube.com/watch?v=z8N6lCZoaLY
  14. Last week
  15. Forum comments on Eric solo CD’s

    The people involved in that discussion were obviously fans as well as audiophiles. Good stuff!
  16. Some of these people know their stuff...Still wonder if any of these fans were regular members of Bernie’s site? https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/eric-carmen-solo-on-cd.294910/
  17. So, what do you think it is the Kay and Wally have?
  18. Thanks, Bernie. It only adds to the frustration and outrage over that hot news story about the Universal fire that destroyed countless master tapes. Speaking of that, because it's related, I thought this was an interesting interview—it's with a Universal archivist who said the losses were "overstated" (but that any loss is painful): https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/8516256/umg-archivist-interview-universal-fire-masters-tapes-litigation Didn't we grow up hearing, "Take care of your stuff!" from our moms and dads? Well, people don't always follow that advice—even those who are caretaking historical art!
  19. LC, I'm guessing when they refer to "Capitol Records Tapes" they are referring to the Mix-down Masters, which do exist. What doesn't exist (or are at least lost in some vault somewhere) are the Multitrack Masters. The mix-downs are two-track stereo used for originally mastering the albums. The multitracks have 16 separate audio tracks with each part, voice, instrument on separate tracks. Those multitrack are what's needed to really do a proper remastering of the albums. Bernie
  20. Leo Sayer "Selfie"

    Always liked him...
  21. Leo Sayer "Selfie"

    Brand new album by Leo Sayer called "Selfie" & it's his best work since the late 70's!! I downloaded the whole thing on itunes & it's excellent!! You won't be disappointed. Matt
  22. DAYS WON...

    I am now narrowing the gap on “Days Won” with James...It won’t be long...
  23. My bad. It makes sense now. I never noticed it before until I heard it on The Essentials CD.
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