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  2. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    LC, I the video won´t play ...says not eligible in my country. I mentioned I recently purchased ELO´s full catalog in a box set. I´m going to listen to "Out of the Blue" very shortly. My copy has "Latitude 88 North" and the 2 other bonus tracks. P.S. I´m kind of a purist (or dumby maybe) as normally I skip bonus tracks as to me they are a compromise to the integrity of the piece of art that is the original album, its songs, the song order etc. I know, I´m weird, but I will break my rule happily with "Out of the Blue". !!.....and let you know my opinion on the album and the bonus track.
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  4. Happy Canada day

  5. Happy Canada day

  6. Happy Canada day

  7. Happy Canada day

  8. Happy Canada day

  9. So cool, so rocking..

    Pretty cool—good find! Did I see Bernie with a guitar bopping around amidst the performers?

    Sorry fellas... My write in vote is for the Darlenelama. She will fix everything AND keep funding for music education in the schools. And I'm thinking that Lew would still be a fine VP with Raspathens as Attorney General and Marlene as the Health Goddess. ☺️
  11. Happy Birthday to Pretender!

    Happy Birthday, Pretender!!!! Hoping you had a great celebration with your beautiful wife and the pups!
  12. “Rare and Scratchy” Podcast

    Great podcast giving a detailed audio retrospective from the Choir to Brand New Year... https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/david-milberg/rare-scratchy-rock-n-roll/e/53928651
  13. Podcast featuring EC...

    https://podbay.fm/podcast/1372511062/e/1565355651 Another episode of “Yacht Rock” with spotlight on Eric and Hall and Oates connection starting at the 24:30 mark...These guys love EC...
  14. So cool, so rocking..

    ...pretty moving also. Kinda what rock & roll is all about. As good as anything I´ve seen on youtube ever:
  15. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    I think I'd put Do Ya' at the top of my list...
  16. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    Did anyone else here buy the expanded Out of the Blue CD when it came out in 2007? It had three bonus tracks, two of which were interesting, historically, but not "essential"—and one that's awesome: "Lattitude 88 North. I guess it was one of those heavily traded bootleg tracks, an outtake that ELO fans had known about for years. So when it was included on the 30th-anniversary release, fans were overjoyed. I hadn't heard it at that point, but I bought the disc (again) as soon as it came out, just to get the bonus tracks. And I love "Lattitude 88 North." It's so good that I can't believe Lynne left if off the original LP! It would have fit in perfectly on Side 1, after "Sweet Talking Woman." In fact, in that ranking I did that started off this section, I didn't include the bonus tracks, but I'd put this one up in the "A-" or "B+" area. James, if you dug discovering "Now You're Gone," you''ll dig this too (though you may have already heard it):
  17. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    Craig, I did actually revisit Secret Messages, for the first time in many years. It still hasn't connected, though I've always really loved "Stranger." And of course "Rock'n'Roll Is King" is a great single. But there wasn't much else that was "sticking." I'd be interested in seeing your rankings of the songs on the original Secret Messages release. I'll give it more of a chance, for sure. As for the "almost" release... I didn't know about the original plan for a two-LP set—pretty interesting! I'm curious about the omitted songs, especially "Beatles Forever," so I searched that one and found it on YouTube. I also found a quote from Lynne where he said he was just sort of noodling around, thinking about the Beatles impact on him, so he wrote this, but never wanted it released.
  18. Site dissects middle of the road pop...

    There was an ‘easy listening’ or ‘adult contemporary’ fm station in L.A. called KNX radio during the 70’s that would fit this category of music. Probably had my car radio tuned to it 90% of the time. It would still be my station of choice had they not gone off the air decades ago. I’m sure the subscription radio stations have a channel like this but I don’t belong to any. Eric would still be well represented with his classical background and songs from Winter Dreams could be just the ticket for AOR (adult orient radio). Brand New Year should have been a shining star on AOR.
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  20. Happy Birthday to Pretender!

    Happy Birthday Pretender🎂
  21. Happy Birthday to Pretender!

    Have a great day, man! James

    Lew!!!....if you study Biden, you´ll know he earned a bunch of $s via corruption. As VP you can go to school on how Biden did it, and do it yourself!!!!!! Man, Lew´s gonna be RICH. P.S. when you rob your millions Lew, don´t pay Trask a cent of commission. He´ll claim he deserves a cut as he picked you for VP etc etc etc. But don´t cave in. AnyWay, TRASK / BUNDLES 2020!! ......I´m SO in. .....´nough said.
  23. Steven Tyler sabotages opening bands...

    You would think Tyler would be more confident than that.



    What do you see as my contribution to the ticket?...
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