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    Umm, me too I guess!!! Matt
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    That’s so cool - I have limited interaction but have let him know when a fake account follows me - He’s very interesting on there and very active. He’s still my number one favorite - no one comes close. I just acquired a CD of his self titled album that was on Geffen - wanted it since it has I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips. This one has 3 different versions - this has to be one of my favorite cds of his - not a bad song on it !! H
  5. New follower on Twitter

    Eric is following me on twitter too😍😍❤️❤️
  6. Guess who is following me on Twitter?? Made my day ❤️❤️❤️
  7. This is filled with some great opinions...I’m sure you’ll enjoy... https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/did-prog-rock-kill-raspberries-badfinger-big-star.126993/
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  9. Underrated...

    In the 5th Dimension song "Blowin' Away", someone said "Ahhh, do it Mike!!" That was Mike Deasy guitar work!!!
  10. Underrated...

    Always my favorite in the Fifth Dimension! As little girls will do, I pretended to be Marilyn while my sister was Florence LaRue as we sang to our 5th D albums with hairbrushes for imaginary microphones. Silly little girls!
  11. Underrated...

    ...IMO is Marylin McCoo. Great voice....and she exudes uber class, something that is an endangered species today. P.S. the guy who wrote this song also wrote "Love Grows" One of my favorite songs of all time:
  12. Tommy James "I Think We're Alone Now" (acoustic)

    Here's one that fits what Susie said, and it's actually better than the (wonderful) full production original:
  13. Raspberries meet John Lennon

    Susie, thanks for fleshing that out- I almost forgot how alive the board was when Eric was still active- although this topic pretty much coincides with the last of Eric's posts. Good read!
  14. Minimalist GATW

    I like them! Get a bit of a Beach Boys vibe in the GATW cover. Getting good vibes from this trip. 😊
  15. Raspberries meet John Lennon

    Bumping this topic that Darlene and I had been debating and decided to post... Lennon hommage to Carmen with a title swipe of "Starting Over".
  16. Tommy James "I Think We're Alone Now" (acoustic)

    In this acoustic version, the listener can hear what a lovely voice Tommy James truly has. Something magical happens when artists revisit their own rock classic and perform the song "unplugged". There is a pureness to the song that, perhaps, brings the listener a wee bit closer to the infancy of a great song as it was born in the songwriter's imagination. Our very own Raspberries give us a prime example...
  17. Eddie Money has cancer

    So sad. Always have enjoyed his music, especially his collaboration with Miss Ronnie Spector.
  18. Eddie Money has cancer

    Story on TMZ website: https://www.tmz.com/2019/08/24/eddie-money-diagnosed-stage-4-esophageal-cancer/#comments
  19. It's Eric's Birthday!

    Really love that picture of him!! ❤️
  20. At The Record Plant

    Hey Jay! Great to see you here! Hoping you're doing okay—we need to have a catch-up phone call. —LC
  21. Raspberries meet John Lennon

    It is fun to speculate. "Overnight Sensation" is indeed Eric's masterpiece, but, in addition to John, Paul, and anybody else you might mention, Eric heard this as his "Good Vibrations", so through in some Brian Wilson; this song is the pinnacle of what Raspberries stood for!
  22. Raspberries meet John Lennon

    And another thing: I love the rumor that John Lennon ducked into the control room and did some tinkering on "Overnight Sensation." I love it, and I've always bought into it. After all, it's totally within the realm of possibility. "Overnight Sensation," my favorite among Eric's Raspberries masterworks, has a distinct Lennon aura (and hints of McCartney, too). And the rumor had to have started for a reason. So it's a wonderful visual if you let your mind wander.... The great ex-Beatle was enjoying his freedom from the Fab Four, married life, and touring pressure, so he was bopping around in the studio, and he was "feeling" the kinship of "Overnight Sensation," so he took the liberty of doing some subtle "product improvement." Why not? As long as he was in the house, maybe he felt like he should make himself useful. And would anyone associated with the Raspberries have objected? You could just hear Eric or Wally if John had said, "Can I make a couple of suggestions for that nice bit you've got in the works...?" "By all means, Mr. Lennon. Have at it!"
  23. Raspberries meet John Lennon

    I wonder if Lennon gave the Rick to someone associated with the Raspberries, but not actually a member of the band? Somebody, who, you know, might not have mentioned that he got a guitar from John Lennon? I don't mean that to sound accusatory in any way. I'm speculating only because of the odd mention of the words "the vendor" in this quote from the auction listing: John later gave this guitar to The Raspberry band member (the vendor) for his help on the session. I don't know why the listing author would include a parenthetical "the vendor"—it makes no sense.... Leading me to believe that maybe there's some other party involved? All of which is to say, Eric may have squashed the idea of himself, Wally, Scott, or Mike receiving a killer gift from John Lennon... but it doesn't mean Lennon didn't gift somebody related to the 'berries with a Rickenbacker! The mystery lives on!
  24. Raspberries meet John Lennon

    So, they were trying to authenticate that Rick for an auction. Eric pretty much squashed that rumor...
  25. Raspberries meet John Lennon

  26. Minimalist GATW

    Trio does 1 minute of Raspberries, 1 minute of Beatles, and 20 seconds of Bee Gees:
  27. From his comeback album "Alive", here is Tommy James with "I Think We're Alone Now" (acoustic) which is the remake of the 1967 TJ & The Shondells (later done by Tiffany in 1987). Peaked at # 27 on Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts.
  28. Hollywood Stars "Sound City" (1976)

    The Hollywood Stars "All The Kids On The Street" went to # 94 (Hot 100) back in June of 1977 on the black Arista record label.
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